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Haunted Or Not... You Decide


My name is chelly, everything in this house started happening when my baby brother was born. Strange things from conversations to noises.

When my brother was about one, things really started showing up. For instance, mom would look at the monitor from the downstairs living room and see him pointing to various areas of the room. At first no one thought anything of it, but then when hunter, my brother, was about two he was standing in the kitchen talking to mom about random things, when out of nowhere he points to the formal and shouts, "look a ghost". In the area where he was pointing was a cold spot, and mom got shivers down her spine.

This type of stuff happened for a while. Finally, when mom heard hunter having 'conversations' again, she asked if their was some one there and he gradually lifted his arm and pointed to both sides and said "yea a guy, there and there". She asked whether they were nice or not and he replied with a yes a proceeded laughing.

Another incident was when mom and dad put hunter to bed and about 30 minutes later there was a loud and repetitive banging on his door. The crazy thing is, when she opened it, there was no one there except for hunter who was lying fast asleep in his bed.

I don't personally live here, I just hear the stories, and even I was hesitant to believe. But something happened last night and now I have no reason but to believe.

A friend and I thought it would be cool to pull an all nighter watching werewolf movies. Around 130am I heard hunters monitor going off, first static, then clicking, fallowed by a low muffled whining. I instantly shot up to go check on him, except there was no monitor downstairs. So I waited, and waited, the again the noise continued. I went up stairs to see if he (my brother) was awake. Nothing. He was out. Downstairs, the noise ceased. Then my friend happened to see "out the corner of his eye" a shadowed figure rush through the kitchen and into the formal. Needless to say we were freaking out.

But it gets better, after the noises stopped, around 430am a new noise occured, "BANG BANG BANG" The sound of three slammed doors followed by hurried footsteps. Two sets of hurried footsteps both very different. We checked upstairs and to our amazement, the only door that was closed was my friend's. Hunter was missing from his room so we assumed he caused the first set of footsteps, and the wind from the opened window caused his door to slam shut, once. The others are still unexplained. Plus the A.C unit door was open, that door however is always closed.

We hurried off downstairs when my friend saw the greyish figure once again running in the opposite direction. When I told mom of our "supernatural" event she said more activity has been occuring since my friend, sister and I arrived for a visit...

So is my house indeed haunted? Do I have something to be concerned over?

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garuga (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-20)
oo nga baka may nagmumulto sa bahay niyo... Baka meron kayong nakatirang residente diyan na matagal naring naninirahan... Kakatakot naman wag sana siyang magpakita...grabe...! 😕
Sapper (7 stories) (19 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-20)
What part of Florida and what is the History of the House or area around it?
flamewithin (57 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-10)
maybe your baby brother is someone who sees spirits, since it didn't happen until after his birth. Children do seem to see things we dont. Maybe someone should keep a journal on what occurs in the house. So if it starts to get worse you can have a record of what has happened. Just in case you have to get help in the situation that is going on the house. Keep us in formed
courtneyOMGG (12 stories) (179 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-08)
Well, by your friend seeing these 'figures' it makes me think that you have two or three entitys in your house.
I have always been told, and believed that young children are able to see and communicate with spirits and ghosts, because they haven't deciphered what is 'real or not'.
Are the activities that are happening bothering you?
If they are, you, yourself, can try talking to them and telling them to go to the light.
If not, try smudging or blessing!
Goodluck with this!
bigfish (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-07)
Maybe you should do a chant to put a restless sprit to rest then maybe it will remain peaceful

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