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Many of my friends and I have had ghostly experiences. Some have had more than others, but we've all got a pretty scary story to tell.


My cat died a few years ago. He was very old, and very needy. He needed to be fed so often, that I had to feed him during the night. He took to scratching on my bedroom door with his paw to wake me up. A few days after he died, I began to hear this scratching once more. It sounded just like him. Every once in a while, I heard him Meow as well. But, as I was very sleepy, I would go to feed him, as in my normal routine. When I opened the door, he was not there.


Carol's family has a history of paranormal. Her mother, who worked a job at a warehouse when she was younger, saw a woman dressed in white in the stockroom. Carol's cousin sees dead people, just like The Sixth Sense... She often sees her dead uncle in her room.

~My teachers~

There are two teachers that have told me some stories. One teacher taught me a few years ago, and she told me this story about her and her friend when they were kids. She was sleeping over at her friend's house. They slept on the two couches in the living room. They were opposite each other, with a coffee table in between. On the table was the remote to the TV, which had been left on. All of a sudden, the two girls were woken up by the sound of the TV being turned up very loud, and back down again. They looked at the remote, and the little knob was being turned back and forth.

In that same house, they said that the old guest room that they never used was haunted. The door was always shut, and they heard noises from inside. They had countless exterminators come in to see if there were raccoons or something, but there were never any rodents or anything.

My other teacher's granddaughter says that her grandmother's house is haunted. She says that she's heard crying in the bedroom, and the bathroom door will never stay shut. She was sleeping in the bedroom one day, and she was expecting her uncle to come to the house. He was to go there, and then to the hospital to visit a friend. Early in the morning, a man walked into her room. She thought it was the uncle. "Are you going to the hospital now?" she asked him. He nodded. An hour later, she was up, and she called her grandmother, who was at the hospital. "Is uncle Frank there yet?" (The hospital was very close to the house.) "No, of course not. He's still driving to Phoenix..." They still don't know who came into the room at night.

My school's pre-school is also haunted. Some of the teachers stay late and work. It's said (by many of the teachers) that they hear giggling from the bathroom and closet. This is when every child is gone, FOR SURE.


Linda and some friends were playing hide-and-seek (for some reason) and she was going to try to hide in her garage. When she walked inside it, she looked around the corner, and she saw a man dressed in an old-fashioned suit, and had a medallion (or something) around his neck. Linda screamed and ran inside. When her parents came home, she told them, and they all went into the garage. Sitting in the corner was a folded suit, a medallion sitting on top.

To this day, Linda does not believe in ghosts.

Ironic, huh? ;)

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jocelyn18 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-01)
i really want to submit my storie but the site is backed up... 😕

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