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Encountering Spirits In My Home Away From Home


I am originally from South Africa but this story takes place in York, Pennsylvania USA. I was on a 6 month working contract in the states and stayed in one of my bosses' house with his family.

It's a beautiful old house with a new den built onto the existing house. My best friend Jen and I had gone to America together and we stayed in the same house and shared the den. We each had our own bed, cupboard and TV and spent most of our off days laying in bed watching TV. So we spent a lot of time in the den.

About 2 months into our stay we started experiencing strange happenings. Jen and I are both empaths and sensitive to the spirit world. Yet neither of us have ever seen a spirit but we have heard and felt them most of our lives.

So one evening we were up watching a TV series. It was close to midnight and we heard this strange scratching noise coming from the one corner (it was a big room). It continued for quite a long time but we both put it down to perhaps being a possum, skunk or groundhog.

Two days later Jen was asleep and I kept getting this uneasy feeling and felt somewhat uncomfortable. I then started hearing the scratching noises, but this time it was so loud that I woke Jen up and she heard it but then it started to subside but we were both feeling so uneasy and afraid.

I still am not sure if the scratching was from an animal or not but still can't explain the feeling we both felt.

On another night I was sleeping and I woke up to see a figure - it was night time but I saw the shadow and shape of a person. I woke up with such a fright that my heart was beating so fast and I couldn't even make a sound. I thought maybe I dreamt it but it felt so real!

The next day Jen asked me how come I was standing next to her bed. She thought maybe I was sleep walking again so she just ignored it and went back to sleep. I told her I'm sure I wasn't standing at her bed but perhaps I did indeed sleep walk again.

Now for what really sealed the deal for us is the next 3 events that happened afterwards in the weeks to follow...

I was in a deep sleep and was awoken by what felt as if someone was breathing in my ear and I heard very clearly the voices of two little girls. They said, "she can hear us." They both spoke together as if excited that I could hear them. I wasn't as afraid as I'd felt before but was still a tad uneasy.

The next occurrence was while I was sleeping. I was again woken up by someone or something tickling my feet. I usually sleep with my feet outside the blankets as they get very warm and my feet are extremely ticklish to touch.

One night Jen was making coffee in the main house kitchen and my boss and his wife and child were asleep already. I was on the phone with my mom in South Africa in our room when Jen walked in looking as white as a sheet. I could see something was wrong and said goodbye to my mom and went to ask her what's the matter. When she could eventually talk she told me she had seen a dark figure glide or float past the kitchen window, which was way too high up for a normal, even tall, person to walk past. Plus there was another protruding wall in the direction in which the figure walked. No person would walk into a wall. And she had said she felt so uneasy before she saw the figure.

So it seemed to us that there was more than one spirit present.

One made us very uneasy and the others were what I assumed where little girls and we didn't feel the heavy fear when they were around.

The last occurrence happened to Jen. I was fast asleep and she told me she woke up at about 2am feeling like she was being watched and she sat up and sort of scanned the room but saw nothing so laid back down and was trying to fall back asleep.

There were some books and some sandpaper sheets on the ledge of the fireplace which was on my side of the room. My bed was there and she heard someone pick up the books and then let them go and they fell back down on the fireplace ledge. As if frustrated the spirit picked the books up and dropped them.

Jen was filled with immense fear and woke me up immediately. I'm surprised I didn't wake up myself but we had worked a long shift and I was very tired.

We both lay there and couldn't fall asleep. We would hear things shifting around in the night and odd noises throughout our stay.

We went home after our six month contract so obviously have not experienced anything else since but we are sure there were spirits there with us.

I just wonder if maybe the little girls needed help and I was too afraid... The other thing that was strange is that we were living in a newly built part of the house so I wonder where these spirits came from.

Sorry for the long story - hope you enjoyed it none the less.

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shhh_im_sleeping (14 stories) (62 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-16)
Interesting story. Is it possible that the activity could have been stirred by you and your friend staying in the home? I've always heard spirits do not like change. You're very lucky you had those experiences. Please keep us posted if you have more experiences.

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