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Odd Experiences In A Friendly Spot


I'll try to provide efficient details in a short narrative for the readers to understand the very defect of the matter.

I live in a two storey bungalow. The outer setting of my house is quite spacious to accommodate a garden extending upto 3 metres in the length and sufficient amount of width to surround the entire area around the house. The front area facing the main entrance door has beautifully decorated flowers and other plants. And surfacing our house against the wall of the main entrance is a bench, not necessarily big where me and my husband used to have our evening tea.

The backyard of the house is not as beautiful as the front part because of the wild grasses covering most the area and the stony texture of the soil doesn't support any plants. In between these wild grasses facing our master bedroom's window is a well. This well was dug on the demand of my father-in-law but after he moved out, there is not much use to it.

The bench is in an odd location where you could properly face the area of the well and the outer boundary of the house. Living in an open area allows attracts me to spend my evening sitting on the bench relaxing until my husband returns from work. I have a gossip mate who occasionally comes over to my house for company and we generally spend our time sitting on the bench and having an evening snack delight.

One fine day, I was done with my chores and was preparing tea for my mate, which we both can enjoy on the bench. We did so and in the middle of our chit chat we both saw what I could say a white apparition crawling on the outer back wall, Although we were a little distant we could clearly visualise that thing. It crawled a certain distance just a few inches until he reached the top but suddenly paused, in the same position it lied on the wall... We were not sure of what we saw so we decided to get closer to observe the thing. As we moved closer, the thing still stuck there. It was a pale apparition of what seemed like a person. But as we got closer each second, the figure seemed to become more transparent and paler than before until we were startled by the noise of horn-honking, which was of my husband's car. But as we looked back the figure had already vanished as if nothing was there.

I was shocked. My mate told me it must be an animal who must've sneaked in to the backyard somehow. I nodded my head to agree with her. But we both knew that it was certainly no animal and we're trying to come up with random explanations to ease ourselves. I went to receive my husband standing at the entrance and my mate went back home. Nothing happened for two days after that. Later that week I had believed a random explanation of my head and decided to forget about the incident altogether. My mate came back that day and while continuing our gossip I went inside to grab some snacks. As I was in the kitchen furnshing myself with some quick snacks, I heard the sound of the pulley of the well rolling as if someone is drawing water from it, the kitchen is close to the master bedroom so the noises in the backyard are somewhat audible to an extent. I ran outside to check saw my friend with a stick in her hand heading towards the well. I told her to stop, the quarantine was going on so my husband was home on his office table. I called for him and told what was happening...

He laughed at us hysterically saying how us women are gullible to believe in paranormal in this era and educated women are least expected to do it. It hurt my pride and I let it go. My friend was trying to come up with a random explanation but I stopped her. The next day, she came and asked if I was ok or not? I could understand what she was referring to... And I nodded my head to a yes.

She talked to me about how she believes this to be black magic or something and I should better call a shaman as she was saying this she asked me to sit back on that bench claiming God is with us and don't worry. Hardly did these words slipped her mouth when the snacks which we have everyday were thrown at her from the balcony...

She was so startled that she screamed loudly that my husband rushed down to what had happened. In a rush, I accused him of throwing the snacks but he denied these accusations saying he was in bedroom the whole time and he has no reason to do it. It was extremely odd as the workers have day off due to the quarantine and no one was in the house except my husband.

This happened yesterday. Today I was sitting on the couch analysing these incidents, I realised that all these incidents somehow are happening at around the same time, around 6:45p.m. The time when all the workers leave which leaves behind no suspect or any possible explanations.

But the thing which I find odd is all this has happened in the presence of my friend but not when I ocassionally spent time with my husband on the very same spot.

Can anyone provide a possible explanation?

Is it black magic?

Should I be concerned?

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Nikachi (2 stories) (7 posts)
1 year ago (2020-05-20)
Hi Alina

