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My House Journal


Sorry s is so long; I have recently begun compiling notes in a journal about my house then happened across this site and thought I would post what I have so far. My house was built in 1864.

From the time we moved into the house we had "occurrences". My son turned two the day we moved in and right away refused to sleep in his room. He told us he did not like the "eye pops" in his room. The best description we could get out of him was balls of light that moved around the room in a shooting star-like motion. On many, many occasions we sat in his room trying to figure out what he was seeing.

I had decorated his room in Noah's ark stuff which I could not keep on the wall. I had re-anchored the items several times, increasing the height each time at first thinking my son had been pulling at the items. Finally I removed the decor because I was afraid of them falling onto one of the kids.

It was around that time when my son had started having night terrors about witches who pinched.

It was around this time that there were several occasions I saw what I thought was my son's shadow running from one room to another or coming from the stairs only to find him asleep in his bed.

We could hear (and often still do) what sounded like foot steps walking back and forth upstairs mainly in my daughter's room-sometimes this would last for hours or just several seconds. Sometimes it would sound as if someone was doing something up there, like moving things but when we went up there, things were undisturbed.

In October of 1997 I was awakened by a lady's voice calling my name about three o'clock in the morning. The voice was urgent, I woke up and went to check on the kids and could hear a hysterical child's cry outside on our brick area. I found my son standing outside sobbing. He claims to have heard what he thought was his dad's voice calling him out into the front yard. He said the door was unlocked and when he got outside a voice told him not to go to the front yard. He turned around and claims to have seen Jesus sitting there with an angle standing on either side of him. He said Jesus held his hands out to him and he wanted to sit on Jesus' lap when he noticed he could see through him, which is when he got frightened and began to cry.

After several days of my son claiming he saw Jesus I asked him what Jesus looked like. He stated he looked like the pizza guy. I thought he was referring to the kid who delivered pizza to our house... Quite often. About a week or so later we ordered pizza, Little Caesars, my son pointed to the box and said "Jesus was dressed like that." At that point the kids and I had not attended church-our family is not overly religious.

It was at this point my son began sleeping in my room. He slept there for about a year when I moved him back upstairs, but into his sister's room, where he could not see into his room or he refused to sleep in there also.

From 1996 through 2007 occurrences we have witnessed in the house have been: Shadowy figures (human shape), movement in rooms that were empty, jumping from the stairs into the middle of the dinning room floor. My son and seldom my daughter would stand on the third step up and jump into the middle of the dinning room floor, creating a vibration on the floor and the duct below vibrates. This also occurred when the children were not home. This is very distinct from the vibrations felt when the furnace kicks on. It was not uncommon when the children were younger that the antics of whatever is in this house to mimic the children's activity, even when they were not home.

While walking towards his train set in the basement, my son got about half way to it and the train set turned on and the train began going around the track, he went hysterical and the train turned off. He demanded the train be packed up and sold, which we did.

My daughter did have several occasions when younger (about 3) where she thought there was a little girl in her room, dressed in a long white nightgown type dress. She often spoke to the apparition in a mature way, as in the talk was not like a 3 year old talking to another 3 year old.

I have felt and seen shadows crawl across my bed and my son has felt things grab his hands and feet while settling into bed.

In 2000 I was waiting for my husband to come home when I heard the back door unlock, open and footsteps across the kitchen floor. I then saw the reflection of a male figure in the den window (which can be seen if sitting on the north wall of the living room.) I was scared to death and was trying to figure out how to get to the phone to call the police without confronting this intruder and keep my son safe (he was sitting next to me).

Seconds later my husband pulled up. We checked the house upside down. No one was in the house. Days later my sister stood in such a way that I could see her reflection in the window. If there had been someone in the house and I saw their reflection, they would have had to have been standing in the doorway of the living room, right in front of my son and me.

I have had a ring that was given to me, fall off outside while I was moving rocks, only to turn up in my daughter's room inside the house.

