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When I was around six years old, me and my family moved into a beautiful Victorian house known locally as 'The Old Schoolhouse'. It was built in the 1820's and was used as, surprise surprise, a school, until the 1960's when the school was closed and the building made into three separate properties. It really was a beautiful building, the garden was vast and the property itself was in great condition considering its age. If you looked closely underneath the windows, you could see where the pupils of the school had carved their initials into the stone! I thought it was my dream house. The interior of the house was great to, I was ecstatic that my bedroom had a great view.

I don't remember every exact incident, but I do remember quite a few snippets.

From just about the get-go, I would see strange black shapes out the corner of my eye, but when I would turn my head to look, there would be nothing there. I would also get the sensation that I was being watched, and the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up.

I also heard voices.

I only heard voices, or more precisely THE voice a couple of times. I was and still am certain it was the same voice every time, a mans voice. I would only hear it for a couple of seconds, and I could never make out what was being said. Whoever was speaking was doing so very fast, or they were muttering.

When I first heard the voice, I thought I'd imagined it, but when I heard it for a second time, I knew it wasn't my imagination. I would always hear it in my bedroom, never anywhere else in the house.

There was also the odd bump or creak that I would hear, but since the house was very old, there may be a rational explanation for that. Also, I would sometimes come over extremely shivery and cold, and would feel as if a sudden breeze had blown in, but no windows or doors would be open. Most of the stuff I experienced happened in my room and the spare bedroom (which was next to my room). I later found out that my room used to be a classroom!

And I'm not the only one who is convinced that The Old Schoolhouse is haunted.

My brother, who was about eight when we moved in, had never mentioned that he had experienced anything while we had lived there, but when I asked him about it recently he reeled off a whole long list of things that he'd experienced! Probably the most frightening thing that he claimed he experienced, (it definitely freaked me out!) was an actual apparition. He told me that one night, he was sleeping with his bedroom door open, when he suddenly awoke for no apparent reason.

He looked down the upstairs hallway, (his bedroom was right at the end of said hallway) and, supposedly, saw the white figures of two young girls. They were apparently dressed in Victorian style clothes, and both looked quite small/young. He claims that they were playing some sort of game, and didn't know he was watching them. They were visible for about 10 seconds, and then disappeared. He is still adamant, two years after telling me and eight years after it happened that he saw those girls.

So, there's my (and some of my brothers) experience with the paranormal. Sorry if it was a bit long winded. We moved out of that house almost four years ago now, when I was ten. My parents both claimed they experienced nothing (although my mum often says that she got 'a creepy feeling once in a while'...)

Cheers for reading!

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Sarah-E (guest)
3 years ago (2019-01-06)
Wow Hannah that story is amazing, have you had any other feelings of ghosts around you lately?
Dan_Paranormal (1 stories) (74 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-08)
Darkness stole the words right out of my fingertips. (Haha!) Yeah I agree though it sounds like you had a case of residual haunting. Basically it's like psychic energy that's left over. It wasn't aware (In my view) That you were there. Very interesting story though I enjoy hearing about school hauntings. Did you ever find out anymore about the history of the building?

I'm glad that it wasn't a negative entity and I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-07)
Hi HannahLouise1: All the events you describe fit in well with a residual haunting. The way you described seeing dark shadows from the corner of your eyes is a text book example of ghostly activity. Would have been a very interesting house to live in, the apparitions your brother had seen would have been mind blowing.

Thanks for sharing your story.

BrandonCR (5 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-07)
If you still live there you should conduct an EVP, or and electronic Voice phenomenon, get some sort of vouice recorder any will do, there are a few cheap ones you can get with ease, or you could even try to use your phone, then try and catch this voice, and turn the volume way up. I don't know if you have ever watched any ghost hunting shows, don't do what they do. I am specifically reffering to Ghost Adventures, The main dude zach goes around and Taunts, Challenges, and provokes apparitions, that is fine if you are in an abandoned warehouse, but it's not good to do in a place that you are living in.
curcurrocks (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-07)
creepy and cool you were hounted by the school teacher how did he die 😁 😜 😆

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