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Little Drummer


I have many stories regarding the house that I grew up in. This story is a recent one and it happened to my sons, my nephew and myself.

There have always been strange happenings in my childhood home, the occurrences slowed when I came into adulthood but began again once my children, niece and nephews were born. This latest occurrence happened this past march when I took my children to CO. For spring break to visit the family. There are three entities that are in my parents' house, I am not sure which one this story is about but it certainly startled me.

My dad has a drum set that is set up in the kids playroom in the basement. (If you read my earlier posts you will find that the basement is a little on the eerie side) My dad also has a guest bedroom in the basement, so when we visit this is where we get to stay.

The boys had decided to settle down for the night and went to the guest room to prepare for bed, when I came down they were asleep. I changed for bed and lay down. It had been a long day and I was exhausted. All of a sudden I could hear a steady beat coming from the base drum that was located just outside of the room in which I was staying. I got up and opened the door and the sound stopped. I flipped on the light and there was no one there and there was nothing that could have possibly been causing the drum to make this sound. I closed the door and just as soon as I climbed into bed it started again. It wasn't loud; it was just a soft, steady beat of the drum. I fell asleep to the sound of this drum after quite some time.

When the boys woke the next morning, my nephew asked me if I had heard anything strange when I came to bed. I proceeded to ask him why and he stated that when he was trying to fall asleep that he could hear a drum playing.

This happened the first, second and third night that I was at my mom's. I decided to sleep with the door open on the fourth night and the drum never made a sound.

Thank you for reading my story

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angelia (6 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-03)
I was a little scared. There is always something that happens at my parents house when we visit, so we kind of get used to it.
diana_eldridge44 (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-02)
ok so you were scared then? Not scared? Hopefully scared? Whatever scared? Just plain SCARED?
angelia (6 stories) (18 posts)
14 years ago (2010-12-15)
[at] whitebuffalo: the drum is a kick base drum and I will have to check it out the next time that I am visiting my parents house, the possibility of a critter never crossed my mind.

[at] Vulcan10: I honestly don't think that the age of my dad is Pertinent to my story. The Drumset is a full drum set and it is there for the enjoyment of the seven grandchildren that my parents have. They also have native drums but those are in a different room.

My dad has heard the drum but he does not believe in the paranormal so he finds alternate reasons for the sounds.
I DO NOT believe that the drum set is haunted, I believe that it is one of the Entities that are in my parents home.

The Occurrences that do happen within the home seem to happen around certain people which are mainly family members so there is not a "scare" factor there.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2010-12-14)
The base drum, huh? In music, the base drum keeps the time. All the other instruments work around the beat of that pulse. A marching band would be off step, an orchestra would be off tempo...
I have to ask. Would this set happen to be a kick drum base (That means that the beater is attached to the petal, and you have to "kick" it to get it to hit the drum itself)?
I ask as SOME manufacturers placed a small sound hole in those bases. If you can absolutely rule out the possibility that a mouse, or some other critter could have been taking lessons on its own 😉, then I would say that SOMEone may have found a way to break through.
Thank you so much for sharing this.

😆 WOW. Vulcan10? I am the Grandmother of eight at this present time, and I happen to be the VERY happy owner of a Ludwig Pinnacle, five piece drum set with Shells and Cymbals. That is five drums, plus the doo dads to make Rock rock. I have the set in MY basement as the bedrooms are upstairs, living/common areas on the ground floor and only the washer, dryer and a few boxes reside in the basement. I will not be waking THEM up if I can not sleep and go on down there to beat a few bars, I do not want to wake up the PEOPLE in my home. ~~ Oh, and the Native Drums are in my Majic Room, NOT in my recreation room.
And the Kids? Yeah. They play on the one in the Playroom.
Thank you.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
14 years ago (2010-12-14)
Cool story! 😁 It sounds like one of the entities likes to play with the drum, but it likes the privacy. So when you opened the door it stopped and if you leave the door open it won't do it at all. It doesn't sound like a hurtful spirit at all, and is happy just having it's own private sessions. Thank you for sharing this, I enjoyed it very much. 😊

Vulcan10: maybe her father loves the drums, and played in a band at one time. But like angelia said it is set up in the kids playroom so it's probably a toy set. Besides you are never too old to own any kind of instrument. 😉
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
14 years ago (2010-12-14)
how old is your dad? And if he's really old why does he have a drum set up in the basement? What kind of drum is it? (i.e.- native american drum, whole drum set "like neil pert"?) and can your parents hear this drum sound all the time or just others? Do they believe you when you tell them or others tell them about the drum? And if so why do they continue to keep it even though it may be haunted, and to the point of scarying visitors?

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