In the second week of October, 2006 I was writing to my dearest friend about an upcoming event while sitting next to my daughter. I turned my left hand over (which is the hand I write with) and on the palm of my hand was a large cross with a smaller cross on both sides, there was a downward arc underneath the crosses as if the crosses were setting on a hill. To the lower right it almost looked like a head and shoulders of a body outline looking at the crosses. I had been using blue ink pen to write with and this looked as if it had been done with lead pencil. It would not come off though. My son called my sister over it and she took a few photos with her camera. By the next morning it was gone.

The intensity began to increase in the fall of 2006. My daughter and I walked into the house when we heard a fierce growl. It was fierce enough that quickly I closed the exterior door, leaving us still outside and peered through the window. My first thought was the sliding door in the next room had been left open and a dog had gotten in.

I carefully reopened the door instructing my daughter to set in the truck while I looked around. The sliding door was locked and there was nothing in the house.

I had another incident of this growling while walking through my bedroom. The most severe case of it though was in February 2008. Christopher, my son, was in his room upstairs when I heard the most horrific scream from him. It was shear terror. He came running down the stairs to which the stairway door was halfway shut. As he approached the middle step he decided to jump as he felt something was after him. As he jumped his foot went through the hollow wood door, breaking his small toe. Still in a panic, he ran through the dinning room, through the kitchen where he fell and crawled to me still screaming.

By this time I had the phone in my hands preparing to get into the truck as I believed there to be someone in the house. My son could barely speak, when I calmed him down, he said he had felt a negative presence in his room when he felt a sensation on his ear and then heard a fierce growl. He was unaware of the growling his sister and I had experienced as he has been frightened by occurrences in the past so we felt it was better not to tell him. At that point and still today he will not go into his room after dusk, usually not even with another person. He is no small boy mind you, he is in high school.


To date the only problem we have ever had in the guest bedroom (which is now my son's bedroom) was when we had a teen placed with us through Social Services. There were two occasions my father had come to our house to help me with some remodelling. No one else was there at the time but him.

When I arrived home he made a comment about our LSS teen being restless in her room the last two days he had been there, but thought it was odd she never came out of the room. I explained to him the girl had been removed two weeks prior and put in residential housing. He was absolutely the only one in the house at those times.

While the girl was there she had a habit of leaving her fan in the window, turned on and leaving for the night. I would always have to check and make sure the window was closed and the fan was turned off. On two occasions I had cracked the door to check the fan and found it turned off, only to go back later and hear it running.

On another occasion I heard her fan running and went to enter her room to turn it off. The door has no lock on it. I tried to open the door but it would not open. The knob would turn and I could hear the lever thing sliding so I know was working properly. It was as if someone slightly stronger than me was pushing against the door so I could not get in it.

I asked my son if he knew of any reason why J would not want me to enter that room and he said no. So then I thought maybe something had fallen after the door was shut and was preventing me from opening it. My son walked back to with room with me, reached out his hand, and opened the door with absolutely no resistance. We looked around and nothing was behind or by the door.

That room is in a newer part of the house, added on around 1960's. It is the room the three of us feel the most comfortable in.


Over the last year or so the intensity of occurrences had increased. We see shadowy figure both at night and in broad daylight. So much so, that my son has been uncomfortable staying alone even during the day at times. He has seen a grey shadow several times passing behind or beside him following the growling incident several months ago.

During this time, my son did decide to stay home one evening when I was at class. He called my phone (which he realizes I do not answer until break) and sounded distressed and saying he had a severe headache. He called back about 30 minutes later and the message, in his voice said "I found a bottle of something and I took some of them for my headache". I freaked and tried desperately to call him back and no one answered the house phone or his cell phone.

I began to panic and called my mother as she was only 7 miles away from him and I was 30 miles away. She answered her phone and said my son was with her, she had picked him about 25 minutes prior. I asked her what he had taken and how much. She asked what I was talking about. I told her about the message my son had left (called from his cell phone) and both her and my son are adamant that she had already picked him up before that time, he had left his phone at home and the only other message he had left was one that said he had called from his grandmother's phone letting me know his grandmother came and got him. I listened to the second message from my son's phone again but the message was only static this time.

After much (years in fact) persuading from my sister, I agreed to let some friends of hers who do paranormal investigations come into the home. Unfortunately they were there only a few hours as there was a sever thunderstorm.

