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Moving Before Sleep Paralysis?


These stories are from a while ago, I'd say... 7 years ago, I'm 25 years old now... And I just found this website, and just wanted to tell my stories to have different opinions... Are sleep paralysis scientific experiences or are they of demonic or just paranormal nature?

My first sleep paralysis happened during the middle of the night, I almost never had any trouble sleeping at that time, well, even now... The strange part about this story, is that my mother used to see ghosts and demons she also had a sixth sense for those things, she was really close to God and had many sorcerers in her family, grandfather, grand grandfather, etc; and that day, she told me she had seen a white ghostly figure in my brothers' bedroom, and when it saw my mother, it went quickly through the ceiling... And guess which room's above my brothers'...My room. I kind of believed in ghosts and stuff, but never thought I'd experience something of that nature ever in my life... But that night, it kind of changed. I went to bed and woke up between 2-3 am completely paralyzed. I tried to call my mother, but my voice was gone, my ears suddenly started buzzing and I gradually couldn't hear anything at all, and then my vision became gradually completely dark, so I started to pray and several seconds later I was able to move again, so I ran out of my room to go to my mother's and told her what had happened.

The next time it happened, about 1 year later, it was different. I had the famous sleep paralysis hallucination this time and totally freaked out... I went to bed in the afternoon, I was really tired. It was 3:00 pm, still sunny outside but getting dark since it was winter. I woke up and it was almost completely dark, around 4:45 pm, but still bright enough for me to notice how much time had passed since I went to bed. I have a lamp on the desk next to my bed that turns on when you touch the metal on it I normally touch it right away even before looking at it when I wake up. This time I extended my arm to touch the lamp, but I touched something else before getting to my lamp... There was someone, or something standing between me and my lamp. It was a tall human shape wearing a black cloak with a hood, a male since I touched its chest, I even remember the details of his cloak's fabric, the texture, the feeling of his body through the clothing... I turned my head to look since I was surprised and it was looking at me, it didn't have a face, all black. It leaned really really fast toward my face and some kind of force pushed me down on my bed, I was almost sitting and a second later I was pinned on the bed by something invisible, the cloaked entity didn't touch me, it was just leaning toward me and "looking" at my face. And while he moved his upper body and head toward me he made a really strange sound, some kind of ancient chant, no lyrics, just a weird chant with a low voice, with lots of variation in his voice, low-high, low-high. Then I was paralyzed, I tried to scream but couldn't, my ears were buzzing again then I became depth, and same thing like the first time happened with my vision, gradually going blind, all dark. I tried to not panic and started praying and 2 seconds later I could move again and ran out of my bed to the kitchen and then again, told what had happened to my mother. It all happened so fast, from the moment I touched "it" until I was able to move again...I'd say 6 seconds.

After that, I never experienced sleep paralysis again... But I've been reading about it recently because when it happened to me, I didn't even know this existed, I've known a few persons to whom it had happened, so I made some research on it. From what I've been reading, no one actually gets to move before it happens, you wake up paralyzed... But the second time it happened to me, I was able to move to try to turn my lamp on; I was actually almost sitting on my bed... So I really don't get it.

What do you all think about it...? Was it something physical and that can be explained scientifically... Or was it something else, something evil...?

Thanks! And sorry for the bad English, French is my first language.

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greenpondmike (1 stories) (82 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-09)
Hi Celess19, it seems to me that the whole sleep paralysis theory has just been blown through the roof because that particular being wasn't careful to follow the "normal" way of doing things.I'm not saying that there isn't a medical issue to some sleep paralysis cases--but what if there isn't? As to finding out what this being wants--if a physical human came a-knocking on your door wearing that (what devil worshippers and people in the occult wear), would you let them in and ask what they want or would you go and get your pistol and have it near you while calling the police (if they were persistant and wouldn't leave)? Yes, speak to this being to rebuke it in the name of JESUS. DO NOT ask what it wants--the nature of it's appearence should tell you that. You don't play with those beings because just as there are people out there who would hi-jack your pc, the devil and his demons and the people who serve them would like to see your soul hi-jacked.As for the chanting, seems to be something that the druids and celts would do during a ceremony--seeing that it was in another language. There is a battle between good and evil in this world and we are not only caught in the middle--your souls ARE the focal point of that battle. The battle has already been won in CHRIST, but you won't be a part of that victory until you personally receive HIM. After that, your soul is secure but you have to guard your testamony. I read in one of the comments on another story that anything will work on spirits if you have faith in it. Be assured that if you put your faith in anything or anyone but CHRIST--even yourself, that faith is in vain. If faith in anything else seems to work it because the devil pulled a shuck-and -jive on you and the focal point of the whole experience was to deceive you to put your faith in something else. The devil is a great deceiver and he will have his helpers to leave when you try other ways instead of "THE WAY" in order to cause you to put your faith somewhere else.Don't be fooled, only JESUS IS LORD and there is no other name out there by which we must be saved! Best wishes to you and yours.
Gman003 (2 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-07)
hey I read the whole part about your vision going dark and hearing gone and such and I have to say I have experienced that on two occassions now... But the difference was the first time was while I was at school in gr 9, and the 2nd time was sitting in the xray waiting room of my hospital a couple years ago.
My vision went all blurry then black, and my hearing sounded like I was underwater, then just a buzz.
I don't know could be something different, but it's because it happened at a hospital is why I brought it up. Too many deaths in a place like that so who knows it could have been something paranormal.
Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-06)
I believe that since you touched the being on accident before the sleep paralysis it made the spirit able to paralyze you. It's like touching a outlet when your hands are wet. You're basically allowing the energy to come to you as you're not prepared, you're drowsy and relaxed. Whatever the figure was didn't seem evil, maybe curious? Hopefully you won't have another experience with sleep paralysis. Thanks for sharing!

Spidey_fan (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-06)
I have experienced some kind of sleeping paralysis. I have also experienced it while WIDE AWAKE and other bizzare things so I know where your coming from. Have a look at my stories if you want.

I think it was something else you were experiencing but I believe in this stuff so I would say that. Many scientists believe the paranormal is a possibility though. The 2nd experience was more than likely something else but since this thing hasn't hurt you maybe you should try and communicate with it, even just with your mind. It might just want some help or attention.

So open up some more and try and see where it gets you. However one of my friends said she had dreams of a shadow figure with red eyes saying things in a strange ancient language a few times to her and there was a buzzing in her head. But I don't know if it's just simply wanting attention or something else? All you can do is try and figure out what it wants!

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