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My 1920's Home 2


My 1920's house I am sure make the normal settling sounds and creaks and such, but these sound like a person is moving things around in the cupboards in the kitchen. Bumps and knocks like they are busy.

I was in my son's room with him and a couple of our friends and we all heard a strange noise like a person was getting into something in the kitchen. So we got up to look and nothing. My daughter was in the living room on the computer when the noise happened again as we saw her sitting at the computer unaware of what we heard or what we were doing. Then we went into the area a little closer and still nothing or no one. Then we heard a sharp bang and bumps in my son's room. So we went into the hallway, and as we were going down it into the room, we all froze in our tracks as an icy cold blast came upon us and then heard the kitchen noises again.

The cold spot came over us we all got goose bumps and a heavy feeling surrounding us. It was like the cold spot rushed in from the kitchen to go into the hallway then to the bedroom. This was just a month or so ago and it has been fairly warm like 75degrees in the house and 85 outside. It got cold like an icy wind. Very strange!

The same friends were here and witnessed a plastic new listing sign my son has tacked to his door fall with out explanation and none of us were near it. That weekend my son wasn't here when the sign fell and the friends had been over yet again. We told my son about his sign falling without reason so we checked it out. We shook the door open and closed it really fast. We bumped it and hit the sign; the sign were securely on the door. It was then within the hour as we all sat in his room watching some YouTube the sign came off by itself! So it was as if it were proving us to my son saying look I am falling by myself again after you secured me!

I am wondering since it fell off twice now if it is trying to tell me something New Listing.

Does it mean the house will be a new listing we have to move soon or what?!

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