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Shadow Dog With Red Eyes


My whole life I've loved scary movies and I have a brother a few years older than me, so its safe to say I was watching them at WAY too young an age. Combined with the fact that I had a very over active imagination, I was scared of everything. The grudge was hiding in my closet, the clown from IT was in the shower drain, Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street was hiding under my bed, etc. As an adult, I've been able to write off most of my more unusual experiences and memories as simply a child getting worked up over shadows. However, there's one memory in particular that I cannot for the life of me explain away.

It's my earliest memory. I had to have been about two years old. I was young enough that I still slept in the crib in my upstairs nursery, with my parents a couple rooms down the hall from me. To clarify, I was too young to have really seen any scary media and my mother was quite protective of me with those things until I was a few years older. I wasn't the best sleeper, and I'd frequently wake up during the night. I remember being uncomfortable alone at night in that room. I assume that's true for most babies? Not scared necessarily, just...uncomfortable.

When I woke up this night, I remember tossing and turning, playing with blankie and overall just hanging out. All of a sudden I looked over through the bars of my crib and I distinctly, vividly remember a pitch black shape with glowing, deep red eyes. It stared directly at me and I remember feeling the breath on me. I screamed. Cried. My Dad came in and picked me up, carried me to the hall and calmed me down by pointing at all the different parts of a painting hung in that upstairs hallway. I remember counting the apples in the tree with him as he comforted me. When I tell people my earliest memory, its just of my Dad coming in and taking me out to that painting to comfort me. I don't mention the pitch black shape staring at me through the bars on my crib. To be honest, I've tried to write it off for a long time as a dream.

I got to thinking about it recently though. I was only a couple years old. I didn't know what scary stories were, I didn't understand the concept of death or ghosts or demons. I was pretty voraciously sheltered until I was about 5 or 6, and then my brother started in with the scary movies. Is it normal for babies to dream of things like that? I know there's the old internet 'fact' about only being able to dream of faces you've seen before, not being able to create new faces. I don't know if that's actually true, or if it even applies to shadow creatures, but I know I wouldn't have seen anything like that as a child. So I either conjured it in my imagination, or maybe it was something real?

In the above section I only wanted to include what I distinctly remember. But there are more things from that night that I believe happened, they just are a bit more fuzzy. I clearly remember the glowing red eyes and pitch black shape. There were two windows on the opposite wall and I vividly remember the moonlight streaming in through them, before one window - the one on the right - was mostly occluded by the black mass. The fuzzy part is that I remember thinking that it was like a dog, but I don't remember if it was the shape of a dog, or just a black mass at about large dog height. I also think I remember it making a low growling sound, but that could just be my imagination.

That nursery was remodeled into a guest room when we got older, and after I moved out for college, that became the room I stay in any time I visit. To this day, I cannot sleep in that room without a light on. I'm still uncomfortable in there and my anxiety spikes at night if I have to sleep there.

I've looked into Black Dogs, demon dogs and Death Omens, but I don't believe that anything happened around that time? My grandpa would have lived another year or so and he's the only one that passed when I was a kid. No major life changes either.

Has anyone heard of anything like this? Not necessarily a Black Dog in a demon dog sense, but something similar? Possibly a different shadow creature with glowing red eyes? Or does anyone know if this just sounds like normal baby imagination?

Please let me know! Thank you!

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Dbeautiful (1 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-06-28)
I was around 14 or 15 years old when I experience this weird phenomenon. We stayed in a three bedroom home. My sister's and I shared a room, My brothers room was to the left of our room and the bathroom was straight across from the girls room. If you walk out of the girls room to the right that was the living room and kitchen area. One night me and my mom was in the girls room trying to help me with a school project. I can't give details on what the conversation was in the room with me and my mom but I know once we were done she left out to get the final item from her room so she walked out of the room to the right. 5 seconds later I decided to go to the bathroom but before I could even get out my room, A Huge big shadow dog with white teeth and red eyes came from out of my brothers room from the left straight towards me leaping in the air at me, I put my hand up and screamed when I looked back it was gone! When my mom came back in I told her she wasn't going to believe me when I told her what just happened to me and why she heard me scream. The crazy thing is I never seen it again. It was a black dog but the back half was more shadow, It had red eyes, sharp white teeth! No one I knew of died around that time. Now that I am 38 years old I wonder why I even seen that animal? Why was it coming out of my brother room? Was it a spirit that attached to me? I only told my mom this story! Now I am searching for answers and meanings of what it could have been
Rajine (14 stories) (835 posts)
2 years ago (2022-11-06)
Hi ketchup65625