I liked your narrative. But honestly I don't look for logic when I read about such incidents. A thing which might seem subtle at first could become really troublesome. You can read my story ' my sister's hauntings' on this site but due to the grace of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj not only did her hauntings stop but she got married too. That thing had told her very clearly that she would stay with my sister always but could withstand the power of Swamiji. I am a follower of Guru Dattatreya and associated with Swami Samarth Seva marg. You can get in touch with Rohini kendra and take seva (means some pooja) from there. Often when vastu of house is improper such things occur too. You can download Shree Swami charitra saramrit from kindle and start reading 3 chapters per day and 11 mala of Shree Swami samarth mantra (mantra is Shree Swami samarth). Slowly you will see things improving. There is no bigger power than Guru Dattatreya whose third incarnation is Shree Swami Samarth. And anyone can visit his kendra. There is no restriction of age, gender, religion. Keep safe. Shree Swami Samarth
Amena (3 stories) (9 posts)
1 year ago (2020-05-09)
Hi Alina, interesting story. Where did the snacks come flying from? I'm confused it seems it was thrown at your friend from a height/distance. Probably because she suggested you consult a shaman. Whatever it is it probably does not want to leave. My suggestion would be if it's not harming you, leave it alone and don't bother with it. Hope things get better for you. Thanks for sharing
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
1 year ago (2020-05-04)
Hello Tantrik,

Thank you for your thoughtful insight.

You see, since I was not well versed with what was the reason for this happening. I performed a cleansing ritual under the local priest due the unusual turn of things.

I highly appreciate your input and will request you to wait for the publication of part-2 of it to provide your final judgement.
TheTantrik (10 posts)
1 year ago (2020-05-04)
I've been involved in the occult for sometime (I live in India only), even helped a women here on this forum who was affected by black magic.

With little info it's difficult to say if your experience is paranormal or not. One of the ways to check for black magic is by keeping a lemon below your pillow when you sleep. If it turns black when you wake up, there's a possibility of black magic.

If you're worried, just play a stotra kavach (there are plenty on YouTube) while sleeping. I'd suggest the Narsimha kavach or the Panchmukhi Hanuman kavach.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-25)
Hello silverthane61,

Thank you for your interest. On this matter, I myself am confused and would appreciate if you'll wait for the publication of part-2 of it, which maybe can make up for the lack of details.

Thank you~
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-24)
You are very observant and analytical. I think it was an exceptionally sharp observation concerning the time of the incidents as well as the link to your friend. I only have one theory and it involves your friend. Maybe the entity does not like the subject of religion and/or is somehow linked to your friend. It is a weak theory and requires much more information to prove or disprove. In the interim, I suggest you share these observations with your mate. Good luck with your actions.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-24)
Alina, thanks for the reply. So you are in Delhi, Rohini Sector. I know some incidents that happened to my friends, who are near R.K. Puram area.

I have gone through your profile and I also hope that you would be performing rituals as per our Hindu customs and would be off from this entity.

Keep us informed of the developments.

Regards and respects to you.

Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-23)
Hello sds,

Thank you for approaching my story and providing your input in regard.

I don't know wheather these events occur in other times as well since she is a new tenant and usually drop by the time when we both are at a little ease after chores, which is in the evening, I mentioned the time period since it is believed after dusk the activities of these paranormal beings are more active.

When I saw this apparition I was actually overwhelmed by astonishment as my first reaction. "It" was literally crawling up the wall. I didn't felt any specific gut feeling alarming me to go away but certainly it's presence made me feel a little unpleasant.

I live in Delhi. If you want the specific location please check out my profile.

I'm planning to perform a cleansing ritual this Friday according to Hindu traditional ways. I will also aware my friend about this. I'm hoping things to back to normal.

If this efficiently doesn't seem to work then I'll try the recommended Rookdygin's ritual.

Thank you for your insight~
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-23)
Alina, I don't think it is residual haunting. And I want to ask you some questions.

1. You said that the experiences happened in your friend's presence and at around 6.45 p.m. That means these activities don't happen when she is present at any other time?

2. What was your gut feeling when you first saw the apparition? Was it scary? Or did you feel any negative vibe when you saw the apparition?

3. Where do you live in India? Just the place and area would be fine. Let it not be specific.

If you have been living in the house for about a year and you haven't felt anything earlier, I feel something might have triggered these activities.

If you feel it is negative entity trying to be malevolent, why don't you try Rook's Cleansing method. That is quite useful and effective.

Alternatively, you can take lady-glow's suggestion to do some rituals according to your custom, religion and belief.

Kindly respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-23)
Hello VermontVampyre,

Thank you for your insight on this matter. Certainly, these events had convinced me that these weird happenings are somehow connected to my friend. However, on the contrary she is doing rather well now without any further occurance in her household related to this. I abide by what I've written that all this had happened in her presence and it was occasional. But now, these incidents have taken a sudden turn of being frequent and unusually active. I indeed have planned for a cleansing ritual this upcoming Friday, hoping things to be normal again. I am thankful for your suggestion and would make her aware of this cleansing. I,on my part would like to believe that she had unwillingly triggered these activities for God's sake how?!. Thank you~
VermontVampyre (2 stories) (64 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-23)
So to try to figure out all mundane possibilities. You say your snacks were "thrown off" the balcony. Were they on/close to the balcony railing? If so could perhaps some wind have blown them off?

