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Seven Years Of Paranormal Phenomena


We have had many occurrences in our house since we moved in, 7 years ago. I am going to talk about these in chronological order.

The first week in our new house was stressful. There was a threatening atmosphere, as if someone was watching us. I became ill. My mum felt that the house also had a threatening atmosphere.

After a few months I started to experience bullying from a seemingly malevolent spirit male who tended to occupy the attic. We didn't use the attic much, except for storage. He began invading my dreams and moving furniture.

One night, I had two dreams influenced by the spirit. He chose to use cartoon animals in the dreams and both ended in exactly the same way, a cartoon cat hit the centre of my forehead with a metal stick. I woke up twice with a severe headache and realised that I would have to try to communicate with the spirit, even though I was only twelve. During this time, the spirit moved my bed away from the wall. The more I communicated with the spirit, the more I found out. He had been a stationmaster in the 19th century, who had been hung for a crime. He was also very territorial. He had a dog (who I later saw as a ghost and my mum heard growl during the night). He did affect me a few times in future, but not as severely as the first.

An odd experience that happened to me one night seemed to include a wraith. I got up at 5am one morning and switched the light on, just like I normally would. I was just about to switch the television on, when I had a shock at something I saw in the reflection from the screen. I was stood there in my pyjamas, but in the centre of the room was a girl- identical to me. She was in a sweater and trousers, the clothes I used to wear in the daytime. She moved independently and seemed to acknowledge me. I was so scared I went to my mum's room and told her what had happened.

A shadow moved towards my mum's room then stopped. It must have come up to my bedroom door, near the landing, to find out why I had ran away. It happened another night too, but this time it was closer to the television. I just switched on the television and tried not to fear it. This turned out to be a happier tale though; I found out the girl was my identical twin sister who died before birth, since then I have also found a boy- my brother. I asked my mum when I discovered the boy at age fourteen, I found out I was a triplet.

I have a short tale of a dark shadow that used to follow me. It would not communicate, so I didn't find out much about it, but it appeared in the shape of a symbol. It looked like the symbol that represents the male toilet (or a kind of stick man). It had no recognisable features that a ghost would have, but it used to cause me bad luck. Eventually it disappeared.

In our house, we have also seen spirit animals. One was my mum's dog, from her childhood. She was reassured and happy when it visited. Another is a cat that my mum and me have both seen. It is a plain brown cat, which runs around the house. We have a cat toy in the front room, which has a bell inside, and it once made repeated noises as if something was playing with it. We have also heard the sound of bells on a cat's collar, from inside my mum's bedroom.

We can have a lot of unconnected spirits passing by. One was a cavalier who appeared late one night. He was sat on the floor, repeatedly searching for something. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that someone had invaded their living quarters and taken something of value from him. I eventually solved the problem, encouraging him to pass over into the light. I told him that the event happened a long time ago and he would never find the item he was looking for. He told me that because of this item, he had refused to move on.

There are also two spirit horses with riders who run diagonally across our front room. They do this repeatedly every few days and they do not acknowledge anyone.

The last event I will talk about in this story is the case of the ripped bin liner. One evening, I switched off the light in the kitchen as I was going to use the computer upstairs. The bin liner was on the floor with a bit of rubbish in it. I heard a noise in the kitchen whilst I was on the computer, but it only lasted for a few seconds so I didn't check what it was. A couple of hours later I went downstairs and, to my horror, the bin liner was in shreds on the kitchen floor. The rubbish was scattered too. This may have been an ancestor, since my grandfather's spirit switches the kettle on, or it may have been a poltergeist. We haven't seen anything like this since.