I think that the reason why you remember this particular incident after so many years is because you were probably in danger from a malevolent entity, I believe that the things we remember throughout our lives are for a reason, the other unimportant stuff gets lost in time, and the fact that you still remember is also your minds way of protecting you from anything, even now that you are an adult and still feel uneasy being in the room where you had your experience when you were 2 years old.

I'm not sure about the glowing eyes, but I do remember a incident that my mother had told me that happened to her father when he was younger about seeing a ghost dog, but it was white in color and was climbing a tree, maybe when I am ready to submit more stories I'll write in length about it and some of my grandfather's other experiences.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
2 years ago (2022-11-05)
Hello ketchup65625, interesting story, thanks for sharing.

Whatever you encountered that night, if it made that kind of imprint on your memory, then it was something out of the ordinary. I myself don't really have many early memories, especially at that age, but our minds are capable of imprinting strong memories of anything it considers traumatic and has a tendency of replaying said events if it cannot truly comprehend what happened or is unable resolve it.

If you never encountered anything like it again, especially in that room, then it most likely was some kind of visitor. It didn't harm you (other than scaring you) and from what I can pluck from your tale, seems to have just been observing you. People often think that if it's a dark shadow and has glowing red eyes, then it must be evil, and we don't necessarily know if that's true. The shadow appearance could be because it was dark in your room and as for the eyes, it could be natural for whatever this being/entity was.

As for remembering faces in dreams and what babies dream and imagine, there are lots of things happening while we dream. Many say our souls and spirits wander free (astral travel) while we we sleep and what the soul/spirit sees are interpreted by the mind as dreams. If that's the case you could easily see faces that you may have never seen in waking reality, including relatives that may have passed on before you were born. It depends on what your beliefs are, what you are open to and how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. There is so much we don't understand about what we term reality, and logic is a tool used for dealing with only a small part of reality or more specifically what we perceive readily with our 5 senses and label reality.

My feeling is that whatever it was you encountered that night, was not out to get you or harm you, it was observing or watching for whatever reason, maybe for nothing more than plain old fashioned curiosity. Maybe it had never encountered someone so young, like a small child before. Children can also more readily access and see the spirit world, than an adult seems able. I think we get told it's 'our imagination' so much we start to believe it. If whatever this being/entity was had more ill intent, you would have seen or sensed it a lot more than the single encounter. Hopefully this helps, good luck!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3165 posts)
2 years ago (2022-11-04)
Welcome to YGS.

Hi ketchup.

In my opinion, a "normal baby imagination" wouldn't make such a lasting impact in the memory of such a young child.

It's hard to say if what you saw was the reflection of the lights of a passing car and your childish imagination tried to understand and explain it with the limited resources of your age, or if something else was in your room. Let's keep in mind that children are not yet programed into questioning the paranormal.

"there's the old internet 'fact' about only being able to dream of faces you've seen before, not being able to create new faces."

In own experience, this is not necessarily true, because I have seen people in my dreams only to meet them later in real life.

Although you are asking for "Possibly a different shadow creature with glowing red eyes", and just as a side note, one of my uncles used to talk about waking up and seen a hairy hand trying to touch him when he was a baby, he would cry until his mother (my Grandmother) would come to his side and the hand would disappear.
This happened in the early 1930's so, definitely, no TV shows to blame.
So, who knows? Perhaps there are some entities that enjoy showing themselves to little kids?

Did you or any of your family members ever experience anything unusual in that particular room or in the house in general?

It's hard to tell fi the discomfort you still feel when using that room is a consequence of what you remember, or if something may be lurking in there.
Perhaps you could perform a blessing or cleansing of the room according to your personal beliefs with the intention of removing any negative energy that might be present in there.

Thanks for sharing.

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