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My House's Ghost


My family and I just moved out of a house I had lived in all my life, and for the past couple of years I believed that there was something in the house. My sister was the first one to notice anything strange, although I vaguely remember unexplainable happenings in the house from a long time ago and almost routinely but I was too young to think of it as worthy of note.

She complained about hearing the old chair in the upstairs guest room rocking back and forth at night. A lot of us considered that room to be the being's main living area, because of the freezing temperature of the room and the noises we could sometimes hear, and people with experience avoided the room completely. We shared the upstairs. Her room was directly next to the guest room and my room was on the other side of hers. The thing had a kind of residence there. We kept the door closed because it was disturbing to pass by and I had to do it every time I went to my room, but whenever you opened the door you would feel a surge of cold air. I didn't think this was the ghost passing through me or anything, I just think him being in there turned the place into a freezer.

For a time, my mother was using the guest room at night to sleep in, but she never had any encounters with the thing. I used to share her attitude and pick on my sister for thinking we had a ghost in the house, and I certainly wasn't scared often and hardly thought of the thing except for when I would hear weird noises or odd stuff would happen, but I didn't take those clues to heart until what I saw.

One night my mom came home late from work, around 1am, and came upstairs to go to sleep in the guest room. I heard her walk down the hall, open the guest room door, and turn on the light in there. As she entered her room/right after, I heard light footsteps coming to me from the hall, and continued hearing them walk right into my room. As the thing I was hearing got to my door, which was wide open, my cat, who had been staring at the open door after hearing the footsteps with me and who was sitting on my feet, got rigid and tense all of a sudden. The door was across the room from me to the right of my bed, where I was laying. My cat made a deep throaty hissing noise I had never heard him make, clearly very threatened, and his hair was standing on end, straight up, and his cat nails were digging into my sheets with a lot of force. I reached toward the cat to comfort it/comfort myself after what we had heard and the cat darted to the bathroom door and out of my room at my touch. After my cat was gone I had more time to process what had come in.

What I saw looked like a dark shade of black fog, but not thick fog and hardly noticeable in the air except for the outlines of movement as he walked. I could see most obviously around the top of his legs near his hips where his legs were clearly moving as he walked across my room, parallel to the end of my bed, to a corner where my closet was. I only saw the outline for probably 10 seconds, felt much longer, but it was long enough for my body to feel the full weight of what was in the room with me, and a huge alarm bell was going off in my head. I had no doubt that I had seen something, but I didn't have the bravery to even run to my mother a couple rooms away or shout out, probably because I knew they would not have believed me. Shock took over me and all I could do was clench my teeth and sit anxiously while I continued to hear small noises coming from that part of the room. I had the feeling he did not really want to be seen or acknowledged; he was simply trying to get out of his room after my mother had occupied his. Why I would be less intimidating or a better roommate for the thing I have no idea but he seemed to be scared of my mother as she never had an intense encounter.

Recently he hadn't made it as easy to ignore him, and was becoming more of a prominent presence in our house. My friends thought it was because we were moving (disturbed the house a lot, moving all the stuff into boxes), but he started to get more aggressive a while before we really started packing, like 2 months before. Another theory was that now that my sister was gone, the ghost had moved on to terrorizing me. My sister used to sometimes run into my room at night wanting to sleep with me because she thought there was something in her room, so maybe it was just that she had taken the brunt of the hauntings and I was just starting to feel his effects.

The main difference lately is that he has been almost TRYING to be seen, frequently. Just two days ago, the last night I slept in the house, I got home around 10pm and while I was downstairs I could hear loud, very clear footsteps coming from upstairs, walking around like he owned the place. I always try to shluff off that kind of thing, which I had had to hear a lot of toward the end, making it harder to ignore, because it only made me too scared to walk around my own house when I acknowledged what those footsteps meant. Anyway I ignored it and started to walk up the stairs, the whole time this growing fear in my belly as I felt like there was something close by in the living room at the top of the stairs. As I reached the top, I heard a weird type of slapping noise coming from the other side of our pool table. I heard the same noise twice, one right after the other, and it was loud and quick. It felt like he was trying to scare me off or to communicate to me that I wasn't wanted upstairs or something. In any case, the noise was clearly made for me to hear and was made as soon as I got to the top of the staircase. I didn't look over, now I kind of wish I had, but ran down the stairs and tried to sleep on the couch not wanting to disobey the thing.