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Hopkirk90 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-02)
I have seen the ghost cat recently (I heard it run up the stairs when I went into the kitchen before I went to bed). I have also taken the tv's and appliances to be recycled (including the tv with the demon in). Since then, the atmosphere of the house has cleared up quite a bit. I haven't really been in the house much recently though, been out at college a lot.
Composerman (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-23)
Thanks for the info! I play and teach violin, so send my best regards to Johannes! That is interesting what you mentioned about the perception of time. I guess for grounded spirits time must be perceived differently, because some can be stuck for hundreds of years, like you mentioned about your cavalier spirit! Have you had any other experiences lately? I am still working on contacting my spirit guide, and building up my aura. If you have any spare spirit guides who are looking to take on a project... Hehe! 😆
Hopkirk90 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-13)
Johannes carries a violin, so I assume so!
Simon was an actor, but also a singer so he still sings on the other side. Sounds very ghostly, but I think I hear it through clairaudience. At the moment, he is into acting again, I think. I suppose that was his life's work though.
A lot of spirits are on 'the other side' for a long time. I think they perceive time differently. Johannes may try to see time the same way, since he watches out for me. Simon, however, may feel that my weeks are his days. One ghost (the cavalier) had been searching for a century or more. I don't think he realised it had been that long.
My mum once told me that she had woken up and gasped for air, like a cough. The thing was, we were getting haunted by the spirit of a deceased fireman at the time. My mum had a surprise one night, when she saw a face at the side of her bed, looking at her. She once saw the outline of him, apparently there was a fire in our house in the past.
Interesting stories there. 😉
I think ghosts are back in time (they can't choose to come forward, since they are an energy/replay). Spirits tend to act as if they are in the same time period, so Johannes is the perfect gentleman! Simon can act more modernly, but it is probably because he is used to playing different roles. At the moment, he likes to dress and act as he would in his most influential decade (60s). He actually died in 1976 though. I think the 60s was his 'growing-up' time, or his identity formation time so he stuck with the hairstyle and clothing. He usually appears in black, but recently has been wearing white (I think he is taking advantage of the whole 'being a ghost' thing). He has brown (sometimes black) 60s style hair and hazel-green eyes. The thing that startled me is how he can make himself appear taller. He is only 5ft 4ins approx, but can make himself about 6ins taller.
Johannes doesn't/can't do this. My guess is that it is against spirit guide rules. I also haven't seen my mum's guide (nana Rose/my great-grandmother) do this either.
I think it's interesting how there are apparently rules there too (I guess there has to be though, spirit guides can't tell you what's going to happen in future. They only guide you back onto life's path if you stray too far). 😊
Composerman (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-12)
I like the idea of being able to become a spirit guide - a very useful position to be! You mentioned earlier that Johannes was a composer - does he still like to compose on the other side? I compose a bit myself, nothing major mind you!

Do you think spirits perceive time in the same way that we do? Can they choose to travel back and forth in time?

I very much agree with your differentiation of ghosts vs spirits - of ghosts being a 'playback' of events etc. When I was younger, I experienced what I believe was a 'playback' on a campsite - around one of the outbuildings on the site, I kept catching glimpses of victorian-era ghosts, visible one second gone the next. One was of a farmer carrying a bucket, another of two children dressed in Victorian clothing playing 'tag'.

I also agree that some spirits can descend to lower energies and become malevolent - the one negative experience I have had involved waking in the night to see a shadow block out the light on the hall way. Later the same night, I awoke with 'something' trying to talk through my voice, using my vocal chords - that's the only way I can describe it! I awoke with a sharp intake of breath, and was struggling to stop this 'thing' from using my voice! Very odd.

