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In the year 2000 my mom, dad and I moved into our newly built house in an area called Parklands in Cape Town South Africa. I was 15 years old going on 16 at the time and an only child. I was very excited to move into our new house as my dad had designed it specifically so that my room was built on the other side of the house away from my parents room, allowing me the freedom that every teenager feels they need at that stage in their lives...

We had only been in the house a few months when strange things started happening. But even stranger was that they seemed to only be affecting me and were centered around my bedroom and bathroom. I also had a Persian cat and a dog and none of them would sleep with me on my bed at night and they always used to before we moved.

The first incident happened when I was laying in bed watching TV and I fell asleep with the TV on. All of a sudden I woke up with a huge fright as the TV was blaring and I have no idea how the volume got turned up as the remote was on my side table and nowhere near me.

I also had a pet rat at that time and he was behaving very strange. He was laying in the corner of his cage scratching erratically on the bottom of his cage.

I decided to just brush it off and go to sleep anyhow. During the night I felt like my cat was laying on my pillow above my head and her tail was laying on my face and when I went to brush her tail away it felt like she had gotten a fright and scrambled off my face but scratched me on the cheek when fleeing. I then got up and turned the light on to check if she was ok but my cat was nowhere to be found. After that I felt uneasy and struggled to get back to sleep but luckily managed to fall asleep eventually.

In the morning my mom asked if my cat had come home during the night and if I had let her in as she hadn't come in before my mom went to bed that night. I was surprised that my mom asked as I thought she was in the house. I'm not entirely sure what scratched my face but I had a prominent scratch mark. After that incident I was very freaked out. I was scared to go to sleep alone in my room and wished I was closer to my parents.

The next strange incident happened when my best friend came to stay with me for the weekend. We were laying in my bed chatting until bout 2am as we always did when we heard shouting and feet stomping on the road outside my window (my bedroom was street facing). The voice was male and it was saying something to the effect of GET OUT! Or GET OFF! I'm not entirely sure...

Immediately Jenine and I jumped out of my bed and stuck our heads out the window to see what was going on.

We looked up and down the road but saw nothing. There was no-one in sight and the street was dead quiet. No movement at all. Needless to say we were totally freaked out. We both jumped into bed and huddled together. We sat up for a while when suddenly we saw and heard my bedroom door go down as if someone tried to open it.

The door was locked as the latch/mechanism was broken so we had to lock it to keep it closed. The handle was tried twice when I called out to my dad thinking it was maybe him trying the door. I got no reply. I called out my dad's name again but still no reply. I didn't get up and look as we were both terrified!

The sensor light by the garage that comes on when there is movement kept going on and off for the rest of the night/early morn. Jenine and I never slept a wink until 6am when the sun started to rise and I could hear movement from my mom and dad in the kitchen. I got up and went to ask my mom and dad if one of them had tried my door during the early hours of the morning and they both said no. I knew I hadn't imagined it as my friend Jenine had seen and heard it too.

A few months later my aunt moved in with us and she moved into the room opposite mine. I told her what I had been experiencing as she is more open to this kind of thing and had a problem with a haunting in her previous flat as well. She told me to do a blessing and she would help me. We never really got round to doing the blessing but things seemed to be a little better after my aunt moved in. I didn't feel as scared anymore. One night I was sleeping and woke suddenly feeling very sad and teary, a heavy sort of feeling. I sat up in my bed and I'm not sure if I imagined it but it felt like a wave of relief and comfort came over me, I even saw like orange waves of light surround me. I felt as though I was levitating above my bed even though I wasn't really. Then everything went away and I could go back to sleep.

It was the strangest yet most comforting feeling. I'm still not sure what happened but it felt like a female presence was with me that night and it felt like this female presence was good and "chased" the bad presence I felt before away. I don't know if it was something I dreamt that just felt so real or what?

I still have many questions... But after that night nothing bothered me again.

We sold the house when I was 17 as my mom and dad had split up and the house had to be sold as part of the divorce settlement. This was a newly built house so I don't understand why these strange things had happened. Was the house perhaps built over something? I had heard that Parts of Parklands were originally rubbish dump areas. Perhaps a body was left over where we built our house?

Why did it only happen to me? - so many questions...

The weird thing is even though it's been many years since I was last at that house but for the last 8 years I have had re-occurring dreams of that I house. I dream I go back to that house and its always night time and raining. In my dreams there is an evil entity which I'm terrified of and it pulls me around and throws me around the house and I can't see it. That's how my dreams go every time I dream about that house, never different.

I just wonder if something is still bothering me or trying to tell/communicate with me about something to do with the house or what?

Anyhow, thanks for reading my story. If you have any ideas you would like to share, your comments would be much appreciated.

In love and light.

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Indigo_Child (3 stories) (25 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-11)
Hi Pamela, sorry for late response. I do know the house you stay in... I still live in parklands as well just in the newer part. I heard it was a dump site originally but who knows what they dumped there huh? And like you say - something may have gone on there that shouldn't have. Still to this day I have dreams about that house and an entity... You should write about you and your daughters experiences when you get a chance.
Pamela123 (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-20)
Hi there I am an old lady of 52 also living in Parklands. Our house was also one of the first to be built (maybe you will recognise the one) it looks like the Amatyville horror house crn Humewood drive and Ravenscourt. I have had a few unsettling thing happen to me like cold spots and doors banging without actually being closed. My youngest daughter (18) also has a presence that watches over her when she sleeps. This was a dump in days gone by but the anount of strange occurances tells me thing happened here that should not have happened. We still live in our house.
Amyleeea (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-09)
Maybe your house was built on sacred ground and the "get out/off" was trying to tell you that, you said your friend heard it too and I would be interested to know if your aunt is younger or older than both of your prents because it seems like it only happened to the younger ones...
That didn't really make sense but anyway...

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