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Was It A Dream Or Was It A Ghost?


I remember I was about 11 or 12 (I am now 17), and in my old house there was the living room, and a straight hallway that went all the way past the kitchen to the restroom. In the kitchen, there was a door to the left that was mine and my sister's room, and you could see everything from the living room because it's a straight hallway.

One night I remember staying up late and watching TV in the living room with my brother and my sister, and it was a summer night so we were going to sleep in there. I remember laying down and facing towards the hallway (I was on the edge), and as I was laying there for quite awhile, I had seen a tall man, walk out of the restroom, come down the hallway, and turn in my room. Well I forgot about it, until I was like 15 and we had moved out, and me and my mom were talking about ghosts one day, and I told her about my "dream". I didn't really know if that was what it was, but that was what I had thought of it as. As I finished telling her, she just looked at me like "what the crap?", and I asked her "what?" and she told me that when my brother was little, he had told her about a big man that he use to see in the house. When my mom told me that, I was in amazement and ever since then I don't know what it was.

So that's what I experienced in that house, my sister and my parents have experiences that I will share with you guys...

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bigdreams10 (2 stories) (24 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-06)
dang sassy that's kind of crazy lol crazier than my experiences!

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