A few hours after the paranormal investigators left because of a severe thunderstorm the phone rang, it was a dear friend. Minutes later the power went out. I had already prepared my lighting candles just in case. I plugged in the traditional corded phone awaiting my friend to call back. I said out loud "please call back, please, please hurry, call back" when I heard a voice, male, authoritative say "NO". The cat must have heard it also as her head turned to the direction of the voice which came from in the large dinning room. I blew out the candles and left immediately.

Several days later I was walking through the dinning room while talking to my grandfather about having the house blessed. There was a very hot spot on the floor near the table. I took a look in the basement to make sure nothing was wrong.

About three week after the paranormal people had been to the house I had scheduled for a pastor to bless the house. The pastor and two other members came out to the house. The two days prior to the blessing the house was so noticeably silent, so still. You could tell there was nothing there. The cat must have noticed this as every 2-3- hours she systematically sniffed and searched every single corner of the house then would hide under the sink. She did this for two days.

The pastor and guests came out and blessed every room and exterior doorway except the back sliding door which he forgot (and I did not realize). He did not cast and stated several times that there was nothing in the house. Once he did state however in the small room of Christopher's that he did sense turmoil in that room, but then sort of retracted that to say there was nothing in the house.

We had all been through the basement as a group during this blessing. After the Pastor and one guest left, my grandfather, the kids and I showed my grandfather where the hot spot was on the floor. We then went to the basement for further investigation. Although everything has been updated in the house my grandfather wanted to make sure everything looked right as far as ductwork and wiring. On the floor directly beneath where the hot spot was Sinder, a little toy from years ago that had came in a Taco Bell happy meal advertising a video game (I can not remember the name of the video game). I though the toy had been thrown away years ago. The toy is a Sinder, from fire-he had a little devil tail. We all took it out to the trash and threw it away. That toy had defiantly not been there when the five of us had been in the basement earlier. Where the toy was lying, we all walked over that very spot no less than twice.

For several days the house was silent with no feelings. Then one evening the cat wanted to be let inside through the sliding door. I had this dreaded feeling not to open that door. The feeling was heavy but I let the cat in the door anyways. With in minutes I heard footsteps in my daughter's room again walking across the floor.

Other than a few very minor noises and shadowy figures the house had not been too disturbed.

On Saturday, August 3rd I was sitting with my computer in the living room when I heard a rattling noise in the box fan. I looked up just in time to see two little pebbles come shooting through the fan towards me.

To date my father who does not believe in these sorts of things. He has had experiences in the house where he thought someone was in the house only to find there was not. My sister has seen several shadows where she thought my children were home or entering the house only to find out there were nowhere around.

One such incident almost did involve my sister running my daughter over with her car. She was dropping my daughter off when she turned her head to look at something and out of her sideways vision she did clearly see my daughter walk in front of her car. She turned her head straight forward still seeing my daughter (or what she thought was her) out of her sideways vision to her left, let off the break, the car edged forward when suddenly my daughter was I front of her car. The car had edged forward enough where she lost her balance a bit which caused her to lean on the hood of the car. It scared the two of them terribly. My sister still is adamant that she saw my daughter cross in front of her car the first time.

November 14, 2008

The paranormal people came out in late August but the results this time turned up nothing. It is thought that either my son not being there or the presence of my mother being there had possibly hindered things.

My mother and I have a very strained relationship. The only thing I did notice when the paranormal people were there was while we were outside I felt as if I was being watched by a rather innocent presence from the window of my son's (the guest) current bedroom. At first the thought of it upset me because he feels so safe in that room. I did not want something to now begin bothering him. I am glad to say he has not experienced anything in that room. I should be getting the documents and tapes from both investigations shortly.

I am ashamed to say, day before the second investigation I had purchased an Ouija board. I am skeptical of them and am still unsure whether they are prohibited. My daughter and I used it twice, in the evenings, it was still daylight out. I was surprised at how well it seemed to work and how quickly. There were several occasions where the planchet would "stutter", move in a jerky motion before it could move across the board. We asked if anyone was here - yes, If they would like to talk to us - yes, the year - 2008 the name - W (I believe the next two letters where VI). At that point we could feel a push on the planchet and it sort of freaked us out so we stopped.

