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I feel like I've just been flooding this site with my stories lately, and I do apologize, but this is the first time I've been comfortable opening up completely about my paranormal experiences. It might be wise to reference my other stories/accounts to understand the place where I live, because this is yet another ghost story in my home town. If anyone is on the astral voyage site, I have also posted about dreams of the place I am going to bring up now.

In my little village part of town, we have an old schoolhouse. The building is two story, with a colonial pitch roof and a bell tower. My great grandmother actually went to school in the school house before it was closed. A few years later, the village was given the rights to incorporate a volunteer fire company. The fire company originally had a firehouse in the valley in town, but it was basically just a garage. So the town allowed the department the rights to the old school house. They added a large truck bay on the right side, the bay had only two garage doors, and was two trucks deep on either side. They renovated to make the building a useful firehouse. The firehouse was in use until 2009 or so. (I can't give you the exact date the building had been converted, or even a year.) So the firehouse had a very simple lay out.

Now it should be noted, that on the back wall of the truck bay, we hung up the winter chains for the firetrucks. They don't have four wheel drive, so we have to put these monster chains with spikes on them on the wheels to grip the road during harsh snow storms and winter.

On the right was the truck room, there were five doors off the truck room, to the left, into the main section of the building. The one all the way to the back was to the mechanic's room, where our "designated engineer" would have all his equipment to work on minor things on the trucks. The door next to that was to an old wash room, which had a toilet no one ever used and a giant sink. The next door went into a tiny room with a built in desk. You could fit maybe three people wide in the room, it was our Radio room, where we could talk to dispatch from the firehouse. The next door was two doors that slid together and locked, These doors went into the main hall of the fire house, which we literally just called the main hall. There was one more door on the other side of that, at the very front of the truck bays that also went into the hall. (No idea WHY that was a thing.)

Inside the hall, against the right wall there was a small stage. On the left wall, there was two built in shelves with hidden compartments and a small closet like area that was only ever covered with a curtain, where we put all the chairs and tables the firehouse owned. On the back side of the hall was a large window opening into the kitchen. Which was really just like a normal house hold kitchen. Next to that window was the door that led to the hallway which led out to a set of concrete stairs down to the back parking lot. Off that hallway was a small second hallway that led to the boys and girls bathrooms. And directly across from the bathroom hallway opening was a large room that we called the meeting room.

The basement of the firehouse was still set up like an early 20th century cafeteria. I hated being down there. (Also, there were stairs that spontaneously went up into the middle of the firehouse stage in the hall. Like... What?)

So I have a LOT of stories involving the old firehouse. I used to live on this road about a half mile from the firehouse. I was a junior fire fighter at the time and the pagers went off. I got on my bike, my little brother got on his bike, (I was begrudgingly watching him) and we rode to the firehouse. I missed the firetrucks, so my little brother and I went inside to sit in the radio room and listen to the radio.

I was in the radio room, at this point, my little brother had wandered out front and was playing an imaginary game of Pokemon. A senior fire man showed up and was out front watching my little brother while I listened to the radio. As I was sitting there, I suddenly heard the chains rattling. I got up and bolted out of the firehouse, immediately accusing my brother of rattling the chains, but the senior fireman told me that he had been out front the entire time. I went back to inspect the chains, also rather... Begrudgingly, and found that they were hanging far enough up the wall that no mice could have moved them. (They were at least a foot and a half off the ground hanging on a coat rack on the wall.) I pretty much freaked out at that point and grabbed my bike, my little brother and we left. After that, I refused to stay alone in the firehouse, even for a minute.

There were other things that happened there. I used to hear someone walking around in the main hall when I was in the meeting room, (once, my oldest sister was actually sitting in the meeting room with me, and heard it.) We occasionally heard someone tapping a pencil on a table or desk, but again, we'd be the only ones there. My father used to fill out reports on the computer in the meeting room when he had time, so most of the time he was alone, and he'd actually hear people talking.

For whatever reason, I absolutely HATED the bathrooms. I wouldn't go down that hall if someone paid me to. And I never went into the women's room alone, I always waited until someone else said they needed to go, then I tagged along.

The building has since been closed as a firehouse and renovated into two affordable housing apartments. I know one of the residents of the apartments, but we don't really talk much and we're not close, so I don't feel comfortable asking him about paranormal things.

I mean, these experiences could've just been residual, they could've been intelligent, and as I was a teenager, it could've been a positive spirit or a negative one, but... I couldn't say.

Again, sorry I keep spamming the site with my stories. But I feel at ease sharing my tales here.

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Sarah-E (guest)
5 years ago (2019-01-06)
It's a good story Bresys, I'm kind of new here but glad you shared it to the site hope to see more stories like yours!
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-20)
bresys - Don't apologise for posting your stories, that is what this site is for. If everybody felt that way we'd have nothing to read 😁

Imagine the flow of children, teachers, caretakers, in and out of that school over the years. So, it's hardly surprising that it would contain a lot of energy.

My old high school was also closed years ago and has since been used for various purposes. It wouldn't surprise me if they eventually tear it down and put up an apartment complex. It's located within walking distance of two beaches, so is really prime property.

If I had the guts to go and sit there by myself one night, or even one day, I'm sure I'd be visited by some remnants from the past!

Regards, Melda
Cups (7 stories) (159 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-19)
Great descriptions! Although I must admit I'm a bit saddened to hear the building was converted into apartments. 😢 There is a schoolhouse in my hometown in the middle of the city park that sounds so much like this. I've always wanted to explore it, but the place has been locked up for many years.

Would love to hear more stories about the firehouse if you've got 'em!

Thanks for sharing!
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-19)
Hi bresys!

Does your whole family works as firefighters? (I'm just judging base from what I've read). I think that's just really awesome.

From what you had experienced, that's really spooky. I too have some issues in bathrooms (specially those with many cubicles). This reminded me of something I experienced back in high school.

Thanks for sharing!

Z ❤ ❤ ❤

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