Hopkirk90 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-12)
I would say that some spirits are drawn to sensitive people. Often they wish to communicate.
I know from my own experience, when I was in the process of choosing my spirit guide there was a sort of (spirit) assistant head of something. He had the records for a few families (seemed like quite a lot). He was distant and seemed like he was in authority. Johannes says that we can choose to move on after life, or we can stay with the position we have been allocated. Johannes decided to stay with the position of spirit guide (but he wasn't the year before). Maybe the time they have been in the spirit world contributes to their status also, making older spirits higher ranking. I know that Simon has chosen to stay as just a spirit, for now anyway. 😉 I got annoyed one day and told him to 'go into the light'. He came back, but was noticably less colourful and appeared more in the mind. I was just lucky he could come back.
Some ghosts appear to walk through walls, I believe this is because there was a door or open space there when they were alive. The old lady haunting our last house appeared to sit on the toilet one day. We didn't know if there was a toilet there when she was alive (since we still had the room for an outside toilet in our yard). It may have been a chair or something.
I think ghosts are more of a memory or energy of the person's life. The memory is stuck there, sometimes for centuries. It is difficult to communicate with this energy since there is often no 'person' behind the force. I heard a few years ago that spirits are the ones we can communicate with. Spirits can choose to visit or move on to some other place, be it another life or stay in the spirit world. I like to think of the word ghost as meaning 'grounded host', that is an energy that stays in the same house or area and is a 'host' to the area (to the next people there, as it greets them).
I think some spirits (just as in this world) may be prone to the darker side of things. They can probably be demoted too, probably to lower, darker forces such as demon. This is probably a result of behaving awfully during life or/and being aggressive/malevolent as a spirit.
Composerman (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-11)
Wow... Yeah I have always thought some spirits just carry on, without realising that they are dead. Presumably their surroundings must appear the same to them as they did when they were alive? So, being sensitive to spirit, would you say that you are almost like a 'spiritual magnet' - that is to say, they are drawn to you? And in your opinion, are most spirits 'stuck' between this dimension and the next, or do they mostly choose to visit? I should imagine there are probably many different categories of haunting!

Hopkirk90 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-11)
Most know I can see them (the true spirits), a house ghost at my old house didn't though. I would say she was a true ghost because she carried on doing what she would do on a normal day in her life. I think most of these spirits come to me, it's rare that I go out and look for them. They come to me, probably because they know I am sensitive to it. Most of them know I can. Some of them are just lonely spirits and are surprised someone wants to talk to them. 😉
Composerman (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-11)
Wow, interesting about the old school teacher returning to stack the chairs - obviously being very helpful! When you see spirits, do they acknowledge the fact that you can see them? I have read accounts saying that spirits can be just as shocked to realise that someone can see them as we are of seeing them!
The photos sound interesting, and yes please, if you get the chance to post any unusual photographs that you have, I'd be very interested to see them.
I do like the idea of relatives being back together again after passing - I remember once having a vivid dream of seeing my deceased uncle sitting on a fence in the countryside, with a couple of cats we had in the past, ad he was smiling as if to say everything is OK. Very comforting that everyone will meet up again!

