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Too Cold For Comfort


Recently I placed a trail camera in my backyard to capture the deer feeding at night as well as to see what other animals may be around. Usually I turn it off during the day but being in a rush that morning I had left it on. The camera was focused from one corner of the yard so it cover the entire area including my wife's building which stores her collection of antiques.

I came home that afternoon and found her wrapped in blankets on the couch and she said she had been working in the building when all of a sudden she got ice cold and could not get warm again; this was a warm day which made it odd. She said she wasn't sick it just came from nowhere. I left her to recover and retrieve the camera SD card to view and found that during the night several deer had been in the yard. Now the strange thing was that two of the deer were standing beside each other looking as if posing but when I went back to that frame it wasn't there, the only one of them had them looking the other way. The posing picture was completely gone and I can't explain how that happened.

It was further into the day and around the time my wife said she was working in her building I came across a clip that had caught a white mass above the front area of her building. I have used that camera many times since and have yet to capture anything like it again. In the past we have had incidents from bringing home items that did have attachments. Once was a older ladies compact that she must had been truly fond of, but that's another story.

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flyboy72 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 months ago (2023-10-28)
Sorry if I do not response quickly to a question but will reply as soon as I can. The image I captured on the trail camera I can't explain, I wasn't home when it occurred. Maybe whatever she was moving in the building disturbed it I can only guess. I know it has not happened again and would truly have liked for the picture I sent in to have been added to the story. The image on the trail camera I believe was meant to be seen as the camera is not out but occasionally to capture again mainly the deer. I have showed it to others and only got an oh my but was hoping to get some better feedback. There have been many times in my past I have seen things I did not share with anyone involving spirits. This incident happened almost two years ago. Since then the only other thing I have discovered is in the room I keep my old toy collection. I collect various toys from 50's and previous. My son gave me an extra indoor security camera from a set he had bought and I placed it in that room after a few strange things happened mainly for curiosity. Many times I reviewed the footage and it had caught orbs moving about. They would come out one of the walls or ceiling and disappear through another, sometime a few and at others times many. The one that really got me was the one that came out as a small speck of light and got bigger before going through the front wall.
Rajine (14 stories) (776 posts)
6 months ago (2023-10-24)
Seems like a passing spirit, but what's weird is that image that just vanished, perhaps it doesn't want to be known.
flyboy72 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 months ago (2023-10-23)
She said she left as soon as the cold overtook her and it was about two hours before she was back to normal. But what ever it was we do not feel it was an attachment, she acts normal. I have a picture of the mast and will try to load it.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (320 posts)
6 months ago (2023-10-23)
That's really interesting how she was still freezing, even after leaving her building, and bundling up. I've heard about this happening before, but I'm not sure if I heard a reason for it, to be that extreme. From what I have learned though, that when there's a spirit around, it can absorb a lot of energy, from whatever may be around them. Like anything electronic, or even our own energy. By doing this, they might be trying to get enough to either try and manifest their selves, or to try and move/throw objects etc. I'm curious how long after your wife started to freeze, did she leave her building? I ask because if she left almost immediately, perhaps she left before whatever was in there, was able to manifest itself, or before it could make it's presence known some other way. 🤔 I think Lady-glow has a good theory as well, on whether or not the spirit went through her, or somehow attached itself to her. I'd imagine if it did actually attach itself to her, y'all would be able to notice that something is off with your wife. So with all of those possibilities, I'd say it was most likely either trying to manifest itself to her, or it may have walked through her (or maybe even both of those). But that's just my thoughts to it. I imagine having a building field with old antiques, would have multiple attachments to them. Not all spirit's choose to present their selves to people, and rather go unnoticed, so no telling how many y'all could actually have in her building. I hope to hear back from you soon, and hope that your wife is doing better, since that experience.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
6 months ago (2023-10-23)
Welcome to YGS.

Hi flyboy72.

I find it rather odd that your wife wouldn't warm up once she had left the storage building. Would it be possible that an entity "wrapped" itself around her or, even worse, got into her body? (shudder) Did she, eventually, recover her normal body temperature?
Not meaning to be nosy but, does she cleanse the items after buying them or protects herself in any way in case something is attached to her findings?

I hope to read more of your experiences in the future.

Thanks for sharing.

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