Other than the snacks being thrown at your friend none of what you've told us seems to be demonic/dark so I don't think it is necessarily "Black Magic" either. After all if you're going to hate someone enough to go through the trouble to curse them (especially considering you'd most likely have to pay a practitioner for them to curse the person) you're going to want to get something that's more scary than just throwing some snacks or crawling on a wall.

In your last comment you said your friend has refused to come over. But that "These incidents seem to have turned a frequent thing." Does this mean you have had occurrences in your house/on your property without your friend being present?

I ask only because from the way the story is outlined I'd be more inclined to believe the spirit is connected to your friend having apparently decided to only show up while she is visiting. Almost as if the entity has come visiting /with/ her. If the entity is absent when your friend is and present when she is present then I would lean more towards your friend being the affected one.

If this is the case then I would suggest letting your friend know so she may take the proper steps to cleanse herself of all spiritual attachments as well as her property in whatever way is best suited to her religion.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-23)
Hello Melda,

Thank you for your thoughtful insight. I opted these events to black magic for one of the two reasons:

1) Our house is fairly new without any history of residual hauntings. Even if there were any any hauntings prior to this then we would have experienced it at the time we moved in. Not on a sudden instance like this.

2) My husband is a short-tempered person who tends to lose his every sense of wisdom and understanding when he's angry. So, there is no surprise in believing he had showed his anger in actions. He ocassionally gets involved in many disputes which is quite a nuisance indeed.

My friend had herself refused to come over for the sake of her own safety howsoever, these incidents seemed to have turned a frequent thing.
I apologise for not including this in the narrative itself. Thank you once again!
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-23)
Hello Lady-glow,

Thank you for approaching my story and providing your input in regard. I presumed the same that probably my friend is unwillingly triggering these events. But before I confronted her regarding this she herself refused to come over anymore until this entire thing is resolved. However, these are seemingly becoming frequent now. I have submitted a Part-2 of this for publication. Hopefully, it can make up for the lack of details in this narrative which would be a little helpful for the readers.

God Bless!
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-23)
Hello Kesnitt95,

Thank you for taking an interest. Actually I believed this to black magic is because I somehow managed to ask my husband about the history of our place. As if was it prone to any residual hauntings before? And obviously I got a "no" as the answer. And we've been living in the same house for nearly a year without any signs of hauntings. This is a sudden occurence, which kind of convinced me that this might be something else. I apologise for the fact that I couldn't provide any essential details, as there is even none regarding this incident.
Melda (10 stories) (1362 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-22)
Alina - It seems to me that your friend might unwittingly have triggered these incidents, as they only seem to occur in her presence. I wonder if something similar would happen if somebody else visited your house? Have you had other visitors?

Black magic - why? Do you have any reason to believe that some person would want to harm you or your husband?

If there is no logical explanation for any of these incidents I would certainly lay the blame at the door of a good old ghost!

I'm sure you felt uncomfortable when these things happened but it doesn't sound malevolent. Throwing of the snacks, very rude behaviour towards your guest. In fact it sounds bratty and spiteful 😕

Try to keep your friend away during the lockdown period and see if anything happens when she stays away. It might be a bit difficult to explain that to her but I would do it if I were you. Just as an experiment.

Regards, Melda
lady-glow (13 stories) (2840 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-22)
Hello Alina.

Perhaps the spirit is trying to tell your friend that she is not supposed to visit your place during the quarantine?

In my opinion, it seems like she is the target of the activity instead of the residents of the house; but performing a protective ritual according to your religious beliefs wouldn't hurt.
Kesnitt95 (1 stories) (5 posts)
1 year ago (2020-04-22)
1. The area between the well and the nearby boundary wall is the most common spot for the spirit (or 2 spirits, although it's most likely 1).
2. The spirit seems to have recently entered into your house. It could be one of the workers who isn't alive currently.
3. From your description its hard to say whether it is black magic. Things don't appear that serious as well. You saw the spirit occasionally, right? However if things get serious, you should do as your friend says. It can be a haunting as well.

I just saw your post and wrote whatever I could grasp.

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