Hopkirk90 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-11)
I have picked up on a spirit at my old school. The school was said to be haunted by a ghost who stacked up chairs in the basement (drama room). The hall was also slightly haunted, probably because it was above the drama room. I identified the ghost as a former teacher from the 1950s/60s (My school was built in 1958). I have two photographs where there is a dark shadow near the back of the stage, but my mum has them in a very well organised collection. I will have to ask her for them and see if it was a ghost or if I was irrational at the time. I had also seen ghosts down the corridors at night when everyone but the caretaker had left (we were the last to leave one night). The caretaker was in the reception talking to us.
I tend to not visit other places much, so I don't get many occurrences except those in my house. We were going to go to a hall, which is historic and supposedly haunted, a few miles away from where we live. We couldn't go because it was a ghost hunting night and I was just under age 18 (17 and 8 months 🤔).
I think I have seen spirits around other people but haven't said anything. I am still rather shy about telling people what I see, especially since some people are frightened by it. My grandmother and grandfather passed on in 1999 and 2001. They were both skeptical in life and about anything paranormal. A few years ago, I got a visit from them both and they said they were proud of what I had achieved. They said they believed now. We got another visit about a year ago and the dog (who was 13 years old when I last saw him in 2001) was with them. My mum said that the dog must have died and now they are all together again.
It can be nice to think that relatives are never seperated forever. 😁
Composerman (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-11)
Excellent - thank you for all the advice, I shall certainly give it a go, especially the 'visualisation of the room' exercise. Do you pick up on spirits when you visit historic sites, or someone else's house, for example? Have you ever told anyone that they are visited by spirit when they didn't realise it? Thanks again!
Hopkirk90 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-11)
The ghost people at the back of my street, I can tell they are ghosts because they appear rather grey and they wear clothes from a few centuries ago. My mum has seen them too. When I go to have a closer look, they disappear. They are not there every night, probably 3 or 4 nights a week.
With regards to my spirit guide, I didn't call upon him. The whole event (which was slightly longer than I described) happened without me having to ask. I also saw many ghosts when that happened, but they didn't talk to me, I saw them at the end of it.
Some people say that they have an animal spirit guide, I don't have any experience of that though. There are different ways to communicate with a guide. Some people sense their presence, others hear them, some see them (through their mind or directly through their eyes). I no longer see Johannes straight through the eyes (I did when he visited before he was my guide, hence how I know what he looks like). Nowadays, I sense his presence more often. He doesn't normally tell me he is there through sound, but I can see him as a picture in my mind if I want to.
A technique I know which may help is how to envision spirits in the mind. I don't know many spirit guide techniques, since mine came to me spontaneously, but in this you may see the guide (I know that Johannes particularly likes to see what I'm trying to do). When I'm sat down, I will close my eyes and try to envision the room as it looks in reality. At first, it was quite blurred and not many individual items were placed, but I got better. Now I can see most items correctly. Guides often don't appear as a ghost would, so using this technique your mind 'picks up' other bits of information that your eyes can't see. I often find that I envision the room and see Johannes. It is a bit less overwhelming than seeing them directly, they are often seen as solid, colourful beings in this way. Some psychics give out methods to meet spirit guides for the first time, the main way is through meditation, but I am not a person who is able to sit down in peace and quiet for a long time. I didn't have many suggestions myself because my mind has always been very finely tuned into spirits and I have never really had to learn it (probably innate).
I talk to spirits via many methods. I can relay thoughts and feelings through clairsentience, talk through the mind via telepathy (a particular favourite of mine) or talk directly. I normally only talk directly if it is one or two words, since it can look strange if you're sat talking to yourself. In public, I will use telepathy, since it is more favourable than any other method, for me. I will talk directly to a spirit when it is just me and my mum in the room, since she understands. With well known spirits, namely Johannes and Simon, I can communicate with clairsentience too because they have tuned in to my feelings and I am able to relay them more easily.
Hope this helps 😁.
Composerman (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-10)
Thank you again for some amazing accounts of your experiences. You mention that sometimes you 'talk' to spirits - how does this work exactly? I have always wondered. Do you actually hold a physical conversation, or is it more telepathic? I am also keen to discover my spirit guide, but I have had no luck as of yet - are there any techniques you could recommend that have worked for you? When you say that you see ghosts up the road at the back of your house, how can you tell that they are ghosts? Do they appear solid / translucent etc? I have only had a couple of brushes with spirit, but I am always eager to hear about other people's experiences! Thanks again, sorry for so many questions!
Hopkirk90 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-10)
There have been some other events. Yes I do still live in the house, but not for long. We're moving out in Summer because the house is in desperate need of refurbishment etc.
At the last house we used to have an old lady ghost, who used to walk around. We couldn't communicate with her though. In that way she was a classic ghost. I first saw her when I was about 7 years old, but I was scared. There was another event that happened at night when I was about 3 years old. My mum was ill, so my grandparents were staying over. This meant that my grandfather was sleeping downstairs, my grandmother was sleeping in my bedroom and I was sleeping in my mum's room. I was a hyperactive child, so I was still awake. I looked up and I saw a tall, thin lady in grey. I thought it was a queen because it looked like she was wearing a crown. I was scared so I looked away. When I looked back, she had gone. I told my mum when I was a bit older and she said it was her spirit guide. She remembers her looking over her in her cot as a baby and her mother saw it too.
