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Was This An Old Hag Or Sleep Paralysis Or Neither?


This is my first time posting here and it's nothing extravagant or anything, I am just curious as to what this was.

Ok about 2 months ago, I kept having a reoccurring experience. The first time it was a dream, where a strange girl grabbed my left arm and I was no longer able to breath or move. After that one time, I would have similar dreams, then wake up and feel a hand on my left arm. I couldn't breathe or move or talk, just look at it. After about 30 seconds everything would be normal. And that happened almost every night for about a week. I started getting scared, thinking maybe something was wrong with me, or my body and it was warning me.

Then I had an experience in the bathroom where I was in the bath. The toilet paper rolled down, and the shampoo fell off of the counter. I figured it was nothing. Then I dunked my head and heard a clunk. When I sat up, a razor was on the floor, so I picked it up and placed it on the side of the tub. When I dunked my head again, I heard another clunk and the razor was across the room. That night the same thing happened but this time she was sitting beside my head on the left instead of the right. She grabbed my arm and I could talk but barely move. I asked what she wanted, and then she was gone, and it never happened again.

Was this an old hag or sleep paralysis?

Did the experience in the bathroom have any significance in the problem leaving?

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BeautifulParanoia (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-11)
Okay it's been a long time, and it was still happening, so I talked to a psychic medium friend of the family, and she said it was probably a spirit who isn't at rest and it's connected itself to me. So I had a lucid dream and called her to me and told her I wanted to help her. That was two nights ago and I've talked to her every night since then. Apparently she was a murder victim, and she was from England. She told me her name, but I don't know if it's okay for me to post that here. I told her she needs to go to the light, and she told me there was no light for her to go to. What does that mean? Is she not welcome in heaven, or wherever she's supposed to go?
luna17 (2 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-27)
I've had something similar happen to me, but it was a boy that I saw, I was completely paralized, I couldn't even breathe... I was 7 years old when this happen to me, the boy just came into the room I was in... It's been years now since that happen, & for sometime I felt the same thing, couldn't move nor breathe, & talk forget it only to myself...

When I was 16 years old I went though the most scariest episode that made me cry. I was sleeping over my aunts house & around 2 am her baby wakes up crying. I went to the kitchen to get a drink then got back to the room where I was staying.

I turn off the lights, get into bed then I had the same thing happen. Couldn't move, breathe, or talk. What made it frightening was that I felt the bed covers getting heavier. The heaviness of the covers were even it started from my feet & it reached my chest, almost my neck, as it was moving up from feet to neck the ringing in my ears sounded louder as it moved torwards my face.

I could hear my uncle speak to my aunt but couldn't call for help... Ever since that night I sleep facing down, if I try to sleep facing the cieling I get it... I've seen Drs. To see if I have a sleeping disorder but they say I'm fine.

It scares me cause I think what if I stop fighting it from trying to control me? What would happen? Is this what they call when we hear people die in their sleep? Cause I'm not asleep, I'm awake. I feel like if I give up I'm going to die... All of this begin to happen when I saw this boy in my house & since I was 16 I' been sleeping facing down, this is the only way I don't get it...
darkforce14 (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-23)
Well this is a quite often thing that will happen so it's not so scary. Please relax around a ghost and it won't bother you. Or as much. A ghost in dreams is just them saying their rest was disturbed and they don't want this to happen again. 😉 I've got your back. Darkforce14 ❤
amanda_lynn (24 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-22)
I think maybe she was trying to get your attention while you were in the bath. Maybe she knew you from somewhere, sometime. Or someone in your family?

You should check the history of that house, and see if anyone had passed away before you moved in there. (:

And for the bed part, I think that would be a bit startling, but interesting, too. If she didn't answer, maybe she was just trying to get your attention, and when you asked her what she wanted, she knew you could feel her prescence, so she left.

Just a suggestion., (:
BeautifulParanoia (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-22)
Tonith: Thanks for your answer ^_^. But I am starting to think the girlwas just a thing my mind created so the sleep paralysis made more sense to me. So I had something to blame it on, instead of just saying I couldn't breath or move. But I'm not sure. But my idea doesn't really explain the bathroom incident ^^.
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
I would consider the first episode to be sleep paralysis and unless you were sleeping in the tub which we can assume you were not, the second episode sounds like a true haunting. May not be the last time you hear from this entity if it's showing up when you are wide awake. I think you did the right thing by asking what it wanted. Maybe next time you will get an answer.
BeautifulParanoia (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
Nady911: Alright, thank you! Nothing has really happened since then, so maybe the thing in the bathroom was my nana? I'm not sure though, cause stuff like that always only happens to me and no one else.

Willbur: I thought it was connected too, but I am not sure. Yes, but I was really hectic and nervous, so maybe I need to calm down if it happens again? I kind of hope it does, so I can see if there is something shes trying to say.

Nady911: I don't think it would be safe for me in particular, as I don't know what I am doing. If I knew someone who was able to do them, I would. But I don't trust myself with something like that.

Willbur: Thats amazing! If it happens again I will definitely try to communicate with her.

Thank you guys for your help 😁
willbur (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
I am not into seances. I'm not an expert in the field however I do know someone quite well who can see and talk to spirits or ghosts or whatever you want to call them. I consider most folks who claim this as attention seekers but this one is the real deal. She does not want attention drawn to her. She has told me things nobody else could know about my dead brother and other family members. From what she says spirits or ghosts are all around us always and that we all have the ability to communicate we just have to open our minds to it. Most spirits are only trying to communicate with us.
Nady911 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
Do you think it's safe to try a seance? I would never do it but maybe you might.
willbur (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
Nady could be right, but I think they are connected somehow since they happened at the same time and disappeared at the same time (I'm assuming this from your story) It sounds to me like somebody was trying to get your attention and wants to talk to you. As hard as it is to do, try to keep an open mind if it happens again and attempt to communicate. It sounds like you tried to but who knows what happened there. Good luck.
Nady911 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
The hand grabbing you I am mostly positive it is sleep paralysis but the bathroom thing I think is an actual haunting. 😨

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