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In my bedroom there is a corner and it is darker than the other corners and other parts of my room, there is always a coldness about that corner as well. My television is situated right in front of it. I have two cats that like to sleep in my room, but just recently since I have noticed this dark and cold corner of my room, they have started to hiss and stare at it.

My friend has had a few experiences just lately and she has been discussing them with me and I find them very interesting. I have always found paranormal events quite interesting, and for some reason just lately I have been picking up on stuff. My friend and me were talking about this, and she said with my sudden interest that maybe I have become sensitive to the paranormal?

A few unexplained things keep happening, me and my boyfriend experienced a lot of biffing and banging around and my room, we had a tub of candy that was empty and placed near the television, we were both falling asleep when we heard what seemed to be the tub of candy rolling across the floor, so we switched the light on, and found that the tub of candy was on the other side of the room near my door.

One time my boyfriend was in the bath and I was brushing my teeth when the shampoo flew across the bathroom and I had a go at my boyfriend as it splattered all over the toilet and he said that he didn't do it, he was on the verge of shouting at me for being childish, he swore he didn't do it, and got a little freaked out.

My biggest problem about this corner is that I feel watched, and the feeling is terrible and it really bothers me. It has started to make me feel as though I hate going to bed and I dread the night coming because I have to sleep in there and I feel watched and it really freaks me out.

Im sorry if this might annoy some of you because it might not be a full on experience but it's enough to make my boyfriend and me consider it something of the sort. And I would really like people to comment and maybe tell me what they think about this and what it could be?

Any ideas please guys.

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what_is_around_us (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-02)
I would like to say that as I was reading your story and got to the part where you said something about being sensitive to the paranormal, I got the feeling that something was staring at me and I got a burning feeling on my arm like someone was staring through it. That is by far the weirdest thing I have had happen to me in a while. And now I am seeing what looks like a shadow person on my wall, it's freaky.
Rosie93 (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-01)
This sounds somewhat like a poltergeist to me, with the stuff being thrown and knocked over. But as for the corner in your room, that seems like something more oppressive, so I'm not sure... If the situation gets worse, definitely get a professional to help you. But first, do some research on poltergeists and see if that matches up to what is happening to you.
Best wishes. 😁
miri_chan (6 stories) (69 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-30)
I hate that feelings of being watched >< It's really awful, and I have it A LOT, and it mostly comes from my room but I'm ALWAYS in my room xD I'm in it right now;p

The thing with the tub of candy rolling away, things that I own often fall off >< Like something I have, say a bottle of water, will be sitting in the middle of the table by my bed, nowhere near the edge, and there is nothing that can make it topple over, and I'll suddenly see it fall right off like someone threw it or it jumped O-O

I have no advice for you because I'm trying to find out why I'm having weird things happen too, but try yelling LEAVE US ALONE or something next time something happens;p
Good luck! ^^

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