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About 3 weeks ago at around 1 a.m. I was at my job on the U.S.S. Littlerock at the Buffalo Naval Park. I was with my friends Cesar and John who also work and sleep over on the ship during encampments. We all decided to sleep in the same room because Cesar brought his space heater.

Being on the ship isn't as scary as it sounds there is always bumps and what not but that night I felt a presence as we walked to the room. We got there and settled all of our stuff Cesar and Jogn decided to go to the bathroom before bed and I stayed there. John told me if his phone went off to text whoever back. So when they left I got up and walked towards the phone and right as I got there I heard a loud scream from in my room which would not be weird if it was in the hallway because during the encampment we do have both boy and girl scoots over. I quickly jumped under my covers and covered my ears, every 20 seconds or so I would take my hands from my ears to hear and I would hear rattling through our bags. I didn't here steps or voices only the rattling.

When they got back I decided to get some water without telling them anything. So John went with me to get some water and when we got back Cesar was freaking out saying he heard people going through our stuff like before and he said he heard and zipper then his back fell and was open. Nothing occurred after that.

They say that the U.S.S. Sullvians is haunted but I truly believe that it is the Littlerock

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-01)

Retired navy myself and there are many, many US Ships, commissioned and decommissioned that are HAUNTED.

USS Little Rock CL 92 decommed in June 1949. Wow this is an older ship. Refited to be a missle shooter and rejoined the Fleet in the 50's... Only to be finally retireed in Nov 1976 and opened as a museum in 1979.

Didn't see much in the history of any 'action' it saw, or deaths that occured on board. That is not to say the ship is not haunted, I'll bet it is... And with the history of the Uss Sullivans... Well it was named for the 5 brothers that all died aboard the USS Juneau was sunk by the Japanese during WW2.

Thank you for your story, keep us updated if anything else happens during these campouts.



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