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My House Journal 2


Like I said before, I have decided to keep a journal of our experiences in our home as we are trying to figure out what is going on and the best way to deal with it. This is a continuation of that journal.

In the summer of 2006, I had two mirrored crosses I had hanging as a decoration on the side of the mudroom widow (inside the frame of the window, the frame is very thick). At some point during the day when the kids and I were out of the house the bottom cross had fallen off the nail and was shut in the window. The thing is it was standing up, as if it were propping the window open. The cross is now cracked at the bottom. I have never had the window shut by itself before nor has it since. In fact, you typically have to hit the pane in order to open or shut the window and it still takes some force to move it.

To date we have seen many shadowy figures. Years ago when the children were small we consistently saw one that we often thought was my son. Only to be able to confirm it was not. In the last year I have seen one several times that at several times I had mistaken for my daughter, the height, hair length and gestures were similar to hers, only to realize my daughter was not home (my sister has experienced this one several times as well).

My son has seen figures during the day. One of them in particular really bothers him. He began seeing it the day after it was believed he had made the phone call to me that my mother and he swear he did not make.

He claims the figure is dark, stands about his height, maybe a little taller (5'8) and has a hooded top on, as he described it, similar to a hoody. He claims the entity will stand there until, or paces behind him (from several feet away) until he turns around. He says it has never gotten closer than maybe 8 feet to him. My son does not like this and seems to think this is the entity that growled at him. The longer it takes for my son to acknowledge the "thing" the longer it seems to linger. Once he does, I guess it disappears.

An excerpt from a response I received, not sure if this gives any more insight: A few things my sister had picked up on is we seem to have an increase in the severity of activity when 1) there is more than just the three of us living in the house (me and my two children), and 2) A week or two before something is going to happen. For instance we just had about a week and a half of seeing shadows, hearing heavy footsteps in parts of the house we normally do not hear them and feeling a strong negative presences, and low and behold my children's paternal grandfather.

To make the story short, we had gone to great lengths to arrange an activity on our community to which my daughter was conveniently asked to dance at. He used it as an opportunity to meet them as he has not seen them since they were babies. Since Saturday, the day of the activity, the house has been significantly more settled.

Last winter a friend of mine from high school stayed with us for about three weeks as he was transitioning from a divorce. We had a lot of activity that really rattled us during that time. When he left the severity of the experiences really settled down back to what I call the basic "bumps in the night" stuff.

One incident in particular that bothered me was I woke up about 2:30 in the morning because my wood blinds were being rustled quite fiercely. Our cat does this when she wants to be let outdoors in the middle of the night. So of course I thought it was her until I got to the window and realized she was not there and had actually been outside all night, I had forgotten to let her in before I went to bed.

Our cat often acts very, very strangely. That is one thing the pastor was consistent on when he came to bless the house. He felt something was odd enough he blessed the cat!

Since things have begun again there have been a few times that she has refused to go into my room, generally though she sleeps on my bed almost every night. We have had a few occasions where she has not allowed the kids to get off the stairs or me out of my bedroom. She will pace the doorway, hair standing up, hissing, teeth and claws showing. If you go to step over her she will grab right on to you and tear into you.

She did this to me last week right after the incident I had where I had heard footsteps while I was talking on the phone. After things had settled down, I went into my room and when I went to come back out to turn out a light I had overlooked, she laid into me.

One cut was bad enough it could have probably used some glue in it. The rest of the night she remained sitting in my door way and did not move. We have had to lock her in a room several times when people have entered the house as she will scratch, bite and chase our guests.

Since the house blessing (which as I said in the last post, ended up only being a temporary fix), she cries all of the time and walks around hissing, inside and out. The vet says she is fine.

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Nine (2 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-30)
I have often wondered as someone else has mentioned here, if the cat actually watches over us. It might be worth mentioning that she is s pure black cat. She was the kitten of a stray my children found at my arents house.

Sometimes here eyes just seem as if she is watching us. I know, it sounds crazy!
jakester913 (11 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-24)
I read in a book that demons like to posses animals, so that is what might be up with your cat. ❤
jmcgill (17 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-22)
Your can is not possessed but seems very upset and a terrible existance for an animal especially when they are much more perceptive that we are.
Try find a parnormal team in your area or a psychic and try to find out what it is. I might be a good idea to try and find a safe and comforting place for your cat until this is straightened out.

It just seems sad the the animal is uset most of the time and would be better off away from that atmosphere. ❤
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-19)
I don't think the cat is possessed but it may do better with being on the outside and its just getting a bit wild. Also not all cats are friendly just like all people are not as well. If she is reacting to something in the house and the blessing didn't seem to last then something may be there and the cat knows it. I have 4 cats of my own and now that my daughter moved home I have her 3 too and a lot of hissing goes on until they acclimate. Cats react differently so it's hard to tell if she is reacting to the house or this is just her personality being that she is not just an inside cat so therefore more nervous and on her alert.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-19)
Possessed? I doubt it. I think your cat is trying to protect you. I think she senses something in the house that she knows scares you and your family and she doesn't want you near it. Something has to be there to get her that spooked. Some cats are VERY defensive of their masters. For example, my brother and dad were wrestling and our big boy (Russian blue) thought my dad was hurting my brother and full-on attacked my dad, hissing and arching his back and the whole bit. He had never attacked anyone in our household before.

I still am not really sure what to do about this but to continue to tell your family to verbalize and tell these spirits to leave you alone or go away when they scare you. Some of it seems residual (the shadows moving by, particularly) and some of it seems intelligent. Try a smudging of the house, too. Try to find out if there are any occult items in the house that may be attracting spirits, and it may be in your best interest to get rid of them. There is perhaps something in the house that they are attached to.

Warmest blessings to you and yours,

mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-19)
So do you think your cat might possibly be possessed? Or is it just coincidental that she has become aggressively violent after the blessing of your home and herself. Hmmmm...that's really strange. Especially since the vet said she is fine. If there is not anything medically wrong, then what else could it be? Maybe her nerves are on edge because whatever is in the house is picking on her. How does she act when she is outside of the house?


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