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Bobert The Jealous Haunter


My story starts about two-three months ago when I and a friend decided to try an Ouija board at school, we didn't take it as seriously as we should have or taken any precautions about the safety of an Ouija board seeing as we are only 16 and just experimenting new things (which was very stupid of us). After this, weird things in my house started happening, it started off only small things. And just a quick thing, I live with my mum she lives upstairs and I live downstairs in a giant house but she is rarely home so it's mainly just me. So here it goes.

So when it first started happening it would only happen when I was there so my mum never believed me, things like scratching on the walls and things running up and down my stairs. I decided to do a blessing on the house; nothing happened for a few weeks, but then it came back and started to get worse. Things like when I would be downstairs I could hear things walking around upstairs, doors opening and closing, taps turning on and off, something would whisper my name "Maddie!" whenever I came close to my mother's wardrobe, my dogs would bark at this one wall in my kitchen, things would move right in front of my eyes and I would always see this shadow walking around upstairs, I could feel something touching my leg and my shoulders and I get an eerie feeling when I walk up my stairs.

All of my friends that have been over have experienced something out of the ordinary, especially if it was a boyfriend or a guy I liked it would get extremely jealous, you could feel his anger when a male was around, he would try and scare them out of the house my male friends would then tell me about what happened when we were out of the house, it always fit into one of the things I just said, yet I never told them my house was haunted.

The main one was when my friend and her boyfriend came over to stay the night so I went out and bought some dinner, when I came back home my friend was trying to climb through my window crying. I calmed her down and she told me what happened (I had never told her my house was haunted as I thought she would never believe me) she told me she could hear something upstairs mumbling words and walking around, she doesn't like staying at my house anymore.

When I'm in my bathroom I can hear my back door being slid open and shut and when I go to see if it is, it's wide open and off the rail like it's been open with heaps of force so I decided to start locking it with a key, it still happens even when its locked with a key.

When I'm asleep in my own bed it bangs on my walls and let's out this spine chilling moan I curse at it and it stops.

The other day my male friend came over and we were in my room, he asked me who was home and is running around upstairs I got a cold chill all through my body when I said "no one." We then heard my front door close and someone run up the stairs, we both got up and looked around no one was there.

My nana came down last week and she is a strong believer of the lord I came home from a party and she was pale in the face, she saw a shadow walking around and when she walked past my mum's cupboard she could hear whispering and sometimes it would say my name.

Just last night I was by myself upstairs when I could hear something running up and down my stairs, I went to check it out but no one was there but when I turned around to walk away it started again, I could feel the vibration of the feet hitting the steps. When I went back upstairs and sat on my lounge, it started opening and closing doors and cupboards it stopped for a few minutes but then it got worse, it started banging on the wall behind me. I went downstairs and locked myself in my room, it then started banging on the walls upstairs and let out this screech, as soon as that happened all my hair stood up I had the worst goose bumps and a shiver shooting all the way down my body.

There is only one spirit and I named him Bobert (I named him that as me and my brothers friend where talking about ghosts and he had similar experiences with a ghost named Robert) he doesn't scare me he only annoys me a little bit, he plays games with me and when I come home from somewhere I always say Hello to him and let him know I'm home, and I suddenly feel this presence. It happens every day and it's not just one of those things that show he is there it's all of those things (etc. Doors opening and closing and running up and down the stairs).

If anyone has any ideas on what he wants and how long he is going to do this for? Thank you for reading and I'd be happy for any feedback on what I should do.

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Slenderman (33 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-19)
I highly recommend against talking it... As any paranormal being... I would classify "him" as a poltergeist as "he" has shown "his" ability to manipulate objects... Just be wary, "he" may not be what you think "he" is.

Things like this don't really come with a manual... There is no way to tell how long or why... Just one of those things in life you have to deal with.

Keep it real,

HUarmy (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-09)
I have a ouija board. I use it. And nothing at all ever happens. But lately I feel like I'm being watched! But now that I read this story. I feel I'm being watched, you have it worse than me though! I hope things get better foryou![PS. Bobert= awesome name]
cactusbob (2 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-08)
bobert tiir
I am terribley sorry
Its just an oober awesome name hahaha:)
cactusbob (2 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-06)
Sorry, I should have been more discriptive.
My friend and her boyfriend where in my room at the time and she was too scared to leave my room so she tried climbing out my window, her boyfriend was asleep at the time (I don't know why she didn't try wake him up because I wasn't there.)
Yes, he annoys me but he used to scare me, but just knowing that there is something in my house that's a spirit makes me shiver when I hear things like that, I lock myself in the room because its a little too much for me hahaha (or maybe I am just a little bit of a chicken) but I hope that answers some questionsn and I will be prying everday and I will try talk to him:)
BobertTiir (8 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-03)

I do believe this ghost has stolen my name, ask him to give it back, please?
CreatureFromTheBlog (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-02)
I was wondering the same things as BadJuuJuu. If you aren't afraid, just merely annoyed, then this spirit must not be incredibly malevolent. Which means that whenever it starts opening doors or rattling the walls, or anything else you don't like... You might want to just try asking it to stop. Try telling it openly that it's bothering you. Many times benevolent spirits don't want to aggravate their houseguests and will oblige them once their presence has been acknowledged. Think of it as a roommate and talk to it like a roommate when it's doing something you don't like.
If, on the other hand, you ARE made to feel frightened; if this spirit does seem to be overly angry you might want to consider more heightened precautions such as the blessing and praying that Stacey suggested.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-30)
I have a couple of questions, just trying to understand this a little better.
Why was your friend trying to climb out of the window? Walking (or running) out the door seems like an easier way to get out. Did her boyfriend experience the same things as she did that night? You didn't mention his reaction. Also, you say this entity doesn't scare you, only annoys you a little bit, but you mention cold chills, shivers, and locking yourself in your room. On the surface, those details seem contradictory. Sorry, just trying to get a clearer idea of the situation. 😊
stacey90 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-30)
Hey... I'm sorry for wats going on... I would try and talk to him... To see what he wants... Maybe light a candle and pray for him. He could be a lost spirit. And if that doesn't work... Id get someone like a preacher to come bless your home... And you pray everyday... Because it could get worse... Just pray have fate... It should stop... Just believe in it... That it will... I hope everything turns out fine... Take care...

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