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I was raised in a devout catholic household and have been close to God all my life. I was playing with summoning spirits as a kid and that's when I started to see the devil. Later I believe the enemy tried to kill me for many years. Later in life I started to be close to God again. I have felt something in this house every since I bought it.

I brought home some articles from Mexico, and I believe there were spirits attached to them. When I would fall asleep something would at times hold me down and I later was able to put a name to it, because God showed me it was a spirit of rape. Sometimes it comes in the room and it won't leave even when I quote bible verses.

I gave the objects to the Salvation Army and they told me the spirit of God inside of them was stronger than the spirit who is tormenting me. They prayed for me. I remembered when I was a child how much I loved God and how I used to pray to the Virgin Mary and the Saints. I decided to start nine days of special prayers, that's when I started to fight with the devil in my dreams. I was quoting bible verses and I wasn't afraid.

Then the other day in the early AM I fell asleep. Someone was on top of me when I was sleeping on my back and it had sex with me for a long time in every position you could imagine. It wasn't a nightmare it was so real and it felt so good. As soon as I woke up I figured it was some kind of a spirit. I can't tell anyone they probably won't believe me. I'm not afraid and my nine days of prayer still goes on continuously. I have not had any recent fights with the devil in my dreams.

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Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-09)
I totally agree with redphx.
I believe that you saw something that you taught to be 'The Devil' but it is not 😐

You have a fear that summoning probably caused you to be under attack from the 'enemy'. That is all it is, fear. Everyone goes through hardships in life no matter what they do. 😐

And why on earth would you think that the articles you bought from Mexico had spirits attached to them? What exactly are you implying?

My neighbor has a lot of articles from Mexico when she traveled there, and they are pretty amazing, I saw nothing spooky about them. 😕
DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-09)
I'm with Jitow on this one, being raised in the Catholic church, as I was, puts a certain onus (?) on the prayers you recite, repitition of said prayers, and basic symbols of the Catholic faith that go hand in hand with prayer. Not to even mention Christ or the Holy Ghost (my age is showing now), Holy water, Rosary beads, mass, or if you've even tried to consult with your Priest worries me. You've mentioned the Virgin Mary and the Saints. Which Saints? I know we've got quite a few and although I can't name them all, I can somehow unleash a whole host when I stub my toe or smash my thumb (forgive me father). I'm not questioning the validity of your experiences. An attack is an attack! It's what you choose to do in response to it that's important. I have to agree with Jitow. It does sound like you've welcomed it in. I will pray for your soul and your deliverance from this demon. Oh yeah, what's with the nine days? What's up with that?
Jitow (362 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-08)
In your story you never once mentioned Jesus or the Holy Sprit. Just because you were raised in a catholic has nothing to do with the condition of your soul. If the Holy Spirit was in you from asking Jesus to be the Lord of your life these things would not be happening. I am glad that thge grotesquie evil rape "feels so good". You may be praying but it sounds like you are giving in to this evil if not inviting it. BYou should not come on here stating that prayer is not working, without Christ in your life, who do you think is listening to your prayers? Sounds like you are playing both sides. God forbids that.
ZiShu (281 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-08)
Okay, when you feel you are in danger, pray for God to send Archangel St. Michael, or ask St. Michael to come help you. He will fight off that demon for you.
You just have to know the correct methods to fend off demons. They all have worked for me and many others.
Yes demons are mostly bad, they do many horrible things to many I know, and to me. I have banished many demons, and so have many of God's Angels. I don't see why people are beginning to see that Angels and demons have nothing to do with God or Satan.
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-08)
Ok. First of all there is no devil. A demon is a species. Demons come from a differnet plane and they do not believe in Christianity. Hence forth way your prayers don't stop the attack. It goes along with the story about the Jewish vampire. A man was faced with a vampire and to try and get it away he held up a cross. Well the man got bit anyway because the vampire didn't believe in the cross.

The devil is in your dreams because you are creating it. Now you say but praying works for some. Yes this is true. Most of the time people are faced with ghosts that were christian or whatever in their life. They believe that stuff works so they leave you alone.

Your demon is feeding off your energy. It likes it for some reason. You seem very docile and sweet. So I recommend you change your energy. Or try communicating with it before you go to sleep. Remember demons normally don't speak our language when they first get to our plane of existance. They are very smart and will pick it up. Demons communicate on empathetic levels, energy forms, by touching, throwing things. They don't know any better.

If you want to get rid of your demon you need to find out more about it. The demon has a will and it chooses to be there. They have emotions they can love and they can hate. The religions have really given demons a bad rap and they are not all bad.

I actually like the demon species. I know more good demons than I know nice angels. Angels can be just as spitful and mean as any demon. Think of it as another person. What would you say to a person keeping you captive. Out think your demon. Prayers are not working, which could mean that you have a "real" demon not a ghost who has energy that could be mistaken for demon energy.

Think about it in a non religious way. You will get much farther.
sinner (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-08)
I would suggest that you wear a St. Benedict Medal and get enrolled in the Brown Scapular!


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