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The Shadow Entity


My first experience with this entity was when I was young, maybe around 5-6yrs old and this is the most substantial of experiences because it was like sleep paralysis but I was standing up...

I was in my father's kitchen and I remember he and my little brother were playing; my dad was trying to teach him how to ride a tricycle. I was walking opposite of them heading toward the back of the kitchen, I remember when I got to the centre of the room I was suddenly unable to move any further, I got very cold and couldn't move anything. I turned my eyes toward the bathroom which was off the kitchen to the right of me, it was pitch black in there and then something started walking out, it was humanoid in build but was covered in brownish/black hair, had tall ears, it was tall in stature too and kind of hunched over. It walked straight and in a slow gate, it walked until it was dead ahead of me and stopped and then just starred at me. I couldn't quite make out a face I just knew it was starring at me. A very intense feeling of dread, fear and cold came over me, it never made an attempt to hurt me physically but it seemed to be the source of these sudden feelings and I did feel malicious intent subconsciously.

I tried to speak to get my fathers and brothers attention but was unable to speak, they were literally a few feet behind me but it seemed as if for the moment I wasn't existing in our normal plane of existence and they couldn't see or understand what was going on. After what seemed like a few minutes something caused me to flinch my finger toward the wall behind the thing. After seeing me do this the thing started turning in a fearful slow like manner; my father had a picture of Jesus knocking on the door to the heart under a light directly behind where this thing was, after completely turning and seeing the picture it turned into a black smoke/vapour and disappeared through the wall.

From that time on I get vibes off of dark rooms, like something is watching me and closets seem to be a very strong spot for it to dwell, I see shadows moving out of the corner of my eyes and at night if I'm laying down with my lights off a black vapour dances in the corner of my room, I've tried ignoring it and go to sleep only to awaken paralyzed and unable to speak and during these moments it will materialize into a figure of a man and stand there starring at me and causing such a fear I feel like I might have a stroke. When the paralysis breaks it disappears, I keep the light on now but it does no good to get rid of the feeling of its presence. I guess you can call it sleep paralysis but this thing haunts me even when I'm not sleeping and I believe it uses sleep paralysis as a way to attack me. I think it wants me dead to be honest.

Talking about it and thinking about it is difficult because I start to feel very nervous and cold and get the feeling like its right behind me. I feel an internal conflict like the thing is trying to take over my soul, anxiety has gotten very bad and I'm always nervous to do anything, when I tell it in the name of Jesus to leave me alone it seems to intensify the feelings it projects onto me.

I have no idea what this thing is, people I've talked to about it seem to think it's either a malicious spirit or demon. I believe it may be a demon due to the fact it gets angry at the sound of Jesus and fearful of his image.

All of this isn't bound to one location either, I've lived in many towns throughout new York and south Carolina and still experience these things, it seems as if things are fine for awhile after moving into a new place but after awhile it comes back, like it's after me, negativity amongst the family increases as well when it comes back, I feel defeated and I can't go on with a normal life, I feel cold hearted a lot. I have a hard time feeling love for anything and I'm slowly losing my ambition to do anything and my health is diminishing, I know whatever this entity is it's definitely at the heart of it all.

Can anyone please shed some light on just what I may be experiencing?

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physicemotions (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-10)
okay frst of anything i;m only 12 years old but, I know what your going through only I don't believen jesus or god or anything like that so it's worse for me. You are right it is the cause of those things, but you should probaly know that thisthing will do anything to take over you. BTW don't get your family mixed up in any pf this or thy'll get hurt ask my she knows or should I say Stacyloves. 😐
cyreenie (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-09)
and do not ever ask it what it wants because it will see it as an opportunity to get it from you. It does not want candy or your hair brush it is there for a reason! Never ask it things. Never let it in. Don't tell it you are not afraid of it. Don't say anything like that. Its a huge mistake.
cyreenie (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-09)
i am a tiny blonde 19 and I have had something like this happen. I don't think its my house. And you said you have lived different places, so it could be a family curse or something. I had a giant black figure stand above my bed, I woke up in a cold sweat, feeling the most awful feeling you could imagine. Like your black inside. No happiness. Just horrible. It looked at me and scared me stiff. I couldn't move. I broke out of it somehow ran and turned the light on, I literally felt it leave.
I still sleep with the light on, every night, but also feel it is there or watching me. I have night mares. I'm constantly sick. Always. Ugh. I never want to leave the house. I feel depressed and alone. I see black shadows at the corner of my eye. I will walk in the family room when its dark and get the worst feeling ever and run back into my room because you just should not go in there. I won't be in the dark in my house.
I have demonic dreams a lot. Horrible images that feel real. I have been slightly possessed in my sleep and didn't even know it, like I was awake for hours just sitting on my bed but I thought I was asleep until my mom came in my room and asked what I was doing and it was like I woke up, even though I was sitting up. I have had things touch the back of my head, not bad though, just like they are playing around. People that come to my house see shadows of people all the time. People hear voices calling there name in my house (I have not had this happen) I hear things before I fall asleep. Like people talking in my head. I'm not asleep or awake but its annoying. I feel like I can't look at a dark spot without getting freaked out. I have had glass break in my face and somehow didn't cut my skin. (broke out of no where). There is occasional knocking around the house. People have had hot burning feeling hands grab them. Lights turn on and off all the time, things get moved around, light bulbs are somehow unscrewed,
I don't know what all that means but I am guessing my house is freaking haunted or something.
IF THIS IS YOUR SITUATION, I can only try to help by telling you the only thing that has extremely slowed it down is praying every night, and believing in god. I never used to, but when that stuff started happening I figured it couldn't hurt to start believing and its worked so far. I only get bad feelings sometimes now. And I feel protected sometimes. So that's my only advice because nothing else has ever worked...