A couple hours later as I was trying to sleep on the couch, I started to get scared all of a sudden, for no reason at all other than the ghost noise earlier that day. It was very strange, but I wasn't scared one second, and the next I was terrified and in defensive mode, adrenaline running through me. I didn't hear anything coming down the stairs or hear my animals freak out or anything, it was about midnight I think, but soon after I started to feel that panic, I heard breathing coming from what must have been a foot or so away from my face. The breathing was slow but deliberate, like he was trying to be loud on purpose. There was a high-pitched noise, very soft and almost pretty, along with the breathing, I could tell it wasn't a separate noise but part of it somehow but it made the breathing sound so alien. As soon as I started to hear the breathing, I was paralyzed again, and this time, it felt like there was something enveloping my body, didn't feel like he was touching me but he was sending some wave of feeling onto me because I could feel it on my back as I was lying there on my stomach. My whole body was repulsed and terrified each time I was around it, which scared me and made me think he is evil.

The first thing I thought of was my friend, who had described almost the exact same feeling AND SOUND to me after having a similar experience in my room only 2 days before. She said I was asleep when it happened. We were both in my bed in my room upstairs, and it was right next to her face when it happened to her, too. She experienced the same paralyzed feeling and heard the breathing with the same background tone to it, and couldn't even bring herself to say my name to wake me up. All of this happened with me sound asleep right next to her, creepy thinking what goes on while I sleep there at night.

Other creepy happenings: I have woken up to the sound of faucets running and had to go turn them off; while I was downstairs on computer, I have heard footsteps and other loud noises coming from above me (he is NOT SHY when no one is around and you can hear him in most his activity through our thin walls from downstairs, when he probably doesn't know we can hear him).

My sister had on many occasions had to come sleep with me in my room because of something she says was "sitting in the corner of her room" which I never believed until I had my own stories to tell; odd temperature changes in random rooms; a guy friend saw a dark black fog in human shape in the upstairs living room one night when he was crashing on my couch (I had never mentioned any of my house's creepy stuff to him even and he still tells me about this); when we'd have babysitters house-sit, they would complain to me about how creepy it was and that they ended up having to invite friends over because there was an inescapable fear in the house. Recently I can completely relate. It's as if, as soon as you're in the house, you have this feeling in your stomach like you're in danger. It has been easy to feel the presence.

The night after, so yesterday night, a night where I did not sleep in my house but instead stayed at a friend's out of a refusal to go upstairs after this happened, me and 3 friends saw something through the upstairs window, which looked into my sisters room from the front yard. We were in the front yard walking into the house and stopped as we saw a light go on upstairs even though no one was home. We looked in through the window and we saw what the light was; we could see in very well because it was dark outside. My sister had one of those closets that have the automatic light when you open it, and the light we saw through her window was showing because the door to her closet had been opened, she had a big, wide window with a bench facing the front yard. From the light coming out of the closet, we were able to see a clear silhouette in the room that was moving. It was the creepiest thing I have ever seen. We saw him walk in and out of the closet and near the doorway, hunched over, slowly like he had no idea of where he was even going as he paced, and seeming like he did not know he was being watched by us. Watching his movement scared me the most because you could tell from his walk that he was a HUGE CREEPER. I didn't have my glasses, and so my friends were freaking out a lot more than I was who could only really see a silhouette and the basic movement.

We sat there staring at him, freaking out, for a while. Eventually he saw us and for a time pressed himself against the window and it felt like he stared directly at us, and we could see his figure against the side of the window all too well because of the light coming from the closet. This confirmed that he WAS a black form, before it was only speculation because he had never been seen in the light. I would not have stayed there for even a second if it hadn't been for my guy friend who made me stay and watch. I never had stronger curiosity than fear about that kind of thing, and my sister's room is directly next to mine and had always scared me, almost more than the guest room, and so to have this fear so vividly confirmed was terrifying. That was my last and most recent encounter with it as I slept at a friend's that night and moved the next day (today).

However, my worry is whether or not he will accompany us to the new house.

The second time I went to see the NEW house (this was about a week ago); I was upstairs with my mom, sister, and my friend. We were standing discussing furniture and moving plans when the air conditioning thing (the thing you change out those sheets in with all the lint and dirt), suddenly started to open slowly and closed with a jerk. My sister, me, and my friend all saw it and freaked out immediately.

This scares me more than anything. I need to know if the ghost is going to follow us to this new house, or if there are completely new ghosts here, or if it's something else. This is my first night sleeping in the new house so I'm scared and wanted your opinion. It could not even be a ghost, although there is no doubt that there is something there, I really don't know anything about it.

