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As noted before, we (there are two of us) created this online persona to share some of the creepy things that have happened to us. This particular account is not a solitary story of strange happenings, but a collected description of some of the very real and very scary things that happened to us and my older sister when we were all roommates.

Really, there are too many creepy tales to be told from the year that I lived off with my sister and best friend, so this story shall only encompass the tales from our first rent house (I'll save the stories from the other rent house for another post-or two). This rent house, nicknamed by us as the Mary Dean house--that was the name of the street it was on--was actually a duplex. It was a cramped space with three teensy bedrooms, two full baths and the most depressingly bland structure I have ever seen. But it was home for three months to me, my sister, my one-year-old niece, and my best friend. Despite how crunched we were for space (and money) we reveled in the experience of being out on our own for the first time in our lives, and thought it would be the most wonderful time. We had not accounted for the possibility of experiencing anything within the paranormal realm in that tiny duplex.

It happened the first night the three of us stayed there together. My bedroom, if you were to walk down the hallway, was sort of tucked into a niche in the hall wall. The other two bedrooms were on the far wall right next to each other, creating a dead end of sorts. From my bedroom and from where I had positioned my pathetic little futon mattress (no frame) I could see into both bedrooms and they could see into mine, although my room was hidden from anyone standing in the hallway--hope that doesn't confuse anyone. Anyway, on that night my friend was sitting up in her bedroom surfing the internet, which she hadn't been allowed access to in two years. So naturally she was up pretty late perusing, although she did me the favor of closing her bedroom door so as not to keep me up with that annoying light.

My memories of that night are crawling into bed early, sleeping very restlessly, and then being abruptly woken up sometime late into the night, or very early into the morning. My friend's room was piled with unpacked boxes, so I had told her earlier she could sleep with me that night. Well, when she came to bed she woke me up, and even though her voice wasn't drenched in panic and she wasn't speaking hysterically, I knew something was wrong. She lay down and was unnaturally quiet for a moment before she said:

"I know this sounds crazy, but I just saw the freakiest thing." I remained quiet and she continued, "When I was walking out of my room I thought I saw you walking out of your room, too. I figured you had to go to the bathroom or something. I couldn't see facial features, but it looked about your height and it walked right past me, I even felt the air move! But then I walked in here and saw you still sleeping." I was silent, a sudden dread seeping over me. She said, "Something was in here with you."

Well, of course I was freaked out, but this wasn't the first time I had heard 'ghost' stories from my friend (she's super sensitive to those sorts of things) and I figured that if she were the only one seeing it then it didn't really affect me, and it hadn't hurt her anyway. It was some time later that I made the possible connection between my restlessness that night and the strange figure.

Anyway, if that wasn't creepy enough, about a week later my friend had gone back to her mother's house to stay the night and pick up a few more things she hadn't brought over before. My sister, niece and I were all getting ready to go to sleep and at the time, before she had her tonsils and adenoids taken out, my niece snored really loudly. So I volunteered to switch rooms with my sister that night. I went to bed fairly early, leaving my sister up by herself to read and whatnot. About an hour after I had lain down I felt my sister shaking my shoulder. I blinked awake, still really groggy and wondering what I had done to deserve such troublesome roommates, when my sister whispered, "Come sleep in there with me."

I found that strange, as my sister is extremely solitary and has never asked me to sleep with her before. But I was sleepy and didn't question her motives as I got up, gathered my pillow and slouched after her into my room. After we turned off the light and lay down she said, "Don't freak out, but I saw something leaning over the side of the bed, looking at you."

I have no idea what that thing was, but for the remainder of our time there odd things would occur. Strange howling in the living room, feelings of dread and panic in the kitchen and living area when one of us was alone, and shadows darting around corners and into darkened bedrooms.

One time I came home from work to find my best friend huddled up on the couch, crying. When I asked what was wrong she told me that something had been sitting on the counter in the bathroom when she had gotten home (nearly three hours earlier). I checked it out but found nothing. Another time I was the first to arrive home, odd in itself because I worked the latest hours, to find the front door ajar. I went inside and immediately checked to make sure the laptops and big-screen TV hadn't been stolen, but nothing was out of place, and I swear that I had shut AND locked that door before I had left for work that afternoon. I'm obsessive compulsive, so I know I locked it and the back door too.

We moved out as soon as possible, and I never slept by myself in that place again.

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tasgea (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-08)
book_luver123, the bedrooms felt no safer than the rest of the duplex. None of us ever felt completely comfortable alone in any room of that place. Even while we were showering or using the toilet, we almost always left a door cracked open so we could call for each other if anything were to spook us. My sister is the only one that ever shut her bedroom door, but that's because she had a toddler sleeping in there with her and didn't want any noise to wake her up. Sometimes it felt like someone was in there while we were laying down, watching from a corner or something. It was a creepy place.
book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-08)
Wow That would be a horrible place to live. How did you feel in the bedroom?
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-07)
Tasqea--Sounds as though you three Missketeers had moved into a nest of ghosts. You all sound credible witnesses, and it's a relief to hear you got out of them fast, and unharmed. Sometimes curiosty really does kill the cat.
Points for you those three months did not quench your prudent interest in the paranormal. Looking forward to the tale of your second abode.

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