And don't say Jesus out loud. Especially if it makes it worse. Just say quietly to yourself "i am gods child he loves me and will protect me. No matter what you do god will love me and be right here with me." and just beg god to please protect you and watch after you every night.
That's my advice. Because it worked for me
I wish you the best of luck. I hope I helped a little.
helper94 (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-06)
ok first I want you to tell me a few things.
1 have you ever used an ouiji board?
2 did anyone close to you pass away when they first started?
3 have you heard knocking on walls or doors?
4 did it try to talk to you but just said nothing?
5 does it still happen?

I think I may know what it is and also you may want to hear what I have to say email me at dolby94 [at] and I can tell you what I have to say and what ever you may need to tell me.
MeganNZ (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-05)
Hi There

I just wanted to say that your story was one of the most petrifying things I have ever read, it is basically my worst nightmare that you are going through.

I don't have any advice to give, but I truely hope you find it from other readers.

I wish you the best of luck ❤

Take care, Megan
Mikey01 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-05)
Thanks for the support guys, over the past few days or so I've been researching this phenomena know as "shadow people" and stories from multiple people are very synonymous with what I've encountered. The problem originated at my fathers where, strangely enough, others have seen things too. My dad and friend Clinton both saw what they called a "shadow phantom" and saw it in broad daylight. They said it walked from the driveway into the hill next to it and at that point it continued on until it passed through a run down mobile home that's on my fathers property. What's weird is they said it didn't walk up and over the hill, it simply walked into it and continued on and all they could see at that point was the torso up. They described it as a black vapor.

Another incident was when my friend Christian came over and we were sitting outside, I went inside to grab a drink when I came back out he was petrified, he claimed he was sitting on the bumper of my dads car (Which coincidentally was parked where the other two had seen the phantom) when a shadowy figure ran through him up toward where my dad and other friends had seen it go, he said when it passed through him he felt extremely cold. My mom and father said that before I was born and had first gotten the house they would hear a random knocking sound from the attic, one day going to investigate it they found an old loom which had a cabinet. After opening the cabinet which had nothing in it the knocking stopped but weird things such as lights going off when they knew they had been on started happening, it's also when my mom said my father started to get more violent and negative, which has been a reoccurring vibe in that house... Growing up we would all fight each other for what seemed like no reason and we were always forced to move with our mom when she got fed up with my dad. In our new houses things seemed very peaceful for awhile, maybe like a month or two then I would start noticing unusual shadows out of the corner of my eyes and like at my fathers house, negativity would increase and these visits from the shadow man would happen he normally takes on the form of just a regular man with no facial features or clothing, just a figure and it always happens in this sleep paralysis state; he'll just stand there and stare...

Although there is one time where it took on a different form and appeared in the light, So when I was 16yrs old, living in a house here in South Carolina my little nephew brandon would come over for the weekend to hangout and play halo 2. One night he was spending the night so I set up a make shift bed on the floor for him... He went to sleep then I turned off the tv and game and went to bed myself. Fell asleep like normal, but I awoke to the sound of soft footsteps from the other side of my couch and thought immediately it was my nephew trying to sneak onto the video game. Within seconds I looked over toward my nephew sleeping and I noticed a small cloaked figure emerging from the other side of the couch with a knife in it's hand heading toward my nephew. I immediately tried to get up and yell but couldn't move or speak at all, I felt the adrenaline building very strong but couldn't move, the entity turned and looked at me and it was my nephew, like an evil clone of him, because my nephew was still there sleeping. The entity stood over my nephew and raised the knife then held it's position and starred and smirked at me. I remember subconsciously I was like "When I Get Up I'm Going To Kill You!" My adrenaline was building and building, finally the hold just snapped and I literally flew up off my bed and was in a standing position, all at once everything ended and the thing simply vanished. I woke my nephew up to see if he was fine and he was, I still haven't told him about it because I know it would flip him out, I knew it was this thing though.

The most recent encounter is what made me go out and start doing research, 2 days ago I was laying down going to sleep and decided to try and be brave and turned the light off, it was daylight but my windows are covered for privacy and the room is dark, not pitch black just dark so as I'm observing things I notice a cloud of black vapor dancing in the furthest corner of the room, what was weird was the fact sunlight was coming through the crack in my door and this vapor existed over the light, it wasn't being projecting. I figured my mind was playing tricks on me and ignored it, I slipped into a deep sleep very quickly (on my side), I awoke moments later and as I'm awakening (on my back) I feel the paralysis come over me and the vapor in the corner starts to materialize into this entity and starts approaching me, I tried to call my mom at first and couldn't speak, I shouted again and got a little of it out, the thrid time I was able to shout. After my mom acknowledged me shouting it turned back into a vapor and disappeared and the paralysis broke. When my mom arrived she turned on the light and was concerned because she thought I was suffocating, because she heard me try to yell the second time.

