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Ghostly House In Edmonton


In 1997, my family and I moved into a nice little home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was a well-located, very nice house in a very nice neighbourhood. Fortunately, we have experienced many, many ghost experiences in there since we have moved in. I have had ghostly experiences since childhood, so I am pretty vulnerable to them. In fact, my mother has psychic abilities and my dad's great grandmother was a witch, though he does not have powers.

The first experience I remember occurred not even a year after we moved in. My cat was standing on a ledge overlooking our basement. The cat was wide-eyed and really focused on a certain area in the basement. What happened next was pretty crazy. The basement's ceiling was located deeper down than the ledge so the cat was looking down. The ceiling of the basement had stucco on it. One of the stucco pieces came down, and then launched upwards towards the cat, getting him right in the head. It was more to scare it than anything. My mother, and my neighbour also witnessed the unnatural tossing. The ghost was quite angry in the beginning, but has calmed down over the years. Regardless, there has always been some activity in the house.

These other events have occurred to me in the house, because I am the lucky person to live in the basement. All of these have happened after 2004. One day, I was sitting at my computer when I heard someone coming down the stairs to the basement. The steps continued towards my room. The steps sounded like they were my dad's. Sometimes he plays tricks on me and tries to scare me, but this time, I jumped on my bed to get a better vantage point to avoid being startled. I saw nothing. I continued out of my room and noticed that he was not downstairs but he was relaxing upstairs.

The next thing that happened was several weeks later. I had an empty can of pop on my computer desk. As I was sitting at my desk, the can tilted onto an unnatural angle and it just stayed there. I tried to replicate what I saw by knocking the sturdy desk, blowing on the can, trying to have the can hold itself up, etc. No natural explanation presented itself.

I also do ghost investigations independently, especially in my house, because there are always orbs... Hundreds of orbs visible on camera in any given evening. Anyways, one day I was doing filming, unfortunately with the record button off (darn it!), and I was looking at the rather active orbs. I looked at the area behind the bar in the basement and I noticed that the wall had opened up. The opening was all light and about the size of a microwave oven. The sight of the light knocked me down. It felt like I was drained of energy. Perhaps the people within the vortex thought I was a stronger medium, I do not know.

Since then, my house has been rather quiet, but we still experience some minor stuff here and there, including the meows of a phantom cat all over the house. There is a watcher in the upstairs master bedroom, a cat throughout the house, and at least two or three spirits in the basement, all of which are now comfortable with us.

The history of the house presents little reasons for ghosts, as no one had ever died and the land was only farmed marshland until the 1970s.

Sometimes the ghosts startle me at night, but I just talk to them. I don't go around spouting religious lines. They don't need to hear it, they are just people who want help. I just thought I'd share because no one but my parents and I know about these strange events.

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all_outta_angst (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-24)
hello IrbeFan4Life,

I noticed your from edmonton and I was wondering if you wanted to exchange emails or even meet for coffee and discuss some of the stories you have on here.
beau (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-13)
thank you for my info on how to get that ghost out of my mum and dad's house you have been a rell help to me thank's mate
hbdave (1 stories) (18 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-10)
Is your mom able to give any insight as to who the ghost was while alive? I live in Edmonton, as well, and my sister had a ghost in her house (20 year old house). My friend, a psychic, was able to tell us who the ghost was, why she was in the house, and how to get rid of her.
IrbeFan4Life (2 stories) (12 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-10)
The cat in my house is used to them. He looks up at them for a few seconds wide-eyed, but then relaxes again. The ghosts are comfortable with all of us in the house, and we most certainly are used to them. I would never in a million years let outside investigators and their psychics into my house. If anything else happens in my house, I'll let everyone know. It's been pretty quiet for a few weeks now, but you know what they say: "It's always darkest before the dawn."
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-10)
Really Interest Sound like your ghosts is comfortable at your home expect the poor cat who the stuff coming down his head poor I am a cat lover I love cats just be carefully animals can see things. I really like your story.

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