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My 1920's Home


I have been renting this really cool 1920's house for 7 years now. It is a cute little Spanish style two bedroom with one bath, a kitchen nook and an enclosed laundry room. Original hardwood floors and door knobs etc... I have experienced a few things since I have been here but more so this past couple of years. Not the same things every time, some of these things happen as only one happening up to three or more happening at the same time.

I have just recently been really noticing these things happening more frequently. I have extreme cold spots that appear, I have smelt a strange perfume that isn't mine, I have smelt a bad burning smell one like gas and one like oil, I have had the feeling of being watched and loomed over. I have felt my bed jolt like someone kicked it as they walked by, felt someone sit slightly down at the foot of the bed like they were about to sit and barely did then got up for a second then sat down again normally.

We hear knocks, bumps and shuffling and our TV and computer turn on by them selves. I see dark shadow figures in my hallway at night, things have come off the wall without explanation. I have seen faces in two different windows on the curtains, the window in my living room is long and is the size of half a door and opens like one and it looks like someone is standing hiding behind the curtains, and doors open by themselves.

All of these things I will tell about in separate stories so they aren't a years worth in one long story.

The first one I will post is "My Lucy Things" which is by far the most unexplained and biggest thing that happened and my son was there to see as well. I am just starting to research the history of my home in hopes to find out who may be lingering here.

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