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Was That You, Hannah?


On my sister's 16th birthday we threw her a big surprise birthday that lasted the weekend. The last night of the party, me, my friend Hannah, my sister who is also called Hannah, and my sister's friend Ryan went up to a park down the street from my house. Me and my friend Hannah were sitting at the top of a slide talking when she looked at one of the windows of the school next to the park and saw that the light was on and that there was someone or something standing by the window watching us. She told me to look which I did but just shook it off. Right before we left the park we looked back at the window and saw that the light was off and that nobody was standing there.

My friend Hannah and I were freaked out so we got in the car and went home. Later that night, me and my friend were out in my new pop-up camper. We thought that it would be fun to sleep in it. So we went in it, switched on the lights and locked the door so nobody could get in. We played cards for a while we took pictures, and then we played dominoes and after we finished the dominoes game, we started getting ready for bed.

I slept with her on the big bed because we were both too tired to get up. So I lay down and closed my eyes, even though I could not sleep. Hannah soon fell asleep, while I was still awake, as always, she falls asleep before me. I was just about to drift off to sleep when I started feeling something playing with my hair. I opened my eyes and looked around. My hair dropped back down to my shoulder. I blinked. I yawned and lay back down, a little bit freaked out now, but I blew it off. As I lay there, I heard someone laughing. Like a girl laughing. So I shook Hannah to wake up. "Hannah stop laughing I am trying to sleep." I muttered and lay back down. She just moaned and rolled over and went back to sleep. I yawned once again and closed my eyes. (Now by this time it is almost four am and it was still dark outside.) Right after I closed my eyes, I heard a gagging sound, and crying. I jumped and squeaked. Hannah opened her eyes and looked at me.

"WHAT?" She said and looked around. I glared at her, "I can't do this. I'm out of here; you can stay if you want." I muttered, getting up and putting my flip flops on. She rolled her eyes and lay back down. "Yeah yeah, whatever." she said. I jump out of the camper and ran inside. I found a pillow and a blanket and lay in my sister's bed with her in her room.

I fall asleep quickly, feeling safe.

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amanda_lynn (24 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-22)
i agree with jennywhea;; what if hannah was sleeping and the ghost was messing with her?

I hope she's okay, too! (:
As for the person standing at the window of the school, do you know if anyone passed away in the school? I think that was the person messing with your hair, laughing, gagging, and crying.

I hope you figure out what was going on!
Oli (2 stories) (74 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-21)
Um, is there a part two? What happened to your friend? Did anyone else experience anything, or were you just dreaming...
jennywhea (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-21)
I would convince her to come in too.
What if something happens to her? 😠
Maybe it got bored because you left so it started messing with her.
I hope shes ok... 😕
Hooligan (11 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-21)
This seems like a pretty mundane ghost story though sometimes these things unravel into something a bit more. I always read a story thinking it's average and then the comments come in with some pretty crazy information.

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