I always got vibes off of dark rooms and places and I'm actually not completely afraid of the dark, it's just that I would get these random vibes like "it's there, don't go in there" at certain places, usually dark places of great negativity.

My mom and others are starting to believe that my soul holds some significant importance, I've been a baptist and believer all my life but over the years my religion has been shaken and I'm spiritually weak, I've never been baptized either and I'm going to start going to church this Sunday, I gotta find one nearby but it shouldn't be a problem. Years ago I went to a church and noticed some of the deacons doing some rather un-christian like behavior, goofing on fellow less fortunate members outside of church. I got the mentality that church had become nothing more then a social status tool that people manipulated to boost their image as a "good person", but after some of the folks I've talked to where I live I believe these people are more authentic and that I I'll probably be comfortable going back to church.

Today I went around my room and sprinkled salt around the edges of my room and hung pictures of Jesus, I even went as far as to engrave a cross into the wall next to the corner where I had seen the entity, my room is a lot more peaceful now, but I know not to be deceived and let my guard down.
Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-05)
Hi Mikey01. Let me start of by saying that this must be the most terrifying thing to experience. I have a friend who is going through something similar, and your comment about the closet jogged my memory. I will post it when I have time and you may find some comfort in reading it. It is just too much to write in a comment, so I will try to get it up here quick if you would like to read it. That said, let's try to help you with your haunt.

First of all, do you have a strong faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ? If you are just throwing those words at a demon but are unsure about the truth of them, the demon will be unphased, they will pick up on your lack of belief and feed off of that more. Once you have been chosen and are pursued by a demon, you really have to be adamant to get rid of it.

Next, have you talked with any of your family about these experiences? The reason I ask is maybe they have seen something also? But you really need to have some support within your household or close circle of loved ones who can be there for you to project loving feelings toward you.

You might want to try asking it what it wants from you. I'm not sure if this is exactly what to do, but my friend did this and hasn't had the experiences in some time now. He said as terrified as he was, he mustered up all of his courage and said to it, "Okay I see you there and I don't mean you any harm, now what do you want from me?" He said it was gone after that and he could feel it gone.

My faith is Catholic and I have a strong belief in our Lord Jesus Christ, but I know not everyone does. Some people have other faith systems that are just as strong and can be of just as much help I believe. Of course I truly believe that Jesus is the light and the way, but I'm sure there are other things that can work for you. I still hold some belief of the cleansing powers of sage and lavender as Surya has spoken of. Also, physically cleaning your house and getting rid of any gunk can really help. I mean you need to scrub like never before and rid the home of any and all dirt or muck. Then you can go about with burning sage, or if your faith is strong, a crucifix or bible and saying a prayer out loud throughout the home. You can start with an area that is farthest from where you feel it is the strongest, and ask angels and protective spirits to be by your side. Ask for Jesus, Joseph, and Mary to project light and be by your side. Mikey01, I know this is very terrifying for you, but you have to be strong to get rid of this thing, and believe me, you NEED to get rid of it. Send it back to hell where it belongs. Get friends to help if you want. Corner that thing in the closet and then go blast it out! NEVER stop until it is gone. You are a strong person, remember you are a child of the light! Jesus will answer for you and be by you and help you with anything as long as you don't deny Him! I wish you the best of luck and will sincerely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please don't give up, try to take your life back and never stop until you have done that! BE STRONG!

Don't forget there are other people that can help with this like demonologists and of course a Catholic Priest too.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-05)
Hi Mikey01

I have read your story about three times believe it or not. I keep going back to your first encounter, "I turned my eyes toward the bathroom which was off the kitchen to the right of me, it was pitch black in there and then something started walking out, it was humanoid in build but was covered in brownish/black hair, had tall ears, it was tall in stature too and kind of hunched over".

A few questions, were you afraid of the dark before this encounter?

Did something happened to you when you were little in the dark?

I ask these questions as I do believe that if we go through something terrible when we are young, it follows us until we deal with that fear.

You say you feel this thing is very angry and wants to kill you, what gives you that impression, have you thought that it is your fear that is making you think and feel this!

May I suggest a few things, first if you do not already do so, sleep on your side, not on your back. Have you cleansed your place? If not do so, burn some lavender at night before you go to bed, it will relax you and clear away any negativity. Get yourself a night light and keep it on, put on the radio listen to music while you are trying to get to sleep.

I do know it will be hard for you to quieten your mind but try to overcome the fear this entity has put in you. If you get flashes in your mind, replace them with what makes you happy. I can say this as I am going through something a similar to you.

One thing that has worked for me is burning sandalwood, after I have cleaned up, burn it throughout the house ridding "YOUR HOME" of unwanted energies.

It is a start. Please do try the lavender to aid you with some sleep as the lack of sleep will take a toll on your everyday life.


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