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What Is This Entity?


My name is Brooke, this story isn't mine, it is my dad's story, however my dad is a psychic medium and doesn't lie when it comes to things like this. This story involves my dad who we are going to just call John (not his real name for privacy reasons) and three women who I'm going to call Linda, Janet and Marie (again not their real names).

John, my dad, is the Chairman of a theater Committee and has been for the past four years. We recently started a youth theater school within the theater which Linda is the principal of, Janet is the support coach for and Marie is the dance choreographer for. We've all known that our theater is haunted for a long time and every member of the committee has their own ghost story, including me, and this one in particular is the most recent and by far the worst.

John, Linda, Marie and Janet were all in the theater's bar having a meeting about the youth theater. They were talking when suddenly, Linda and Janet heard two solid bangs coming from the auditorium which nobody was in since it was only them four in the building at the time. They turned to John and Marie and said "Did you guys hear that?"

To which my dad and Marie said "No what was it?" And Linda and Janet told John and Marie what they had heard. Just after they told the other two what had happened, all that was heard next from the auditorium was "BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!" continuously for about two minutes straight. At this point everyone had heard it and was freaking out. My dad said "I know that noise, that's the noise that the chairs make as if someone is folding them upwards really forcefully (our theater's chairs are your average fold-up theater chairs.).

My dad then said "I'll go and try and replicate the sound of it and we can see if it is that". So my dad went to the auditorium and as he opened the door he just heard this whisper-like "fwwoooooossshhh" as this gust of freezing cold air hit him. He said it was cold like he's never felt before. Deathly cold. It was then, this "man" came charging up to him. John told me that this "man" clearly wasn't a human, but instead something trying to appear as a human. He said this man was about 7 or even 8 foot tall, and apparently it walked weird, like as if it had more than one pair of legs but was trying to hide it to appear like it only had 2 pairs of legs. My dad couldn't see any features on it because apparently it was like a black silhouette. As this thing came sprinting up to him, apparently it screeched in this distorted, hellish voice "GET THEM OUT!". To which my dad slammed the door in pure fear.

Now like I said, my dad is a psychic medium and has been for about 15 years. He said he's never been scared before of anything, but this was something else and that he got a really bad feeling from it. It was at this point that my dad said his spirit guides came forward and even guides that he hadn't channeled before like his animal guides, his ancestors, his gatekeeper etc. He said every spiritual part of him was telling him to just get out of this building as fast as he possibly could. That was when my dad ran back to the bar to get Janet, Marie and Linda and said "We need to get out of here now. No questions, I'll explain outside." So everyone left the theater, locked it up, and got to their cars. My dad said as he got in his car, his gatekeeper came back to him and my dad said he felt like his gatekeeper was limping, like whatever this entity was inside of the theater, it was very dangerous. My dad said he felt like he needed to go back to the theater to retrieve his guides but he said he knew better than to trust an instinct telling him to go back towards danger. My dad said his gatekeeper was telling him stuff like "This creature has been in your house, it has seen your children, and when you go back home you'll find that your oven is switched on because of it.". At this point everyone then called each other in a group chat whilst they drove home to have a debrief of what happened.

On a side note to this story, my dad does psychic nights at the theater often, and on one occasion he took one of the guest mediums around the theater for a tour and when he got up to the costume attic and were about to leave the attic, my dad's friend was saying to him "John, I can't leave this attic. There's spirits of kids in here and they're begging us to please not go. They're terrified.". Now this was a month ago, so my dad was totally confused as to what these spirits were scared of, but after his encounter with whatever that entity was on Monday (25/03/24), he now feels like this entity was screeching "Get them out!" about these children's spirits. This creature must've been torturing the children in the attic.

What do we do? Everyone is far too scared to go back to the theater now, however we've been left no choice since we have the youth theater classes every Saturday, which is currently on a two week break. Does anybody know what this entity is? My dad is planning on doing a ghost-hunting night here but now he doesn't want to disturb whatever that thing is.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3165 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-06)
Hi Brooke.

I have few, or maybe several, questions about your story.

"it walked weird, like as if it had more than one pair of legs but was trying to hide it to appear like it only had 2 pairs of legs"

Were the entity's four legs positioned like those of a quadruped, or were they lined up side by side facing forwards or one behind the other?

"his gatekeeper came back to him and my dad said he felt like his gatekeeper was limping"

Could you elaborate more about the previous statement? I'm asking because, in my opinion, if these beings had a confrontation it would have been in an energetic level rather than a physical one, hence my trouble understanding a spirit sustaining any kind of injuries.

"he felt like he needed to go back to the theater to retrieve his guides"

What would he had done in order to remove them from the place? I mean, it's not like one could grab a spirit by the ear or the arm and pull it away. Wouldn't it had been enough to invoke/call them for them to get out of the theater?

"This creature has been in your house, it has seen your children, and when you go back home you'll find that your oven is switched on because of it."

Did your father sense that something was off at home after the visit of this entity? He seems to be blessed with the help and protection of numerous positive spirits but, did any of them alert him of this negative intruder visiting his and your home?

"John, I can't leave this attic. There's spirits of kids in here and they're begging us to please not go. They're terrified."

Was your father aware of the presence of these spirits in the attic before the guest medium's visit? If so, have they tried to communicate with your father before?

What do you know about the history of the theater? Is there a motive that justifies the presence of the kids' spirits in this place?
Let's keep in mind that ghosts tend to stay attached to places where they experienced some traumatic event. Do you know if this theater was something like an orphanage or boarding school where children may have died in the past specially in a violent way?

In my opinion, it would be a good idea to stop the psychic nights and wait to see if the activity escalates or diminishes. Which makes me wonder if there's a link between these sessions and any increase on the frequency and intensity of the activity.

Have any one tried to leave a recording device during the nights when there's no one in the theater? Perhaps some EVP's could be capture and help to get a better picture of whatever happens when no one is watching.

Lastly, I agree with the previous posters advice, don't face this situation alone... Your father is a medium, not an exorcist.
Freakyfilespodcast (3 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-05)
This is a really interesting read. Would you mind if we told your story on our podcast?
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-03)
Hi H0ph4t,

Sounds like some kind of thought-form, not a nice one though. I got the impression it saying 'GET THEM OUT' was this thing begging your dad to get the spirits doing the banging out, not that it was doing the banging itself. Trust your father's instincts about this entity. Whoever was doing the banging might have been attempting to get rid of the thing your dad saw.
Keep yourselves and your home cleansed and shielded. The theatre, being a large venue filled with many different energies, will be harder to cleanse and shield by yourselves. I suggest your family get as many open minded folk as you can muster to do a group cleansing of the theatre. It sounds like this entity has been dwelling for a while so you might need to do a few group cleansings to disperse the negativity and restore calm. Make a note of the date this happened. It might be activated or stronger at this time of year. It would be great if your father could communicate with the children spirits. But perhaps right now isn't the best time to do this. Sorry this has happened, don't let it get in the way of your youth theatre school, that sounds like a heap of fun!
Rajine (14 stories) (835 posts)
4 months ago (2024-04-01)

What you've described definitely does not seem like it was once human, often times malevolent entities try to pretend or mimic spirits or ghosts.

It's not wise to face whatever it is without proper preparation and planning, it shouldn't be faced alone, but with a group of people who have experience with this type of thing.

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