About three days later we used it again asking the same questions and getting the same answers as before. This time we asked if this presence would be showing themselves when the investigators came and it replied yes. As stated before though, it did not.

My son learned of the board being in the house several weeks later. He had asked to use it and on Saturday November 8; he and I did. Because we had a quest in the house we wanted to be discrete and began in my son's downstairs bedroom. Of course we had a lengthy discussion about it since that room has always been a refuge for him (and me ad my daughter as well), I was against it. However he insisted. I am relieved to say NOTHING happened. Not even a twitch. I think my son was relieved as well.

We moved into the living room and within seconds the board began working. We only use it for a few minutes as we were sitting on the living room floor and our guest was upstairs. We asked if anyone was there - yes, what there name was - W K I, we asked if those were initials - yes. We asked their age - O-L-D. That answer bothered me a little, not sure why.

At that point I thought is would be a good idea to put the thing away. Son and I had some more questions we wished to ask so we used it again on Sunday evening. We had a list of questions, which I lost prior to getting the board out. We decided that since we might be more that a few minutes this time we thought we would do it in my room. I felt a little dizzy and conveyed that to my son. We asked: Is there anyone here - the planchet moved it the lower right corner of the board. Would you like to talk to us - yes, Name - WKI, are those your initials - yes. When were you born - 01. 1901 - no. 1801- no. When were you born - the planchet point was between the 1 and the 2. Were you born in 1802 - yes. Are you a child- no. A woman - yes. A girl - no. How old are you - 10. You are 10 - no. Are you a child - no. I did not ask but now I wonder if it was trying to say "19".

There were several occasions where the planchet would go between two letters. The only other number next to the 0 is a 9. Did you live in this house - no. Did you live on this land - yes. Did you know the Lasalles - no. My son asked: were you buried on this land - yes. He then asked: Are you buried under the house - no. I asked are you a native American, Indian - no. A settler - yes. How many are here - 2 (we now think that it might have either been referring to my son and I or that at that moment there were only two "spirits" present).

Is there anyone with you - yes. A women - no. A man - yes. Is he your husband - no. Is he your sibling, brother - no. Is he your child - no. Is he your friend, lover - yes Was he a settler to - no. Did he live in this house - no, is a native American, Indian - (the planchet moved between yes and no) Is he part Native American and part white - yes.

Are either of you the one who growled at the cub and frightened him - no. Did you growl at my son - no. Did he growl at my son - no. Is he older than you - no. Is he younger than you - no. Is he the same age as you - (the planchet moved between yes and no, more towards the no). Is there a child here as well - yes. Did the child growl at cub - No. Do we upset you three - no. Do you like us - yes. *At this point the board began to slow down a bit. Do you like Heather - yes. Do you like my son - yes, do you like my daughter - no. You do not like my daughter - no. Have we seen you - yes. Are you related to us - no. My son asked what is our name - C-O (pause) - K. Did you die of a disease - yes.

When we were finished my son noticed how cold his fingers were from the middle knuckle to the finger tips. I think he was rather curious and even slightly upset by it as he is never one to get the least bit cold.

Naturally we are still seeing shadows as before. I usually catch them out of the corner of my eye or there a reflection on the glossy living room floor. I also caught a shadow reflection from the dinning room mirror moving across the kitchen cabinet.

Last night (November 13) my daughter and I were in the kitchen and she was tending to the dishes from the dishwasher when a plastic piece to the chopper fell, rolled to the kitchen window (which it the direction the floor slopes) before it could hit anything it changed direction and rolled back toward my daughter and me who were standing at the sink. We just stood there and looked at each other.

I asked my son what he thought of the information we hade received from the board. He and I had the same thought. The information may not be a total lie, but probably not a total truth either. One of my favorite movies is about a Native American and a settler, so am not sure if it has honed in on that scenario.

November, 2008

A few days ago around 2 am I was awake doing some computer work on my bed and heard many footsteps in my daughter's room. My first thought is someone had climbed up in the low roof and had come through her window although I never heard anything on the roof. I thought maybe some high school kids (friends) were being a pain. None of them seem the type but that was the only thing I could come up with. I went upstairs and my daughter was fast asleep, her windows were locked. For arguments sake I searched her entire room but obviously there was no one there.

