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II wish for some advice on cleansing my house of spirits.

My parents got divorced a year ago so I moved out with my mum and my dad stayed in the house we had lived in for the past nine years. The house was a barn conversion, when we brought it. It was just ruins and animal troughs, however with the help of some friends my dad made it habitable. The main set of buildings is three barns in an L shape. Two bungalows next door to each other and a third barn at a right angle to them. When cleaning the first two houses we lived in a caravan and then moved into the first barn on the far end. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it, the atmosphere was, I would describe it as clean, clear and pure. It was only later we found out that barn was built upon a lode line of rose quartz. However our ultimate goal was to live in the big, two storey farm house and so, once in was finished we moved straight in. I was only a small child but I remember moving to the big house. The atmosphere was not like that of the first house. The air was heavy and oppressing. It was on that first night as my parents put me in a different room at around 3am I heard screaming, I remember it even now, I was too scared to move and I heard raised voices. Eventually everything seemed calm and I slept through to the morning.

This happened on several occasions in my early childhood in the house. My mother got depressed and insisted on moving into a different room of the house. All was quiet for a while as her old room was simply used for storage. I occasionally heard noises in the room but was always told it was simply the old house settling. My dad was cynical, he still doesn't believe in ghosts or anything supernatural. However my mum avoided the room at all costs, I never understood why, I barely went in there as a child except to use the computer stored in there and although the room scared me the lure of MSN and games overcame my fear of the room.

In the house, I shared a room with my sister, which is fine when you're 8 years old but eventually I wanted a room of my own. I was given the old store room that my mum feared so much. It is still my room now when I go to stay with my dad. The room makes me uncomfortable. I'm scared to sleep with the lights off, even with the lights on I awake sometimes to see things. There's a corner in the room where I sometimes see eyes looking out from the shadows, I've also seen a figure of a man standing watching me from the corner and his presence is not comforting to say the least. The windows are always open but the room always feels heavy and still. However I did not find out the whole story of my room until today.

I was talking to my mum about ghosts, when she started telling me of her experiences in the room.

The first night we moved in and I heard the screams she had woken up to see a man hanging from the beams in the room. She'd woken my father who told her to stop being stupid and go back to sleep. She said although the man was slowly swinging from the beam and not moving she could see his eyes roving around the room until they settled on her. She kept her eyes tight shut and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. Although she could not see the man hanging from the beam she said she could feel his eyes on her and she hated it. The next night, like I occasionally do, she awoke to see eyes in the corner of the room; the eyes belonged to the hanged man who had been looking at her the night before. The third night nothing happened but the atmosphere was the same, dark and depressing. She awoke to frequent disturbing views such as the corpse and the eyes.

She began asking the locals about the history of the place. Long story short, a farmer who had lived there had been up to some dirty dealings, eventually he'd been caught and lost thousands of pounds. Soon after he committed suicide in what is currently my bed room.

Although we did not talk about the room to anyone, my mums friend a very devout Christian turned and put her arm round her one day and said "Do not worry I'm praying for you." my mum had no idea what she was praying for her about but soon after she got cancer. My mum feels the spirits from the house did this to her somehow, That the evil is so strong it did that to her, she also said that she was always worried for my sister and me when we were in the house, she always felt the presence was threatening my sister and me. I certainly do not feel at ease or safe within the room.

I have tried a few things I have read online about cleansing burning sage, firmly commanding him to leave, yet nothing seems to work. I'm out of ideas, so I'm looking for anyone who can think of anything short of calling in a priest, if I did that my still cynical father would write me off as a nutcase!

I appreciate any help or suggestions given.

Thank You.

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MoonBeam2598 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-02)
As a true believer, I say that you should show him you are not going to welcome him in the house ever. You and you mother should go into the room one night and burn sage, demand he leaves, and threaten him! Do not let this ghost haunt you and your mother! Good luck! ❤ 😳 MoonBeam2598
monoxide (2 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-08)
hopeful23: my dad is such a stern skeptic hed probably declare he was suicidally depressed before blaming it on a ghost! My dad would be pretty worried if I did ask for a priest because I'm such an atheist I will try the tape idea thanks
book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-08)
That is terrifying. Unfortunately I don't think that anything short of a priest coming is going to work.
ZiShu (281 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-07)
Next time you feel threatened, pray to God to send His Angels to come and protect. Tell them to go away in the name of Jesus.
Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-07)
That would be terrible, having to sleep there. Does your father ever get any feelings of hatred in the hourse, or any of the feelings that you're receiving? Why not ask him about it, prove to him by making him stay a night in your room? Then again, I can see him telling you that you're nuts when you tell him to sleep in your room to see the dead man. Why not strike a deal? You call up the priest and have the blessing done and you'll do something for your dad in return? Perhaps buy a tape recorder and see if you can catch this spirit saying anything on tape and then you can show your father. Best of luck!

-Hope ❤
-_Syeetaque_- (5 stories) (109 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-07)
Yikes... I hate to be in a room like that. Scary that she could see the corpse hanging in her own bedroom with its eyes set on her... If I were in her place, I would already be fleeing off to somewhere else, screaming at the top of my lungs, and never go back... Why don't you try Islamic exorcism... It usually works, regardless your own religion... Find someone who can do it... GoOd LUCK! Be safe ❤ 😨

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