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I have mentioned in my first post I would tell you about this unexplainable incident that occurred in my 1920's home and my son saw it happen as well.

I have this cute little wire coat/hat rack that hangs from my wall in the entryway. I have a wall that my big china hutch is against and a small shelved cupboard next to it and above that is the hat rack. That has some vintage fur stoles and a pair of vintage shoes 40's era, an antique umbrella and a vintage hat, purse and hankie, and some pins, pearls and clip on earrings displayed. I call them my Lucy things because I wore them as I was Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy for Halloween back in the past.

I was in the kitchen, the doorway to the kitchen goes through the wall these things are displayed. The umbrella is made of sterling silver with rhinestones at the end of the handle and the top is a very long point. Well the way I have it propped is the base is diagonally down against the side if the hutch and the tip pointed up towards the top of the doorway that goes in the kitchen. These things are about a foot away from the doorway. I was coming out of the kitchen when the hat flew as if being thrown off the hat rack and landed about three feet in front of the rack (too far away I think if it had just dropped down I was thrown) on the floor and the pair of shoes flew at me landing in the kitchen on the floor (not ricocheting off the door frame either which might make them go around the corner per say) and the umbrella shot down at me like a spear being chucked at me. All these items fell at the same time but the way they fell and why and how is not reasonable.

It was like more than one person threw them like each item thrown by a different person but all at the same time. The shoes actually went into the kitchen doorway so it means they went around a corner in order to get in. The umbrella doesn't make sense how it had fallen the heavy end is pointed down and lowest positioned so it was like someone had had to have picked it up lifted it to chuck it at me and it was hard! It scared me!

My son was coming out of the living room which is connected to this entry room and he saw it happen as I walked from the kitchen door into the entry room. I put everything back and we tried to debunk it and threw a pair of wadded up socks as if we pitched it and it didn't disturb the items, we shook them and nothing even some much as quivered, we slammed the laundry room door which is behind that wall nothing, we can't figure it out! Just really weird very cool to have experienced!

So how can it be possible for the shoe to land into the kitchen instead of in front of the doorway how did they get in the door?! I don't know but a friend had joked and said maybe Lucy is mad!

I later found out a couple with the last of Ball used to live her in 1925 but don't know anymore on that yet, but thought hmmm weird that's Lucy's last name not that I think they are her family but still just kind of a funny odd thought!

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Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-27)
I absolutely love that you have a place for Lucy in your home. I did her on Halloween years ago as well. I tried to get the Vitameatavegamin commercial memorized all the way through, but it was so funny that I never did make it all the way to the end because I kept laughing.


Now off to the next installment...

Jav 😆
kymba (6 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-18)
Hi can anyone tell me how I can upload a couple pix on this story? Thank you!
kymba (6 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-23)
hi everyone! Hope your days good mine is. No Iam not scared of any of these activies Iam just inetersted and excited I get to expericne these odd things! Yea I have thought about if I let us bug us and scare us it might go farther and maybe hurt us since what ever is here is able to throw objects! Sure wouldn't want anything hittig me or my kids in the head! But yes very cool and yes kind of creepy it makes us wonder!
rosered316 (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-22)
That's weird, definitely a ghost in your house. You might not want to get scared or it will try and scare you more.
shandi (9 stories) (86 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-22)
How odd, I really enjoyed your story thanks for posting it. I have had similar unexplainable experiences with objects being thrown.

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