December 2, 2008

While I was setting in my living room with my computer on my lap I suddenly smelled a floral, perfumy smell. I recognized the scent because t is a scent I own. Crabtree and Evelyn. I have not worn it in months and it is stored nowhere near the living room. After about 30 minutes the scent was so strong it actually was stinging my eyes and they began to water. After I got up from the computer and washed my face the watering stopped and the smell did not leave the living room.

Well, it was suggested by a friend that I might want to contact my spirit guide, what ever that is. So, after much research on the internet, that is googling the term for about 6 hours I decided to give a half hearted attempt while I was laying in bed last night. I have to say, I did have a few unnerving moments. I did the imagery suggestions I found on the net, sans candles and other paraphernalia. I was just creeped out by the thought of turning the scene into a whole "ritual". I have to say, there was a few times when I actually felt I was close to knowing, visualizing or what ever this being.

However my concentration would suddenly break or I was freaked out by some of the sensations I was having, such as whispers, which I will return to in a moment and the feeling if a vibration in my body or my surroundings.

As far as the whispers, I had heard one of the voices before. It is the same whisper voice I had heard when my son had gotten outside and the same whisper voice I had heard several times when I suddenly knew information I would really have no reason or ability to know. But there was another voice. I too have heard this voice, only once. I do not like it-it is a male's voice. It is the same voice I heard when I was told "no" while waiting from a phone call from my friend.

Then for a brief second twice I did see a figure. It was of a lady. She was wearing a tan colored dress or something, other than the color I really do not remember much about it. She (I think it was a she) had very long dark hair, straight, parted down the center. I really did not get to see her face as I was snatched back, at least that what it felt like, so quickly, I could not get a feeling for her. It did seem as though the skin was so pale for having such dark hair. The first time she was in the motion of standing up as if she had been setting at a table and chair or something. As she stood her face began to turn my way but that is when I was taken aback.

December 5th

An old friend of mine stopped over this evening. And as we were talking he happened to mention in general conversation, about an Indian burial ground that is on his parents' property. I can see his parents' acreage from my back porch. It is a ways across the fields (we live in a rural area) but is close to me none the less. My son and I just looked at each other remembering the Ouija board.

December 10, 2008

As I was walking past the shower wall, as I had done several times that morning, I felt a very cold breeze pass me on the right side. I could feel this cold breeze on my cheeks, in my hair, on my side, just as if someone had hurriedly walked past me.

About 12 am that night I was in bed talking on the phone to a friend when I heard footsteps coming form either the basement of the upstairs stair wells (one is directly above the other). I pulled the phone away from my ear but the noise had stopped. I went back to talking on the phone when the footsteps became louder and I could hear them coming through the hallway part of my master bathroom. I turned to look to see if one of the kids were coming through and waited for the "mom" however no one spoke a word.

I felt as if there was something defiantly standing there but did not see anything. I was afraid I was going to scream (expecting something to appear to happen) I hurried off the phone, so much so that it worried the person I was talking to enough where they drove out to my house to see what was going on. I had not given an explanation as to why I had to end the conversation but apparently there was enough fear in my voice where the person thought there was someone (intruder) in the house that was not allowing me to talk or "alert" someone, that my friend drove over to my house.

December 11, 2008

Last night as I was in bed on the phone again around 11:30 pm when I heard that tapping sound. It is really strange because I had my closet light on. Over the last 12 years if I keep a light on the noise stops and does not return. I also had my fan on (as usual, to drowned out bumps in the night). It really bothered me because turning a light on, any light on, has always "prevented" for lack of a better word, the noise form returning. I ended up turning the bathroom light on also and the noise did not come back.

However, I could not sleep with my back towards the bathroom as it felt like someone was there. I left the fan on but I had almost turned it off at that point as the room seemed "windy". Noises were coming through the heater/fan that were "windy" as well as the heater/fan noises itself. I really felt bothered by it, like something was trying to come through it. I decided though that the tapping noises, should they return, were worse than the windy noise so I left it on. The tapping noises sound as if they are coming from under my bed or the wall. It usually sounds like a pencil is being tapped in my bed frame. We have ruled out electrical and appliances as being the cause of the noise.