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Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-24)
Just out of curiosity- you might try packing a laser pointer with you. These shadow folks don't seem to care for light.

If anything else the effects of shining a beam of coherent photons through one should give a few clues to it's makeup.
maryduffee (2 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-09)
thank all you for your comments
My new house feels safe I am not too worried anymore
For seregirl: no I had an encounter in Taos when we were staying with some friends in their house. I'll post a story about it haha.
And my friends that saw it, they said it was black, pretty solid looking, like if they had reached out to touch it they would have felt it, not a little fog like I would usually see. But it might still look like a fog because of the coloring, which was black. His head did seem bigger than normal so that is kind of like your story. He was hunched over, walked faster than made me comfortable to look at but it still would have been normal human pace walking I guess. No discernable mouth or anything. Although his eyes weren't white or sticking out, his head was facing us when we were staring at him and they said they oculd tell where his eyes were on his head. Where we were from my front yard though, looking into the second story window, it was hard to see much else
chicken (29 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-07)
You know, I don't think it was evil either. To me, it just seems like it was trying to annoy you just for it's own amusement. I know that if I could haunt someone that's what I'd do. I'd count the days to see how long I can drive each owner out. It would be like a little game to pass the eternity.😁 😁 😁
seregirl (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-07)
Wow, what a creepy story. I agree with other posts on here, if you feel uncomfortable/unsafe in the new house, ask someone to bless it for you. Are these the only experiences you've had with the paranormal?

I'm very curious what the figure that you saw through the window looked like to your friends, since you said you weren't wearing your glasses. Many years ago when I was a little girl living in Montana I had a similar experience to the one you had that night. I was lying in my bed late at night and I had a strange compelling urge to stare out my bedroom door and into the living room. Several minutes later, a strange dark silhouette walked in front of the living room window. It looked deformed and distorted. It had a bent back, crooked legs bent backwards, long skinny arms which it held bent at its sides, and a large misshapen head. I remember that even from its side I could tell it had a very wide grotesque mouth. It walked slowly and it was SO CREEPY since it's legs were bent the other way. Not making this up, and I know I didn't imagine or dream this. I once overheard my parents say that the previous owner had passed away inside the house. 😕

Wishing you all the best of luck!
Gman003 (2 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-07)
Wow that's a pretty crazy story. Got chills reading it haha.
I couldn't even imagine what I would do today if I knew my house was haunted. My childhood house was allegedly haunted but much like yourself I was too young to notice too much out of the ordinary.
But just looking into the house and seeing him moving around and such... That's cool. I probably wouldn't have been able to move because of the curiousity, but I would be scared as heck at the same time lol.
Kwazimoto (5 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-06)
In my opinion your entity will not follow you when you move. I say this because when your sister, who was 'his' primary target, moved out he did not follow her but instead switched his focus to you.

Also when you came home with your friends he was inside the house and when he noticed you he pressed himself up against the window and looked out at you, but he never came out.

To me this seems to indicate that he's bound to the house itself and cannot leave it, but this is just my opinion based on what you've told us.

Just in case, as Watersprite said, when you move into your new house get a holy person to come and say a blessing in it in accordance with your faith & beliefs.

I wish you all the best with your move.
Watersprite (3 stories) (85 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-06)
I'd immediately have someone come bless your new house. A lot of priests and ministers will do that for you, and you don't have to mention you think it's a ghost or whatever. My husband's a minister, and he always blesses our new homes. You can walk all around the inside of your house with sage or incense or sprinkle holy water around the corners of each room in the house. (You can get holy water from a Catholic church, if you're not Catholic.) Just say a prayer, asking God's light to protect your house and everyone inside it. You can do the same thing with your yard, and walk all around the edge of your yard. If you think something might get in your new bedroom, line the windowsills with a row of salt. You can also get brickdust from a New Age supply store, which has to be very fine powder from a handmade brick, and line it in front of your bedroom door - like in the film, "The Skeleton Key." You also could put a piece of iron (like a little fry pan or iron ashtray) under your bed and put a line of salt all around your bed. When you go to sleep at night, just say the same kind of prayer, asking God to protect you, and imagine a white light of love and peace surrounding you, your bed, your room, and your entire house.

Hope you don't mind all these suggestions. My husband is also a hereditary Hoodoo practitioner and a good Christian, and these methods always work for him and for people he's helped who have similar problems in their homes. Good luck and God bless you! 😊
sheba_buckley (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-06)
"HUGE CREEPER" LOL! That's funny! Cool story though. I don't think he was evil, just maybe annoyed, of others living in "his" house.

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