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I started living with my grandparents about 4 years ago without knowing how that would change me and my thinking forever. We live in a small village in west Serbia and its the kind of place where everyone knows each other.

At first I didn't notice anything strange, I started hearing footsteps going up the stairs and faint slamming of the windows. I dissmissed all of that until one morning I couldn't find my shirt for school. We searched the entire house and we found it in the long room, spread out on cradle.

Now just for the record, there is one large room across my bedroom that we call the long room, and it mostly contains the stuff we don't use anymore. Also know, I am the only one on the floor, there are three rooms, my bedroom, another bedroom and the long room. My grandparents are sleeping downstairs.

After that I started being afraid. One night, three of my friends, D,N and M were sleeping over. We were on the balcony drinking coffee, when something in my room slammed and fell. We just dissmissed it and continued talking. After a while I went to the bathroom and as I was going down the stairs I heard footsteps going behind me. When I was going upstairs I heard it again.

I told my friends and they thought I was trying to prank them but at that moment, something was heard from my bedroom. The sound was as things were flying and smashing. We were too scared to go in and see. We were 17 at that time, it was a year ago.

It was 3am when we braved to go in, everything was in its place, no things were smashed or moved. But as I entered the hallway everything became very quiet and I felt breathing down my neck. We ran out to the balcony and locked ourselves out there until 7am, when we felt safe to get in.

I won't tell you every occurance, but I will tell you another one.

I was left home alone, and I suddenly heard a female voice downstairs. I got scared but I didn't want to think about it too much. Out of the corner of my eye I saw books stacked on my desk move slightly, when I turned my attention to them they just fell down. I called my friend quickly and he told me to get out of there.

I felt too scared to do so. Only when I heard my dogs bark intensely I ran down the stairs to check on them. When I looked through the window I saw them all sleeping, while I still heard the barking.

Suddenly the barking stopped and some kind of scream was heard from hallway. My friend told me to get inside now and I, terrified, told him that I am inside. I was heading to go up the stairs the same scream was heard from the room of my dead great grandmother.

Later, when my grandparents came home, I found out the clocks in the house stopped at 1:55pm, the same time they left the house.

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roylynx (20 stories) (562 posts)
3 weeks ago (2017-10-27)
Wow...What a confusing story!? Or should I say more information please?
The one you guys were out the balcony until 7am... How is it related to the other encounter with the strange scream? What time was it again? Is it afternoon or midnight?

Please clear the fog for us, it is a very interesting one.

Jubeele (4 stories) (235 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-10-26)
Hi Nevym, welcome to YGS. One of my neighbours (a good friend of ours) is from Montenegro - he says it's a most beautiful place.

My first thought when I read your account was that all the disturbances reminded me of pranks. The lost-found shirt, the noises in your bedroom, the fallen books etc - nothing was actually damaged. There's also the gathering of teenagers together... Could it be an attention-seeking poltergeist?

But then again, there's the fear level to consider. Was it more a startled "this-is-some-weird-stuff" or a full-on terror "danger-run-for-the-hills" fear? What was the underlying intent you sensed behind these activities?

Another thing to consider: was there any unresolved family issues relating to your great-grandmother? Don't mean to get too personal - just think about it for yourself. Also, is there any significance to the time 1:55pm?

In any event (many members here will suggest this as well), ask if your grandparents will permit a cleansing ritual of some kind. There are many ways available. If they're not on board with the idea, you can just do your own bedroom so you can at least have a sanctuary at home. Rook's method, which has been used by many, can also be found on his profile.

Without knowing more details, that is all I have for you. Be well.

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