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ToraOkami303 (1 stories) (75 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-20)
Lovely journal...
Oh about the spirit guide thing, don't feel bad I couldn't get through to mine either:).

Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-17)
I wish the team would have stayed through the thunderstorm being that they say it enhances the chance of seeing things because of all the energy being released by the lightening. Again this is theory. Not sure how you and your family have dealt with this all these years. When I first started reading this encounter I thought it could be the result of something psychological not paranormal. Night terrors are usually the result of trauma of some kind. Moving into a strange place can do this and we all know divorce can be very traumatic for children so this is where my thinking went until I read the rest of the story. Now I believe you live in a haunted house. I read the report of the investigators as well and that was also interesting. They do like their hard evidence but I think they had enough personal encounters to be able to say the place has activity. I also am not religious but I do believe very much in God. I don't think you did anything wrong with using a ouija board being that you have so much activity to begin with I don't see how it could attract much more than what is already there. Indian burial grounds in the vacinity could be the reason for a lot of this activity. You can get a lot of info on this site as to cleansings. Obviously you have no intention of moving so you have to do all you can to rid yourself or learn to live with what is happening to your family. I must admit I shake my head many a time when reading stories on this site but yours rings very true. No one should be scared in their own home and there has to be help out there for people in a situation like this. Be it paranormal investigating or ritual blessings or cleansings or just talking to the darn spirits and setting house rules something has to be done. God bless and keep us posted.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-17)
Try burning some lavender or Patchouli at night it will help you all to sleep as well as bring about calm.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-17)
Well I certainly take my hat of to you. Brave and strong although you may not think so yourself. I have read the report and seen the layout of the house. It is a shame the investigators could not finish there investagtions. I hope they are successful when they return.

Cleansing/smugding your property inside out is a start as has already been mentioned. Buring pure sandlewood is a start and will rid the property of negativity energies.

The principle herbs used for smudging are sage, cedar or juniper, lavender and sweet grass. Generally, sage, sweet grass, and cedar are burned to purify and protect one's living area, self and sacred tools. Burn the herbs on their own or in mixtures.

Let us know how you get on.
Nine (2 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-16)
For anyone interested, here is the link to our investigation. I do have 2 EVP's from the first investigation. My sister has listend to them, I have not and at this point refuse to, nor will I let my son listen to them.


As far as our religion, I was brought up in with the idea that "there is God, there is a devil, if you do good you will go to heaven" We never went to church other than a few time with my granparents. I have to say though, about 4 year ago I did go through a period where I questioned the existance of God. Honestly though, had it not been for some specific "paranormal" things that had happened in this house I probably would have ceased beleiving. I figured if these things can happen, there is at least "something" or "someone" to believe in.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-16)
Nine, thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you have a multitude of spiritual events going on, and I can only begin to fathom how incredibly stressful that must be for your family, particularly your son who seems to be most sensitive to it. It seems that your whole family seems to be sensitive. I agree with the others here in saying that you should do a smudging ceremony, because I believe in part that if you're not strongly religious or doubt that a religious cleansing will work, it probably won't. Smudging is very diverse and available to any religion or lack thereof.

Do be careful, and when you start experiencing events that frighten you, go with the direct approach. Speak out loud, take a stand, and remind them that this is YOUR home. Even if they may have once lived there, you rightfully own it now and you deserve to have peace, quiet, and privacy. Be very firm but polite, as if you're dealing with a very stubborn child that is not one of your children.

Please keep us posted.

Warmest blessings,

Nine (2 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-16)
Thank you all for your comments. I have called the Paranormal agency who did the investigation and asked them if t is ok that I paste a link to their report on my house (I gave them permission to publish it on the internet providing they did not use our names and address). So as soon as they give me permission I will include it.