At this house I dealt with the spirits of two men. One was a shopkeeper (supposedly evil) and a man who was killed. This happened a long time ago. When I heard the side of the story by the man who had been killed, it seemed like the shopkeeper was evil. However, when I heard both sides of the story it was more balanced. The shopkeeper had been threatened by the man and was worried his business would be ruined. 😲
An odd story I had was in the Easter term holiday in 2003. My birthday was the last Saturday of the holiday. On the Friday night, I became really sad but didn't know why. It also happened late Saturday and Sunday night. I smelt coffee and saw a thin outline of a man. I thought it was my grandfather (since he died the day before my birthday in 1999) but he didn't drink coffee and wasn't thin. I was in tutor group on Monday and my teacher said that our deputy headteacher had died suddenly on 25th April (the day before my birthday). I decided to go home and question the spirit. It was the deputy headteacher. We talked for a few days and then he departed.
A nicer story I have is the one of meeting my spirit guide Johannes. A tall man came into my room and asked me what I needed most to succeed. I said "determination and courage". I was surprised to see Johannes again. He was a domineering spirit I had met the year before. My mum had to tell him to leave that year. He was musically inclined and was trying to encourage me to buy instruments I couldn't afford. Luckily, he is not as domineering now. He played a vital part in me communicating with spirits as well as protecting me from malevolent ones. I found out he was my great-great-great uncle on my dad's side. He also said that I could have chosen his neice, Felicity, who we are directly related to. Johannes was a composer born in the mid-19th century.
I also met a benevolent spirit, Simon, whilst living here. He is unconnected to the house. He was born in Manchester but worked in Oldham. Both Simon and Johannes died at age 28. Luckily, I had Johannes to check that he was a benevolent spirit before I allowed him to stay around. That happened 2.5 years ago, Johannes and Simon are now great friends. Simon keeps me company when I haven't got many friends in reality. 😳
In our house we have also had many colourful orbs and perfume smells (my great-grandmother wore a certain perfume).
Just after the time of the spirit of the station master's dominant presence over our house, I had another dream that he was hanging outside and he had a blue face. It didn't really surprise me, because he was executed in that way. We still see him sometimes.
There are also ghosts up the road at the back of our house. They stand and stare at nothing that is actually there now. They are small, so they could be children or adults from a very long time ago.
I certainly hope the next house has paranormal activity 😐. These are the events as I remember them, I may have missed something out because I wasn't in the habit of keeping notes before 2005.
raingrl01 (5 stories) (151 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-09)
Wow! Those are some pretty incredible experiences. Do you still live in that house? Has anything else happened? ❤
Composerman (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-08)
I look forward to hearing more about your experiences, and indeed would be very interested if you do manage to capture anything on your new camera. I particularly like the idea that pets are able to communicate after passing - I would like to think that my cats return periodically, although I have not been overly aware of this, just a feeling really. Thanks!
Hopkirk90 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-08)
It's not our own house (it's rented) so it is hard to find out much about it. We do know that it is about 100 years old though. The houses across the road used to be joined together (there's four terrace houses) as one large house. It used to be for the Masters at the time of the master and servants.
We think that the horses and riders came from a time before the house was built. I live in an area where there are a lot of fields, so it was probably woodland in the past.
I haven't got a very good video camera at the moment, it's battery runs out after a few minutes of video recording, but I am getting one soon which I will use. I tried to record any audio hauntings a few years ago, but I don't think I captured anything. The record was very long though and we live near a main road, so we have to be wary of traffic noise.
Something odd happened yesterday, a large box (stable for years) suddenly fell and made a large crash. I analysed the scene and tried to figure out whether the box could have made that noise. There was a few bags of items on it and they fell underneath and at the side. The strange thing was that they landed as if someone had put them there. I should have taken a picture though. I had moved an old television, we thought had a demon in, into that room the day before. We are going to take it somewhere for recycling soon (that's why I moved it there). The demon may stay with the appliance.
I've also got the spirit guide story to write about sometime too, I have most of the notes for that though. 😊
CenterCore (guest)
15 years ago (2009-04-08)
You've been very brave in standing up to these entities over the years, and I'm proud of you for being strong about it. Your experiences remind me a lot of my own; random phenomina, never fitted into a particular category or classification, nor realm of "sense" in any true form. I know how it feels to be haunted by this presence of someone watching you. Even though no one is apparently present, you feel this pair of eyes on you, that simply won't go away. You keep turning your head to see who's there, but no one is. I agree with Composerman; try to record these happenings if you can. I myself have never successfully done so, but I know it can be done. And never be afraid to speak out loud to spirits. They do respond. Maybe not in tow with proper speech (at least none that our ears can perceive) but you can make a connection. If you feel you do not wish to be accompanied by these beings, say so. For everyone except me, it does work. Best of luck.
Composerman (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-07)
Wow, that is an amazing collection of accounts! Have you ever tried capturing anything on camera? Especially something as regular as the horses and riders! Can you tell us more about the history of the house?


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