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When I was in sixth grade my family moved to a rental house in Sidney, Iowa it would have been early to mid 1980's. It was about 4 miles out of town on a blacktop road. The only thing that I can figure that might be significant is it was down the bluff from an old cemetery. Also, people say in the woods around the cemetery was an Indian burial ground - but we never could find anything. (But that probably doesn't play into this anyway.)

This was the first I remember my entire family actually talking about the possibility of ghosts and the fact that we all felt a little uneasy in the house.

We are a family of six (Mom, dad, 3 girls and a boy - all of us kids were born within a 5 year span.) We would hear voices in the house if we were there alone - nobody liked to be there alone. There never were harmful things that happened, it just seemed like we were getting teased. The most memorable event for me was when I was 12 years old. I had just got done babysitting for a cousin and she dropped me off at the house. It was a beautiful summer afternoon. I went in the house and it was quiet. I assumed my sisters were there so I hollered for them as I walked through the small house. No answer. I went to the kitchen and looked on the table for a note - that's where we always left any messages for each other - nothing there. I started to get spooked and decided to go outside. As I was walking over the threshold of the front door I heard my younger sister giggle from the basement then my older sister's voice said "Shhh! She'll find us." I was pretty excited and ran back into the house, through the kitchen, out into the garage and down the steps to the unfinished basement. I walked in and looked for my sisters. I was starting to get panicked and yelled in a pretty annoyed voice "Come on you guys this isn't funny!" There was no answer. I ran back upstairs and as I entered the kitchen I saw the note from them on the table saying they went to the city and they'd be back later. That scared the *bleep* out of me. I ran out of the house and sat out in the yard until I they returned.

When I told my sisters about it they agreed that is was spooky and kind of funny.

My older sister then told me about when she was home alone one morning (she was a junior in high school) frying an egg and the grease popped her. She yelled "Shit!" and someone said "That's not nice." She looked around and didn't see anyone so she ignored it and kept cooking. It popped her again and again she cursed. The voice said "Cussing is not nice, you shouldn't talk that way."

I know it sounds weird and it sounds like something a parent would say - but NOBODY was around. She said she finished and took her breakfast to go!

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gcecelie (1 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-24)
At least they are just joking around. Though its still not nice. They have an extreme upper hand.
BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-23)
That's CrEePy. Sounds like an intelligent haunting to me. Doesn't sound threatening though. You may have had a wandering family stop by. Sounds like a mom and her two kids were present.

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