A few things my sister had picked up on is we seem to have an increase in the severity of activity when 1) there is more than just the three of us living in the house (me and my two children), and 2) A week or two before something is going to happen. For instance we just had about a week and a half of seeing shadows, hearing heavy footsteps in parts of the house we normally do not hear them and feeling a strong negative presences, and low and behold my children's paternal grandfather, to make the story short, had went to great lengths to arrange an activity on our community to which my daughter was conveniently asked to dance at. He used it as an opportunity to meet them, unbenounced to me as he has not seen them since they were babies. Since Saturday, the day of the activity, the house has been significantly more settled.

Last winter a friend of mine form high school stayed with us for about three weeks as he was transitioning from a divorce. We had a lot of activity that really rattled us during that time. When he left the severity of the experiences really settled down back to what I call the basic "bumps in the night" stuff.

In response to CocoPops, the severity has increased over time, it was abrupt but it had not always been this severe. So we have remained in the house. Also, the house is a really nice house, if the kids and I were to move I could not afford anything close to it. In a odd series of events, it just so happened that after the divorce things fell into place were we were able to stay there quite comfortably.

I have not noticed where my son seems to be tense or out of sorts THEN we notice stuff, actually the opposite. We see an increase of occurrences or the severity of them THEN he becomes really tense and stressed and difficult to deal with. For this reason unless he brings up the issue I do not say anything.

As far as research I was able to locate the name of the original builders of the house. Including the original builders and myself, there have only been 4 families to live in the house. The two families who previously occupied the house, the house was taken from them by the banks. Neither family had lived in the house more than a three years.
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-16)
I must say that these are VERY interesting accounts of paranormal activity. I have to, VERY MUCH, agree with rhodes68. As I was VERY DEEP in reading your accounts of paranormal activity, I was thinking residual haunting, intelligent haunting and possible poltergeist activity as well. It sounds as though you have MANY different things going on in your home. Also, with you having teenagers in the home it could possibly highten the activity. Do you find, having a teenager/s in your home, that during certain emotionally difficult times with your teenager that the activity increases with the knocking, tapping, etc.? It seems to be the way in my home.

Have you done any research on your home, the property, the property near you or all of these? I know you mentioned paranormal investigators and pastors being in your home but did you ever find out anything significant to what could be happening in your home?

It does not sound as though 'They' will cause any harm to you or your family but it HAS to be unnerving and frightening to say the least. I would suggest possibly doing a smudging ritual in your home. You could get with one of the other members on this site. Whitebuffalo seems to know a good bit about this ceremony. You might want to get with her through her email. There are other members on this site who can also give you really good advise on what you can do to either get rid of or, at the least, quiet things down. I believe FRAWIN also has a bit of good knowledge on the smudging ritual. I've, LUCKILY, never had to do this myself. I wish you all the peace in the world and I hope that you, with help, can resolve this chaos in your home. I will be putting this story in my favorites as these are VERY interesting and BELIEVABLE accounts of paranormal activity.

Thank you for sharing and I will be checking in periodically to see if anything new is happening.

CocoPops (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-16)
I feel sorry for you and your family... Well done on staying in that house for so long, I think I would have left after one night because I'm such a scaredy cat!

Have you done any research on the house yet? Maybe you could find out some info.

Bad idea with using a ouija board though.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-16)
Nine welcome to the site and thank you for sharing a most interesting account of events!

Poltergeist Phenomena have been subjected to various contradicting hypothesis-the most prominent among which are those who claim that there's a physical explanation, static electricity, electromagnetic fields, ultra and infrasound or ionized air,etc, while others insist that they're pseudo-psychic phenomena that are caused by "obscure physical effects".

And yet, none of the theories are complete since they seem to provide answers for the movement of objects but not for the strange noises, apparitions or certain very strange electrical effects displayed in some cases.

If you ask me Poltergeist is a result of psychosomatic tensions that DO involve or better provoke a "spirit agent".

And yet, I do not think this applies to your case. The way I see it is that your house and the land surrounding your property seems to be a powerful "energy field"-one that serves as a gateway for the parallel dimension. In short I believe the occurrences at your home are both "residual" as well as "intelligent" hauntings.

What triggers or makes these occurrences progress is your and your children's ability to "sense" and thus aknowledge them.

Since you have an investigation team at work, I will wait for the next update to hear what they have discovered.

Thank you

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