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Little Girl In My Dreams 2


In this story I will write about the other experiences that my family and I have experienced in the house we used to live in. I will also explain some of the dreams that I am still having about that house.

Most of the things that occurred in that house were strange, but not too frightening. Most of the activity occurred at night. I used to always hear a loud thud at night as if something as heavy as our washing machine had fallen. I would wake up the next morning expecting to see the washing machine tipped over but each time I was surprised to see it in its normal upright position. I also had a doll that I slept with. In the morning, I would find it under my bed right next to the wall (my bed was against a wall, and there was no way the doll could have fallen through the small crack between my bed and the wall).

I also had this doll that had a recorder in it, so when you pressed its belly, it recorded what ever noise there was. Well one evening my brother and I were playing on a piano that we had and we recording what we were playing on my doll. After recording a few different "songs" we noticed a voice, sort of like a moan in the last one. We played what we recorded and heard ourselves playing the piano and then we heard a faint moan as if someone were saying "why?" Being kids, we thought it was hilarious and just laughed while we continued to play it over and over again. Now that we're grown up, we get goosebumps knowing that it might have been a ghost!

What really confuses me is that we don't even know for sure how many spirits there were in that house. In the first story, I wrote about there being two spirits in the house: a little girl and a man. There was also a third one, maybe even a fourth one. The third was a woman. Both my father and my older brother claimed to have seen a blonde woman run from my parents' bedroom and into the bathroom wearing nothing but her underwear. One of our neighbors probably saw this half naked woman as well because suddenly there was a rumor in our neighborhood about my mother and my sister running around the house in their underwear. Totally not true. We believed that the third spirit might have been a baby, although we only heard it once. I was with my mother and my brother in the kitchen when we heard a baby cry in the living room. My sister had just had a baby and we thought she had come in with the baby, but no one else was home besides us.

We are not sure about how many spirits or ghosts we had in that house, but we know that we certainly had the ghost of that little girl. Several people have seen her. My parents once heard her say, "Mommy, where's my Mommy?" I didn't like to go to the bathroom at night because I always felt that there was a girl in there.

In also mentioned in my first story that I had many dreams about that house and about that girl. My dreams are not all identical but they basically have the same theme. My dreams usually take place in the living room, my parents' room, and my room. I always dream about the house being haunted, and there are always paranormal things going on that just scared the living daylights out of me. It's like everything is just so out of control. In my dreams there is always an invisible presence that I cannot see, but I can feel it and it is very frightening. Sometimes I will tell myself that this presence is the little girl and other times I don't know what it is. When I do see the little girl in my dreams, I always see her in my bedroom. She is a little smaller than I am (I'm 5 feet tall), she has light brown curly hair, dark, sunken-in eyes, and she wears a blue dress. She always comes out from a closet that in real life isn't even there, there is just a wall. Every time that I dream about that house that closet is always there. When she comes out she doesn't say anything she just looks at me and I get scared. Sometimes she doesn't even come out from the closet, the door just opens. What's the deal with this closet?

It has been ten years since I have moved out of that house, but I'm still very curious to know what happened there.

Thank you very much for reading!

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666DemonKid666 (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-22)
maybe that closet was there before when the girl lived there or maybe she is trying to tell you to investigate that wall to uncover any secrets (maybe) but I find your stories very interesting
katie100 (1 stories) (26 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-11)
That is very scary! Maybe there was a bad past with that family or something! I would of got a spiritual medium out to contact the ghost! To see what the deal is with the closet in your dream!
WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-11)
I know what the deal with the closet was - I don't think this really, I KNOW it. The closet may have been there when the 'Little Girl' lived there, and THAT exact room was her room.

The real idea I have of the man is, He must have been protecting you from your Father's Niece. Although he didn't probably like him and he was going to do something bad to one of your Family Members.

And maybe the Man lived there too, There is no explanation for how he got there then. He must've been the little girls Father, and she must've been protecting you from him and he was protecting you from your Father's Niece.

As I said - No explanation, Keep us posted!
Maybe even TRY and talk to the 'Little Girl' I your dreams or in real life. Tell her why she died, just like Ouija Board - But NEVER agree to someone to do that, If you're expecting to bring up the little girl, you might get a Badly Spirit (Meaning 'Not the little girl. A bad spirit).

Keep Posting!
God Bless!
😕 😊
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-07)
Although it certainly sounds like the experiences when you were young in the house definitely were of a paranormal nature, the dreams you are having may just be your minds way of trying to deal with these exerperiences that you didn't and don't understand. The closet may simply be that your mind wants to open so you can understand (or try to accept) that there are things of this world that go beyond the logical. Fear may be blocking your acceptance that there where strange and unexplainable occurances as you grew up.

Trying to put aside that fear and simply accept (believe me, I know it is far easier said than done) that there were things that occured and experiences you had that you may never fully have a rational explaination for. This may help with the dreams,

Keep us posted,
God Bless!

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