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A Civil Tale


It was quite simple really, where I live in MD is on what was once the grounds of an estate owned by John Hanson. The area is in Edgewood and I rent a small one bedroom little abode on this land once owned by this man.

Anyway, I was in my kitchen doing dishes and I felt someone there. I looked up and I was looking into the face of a man who had what appeared to be a reddish beard, a short one and was dressed in Civil war attire, slightly balding and a little chunky in the face.

I reacted scared as well as he did, but I saw his sword, rifle and even the buttons on the uniform, it was a lighter blue color uniform. I think he was on the North's side.

The uniform was what looked to me like a felt type of material, a little rough maybe. He appeared to be in his early to mid 30's.

What was so interesting was what happened next. I felt the hairs on my neck stand up and never experienced such a thing. My bathroom light was off and yet as he seemed to fade away quickly turning fuzzy and my light in my bathroom turned from a dark bulb to a white electric bright and poof, the light was burnt out.

I have lived here going on 7 years and once in awhile a door will shut or a window. Right before it rained on two occasions I was outside and went in to shut them and they were already shut and locked. I know I did not shut them. I live alone so that was odd and being woken up late at night by noises, is more than odd. Kind of strange, especially when you hear someone breathing but you realize it's not you.

Still yet somehow I was woken many a night by a noise and a "feeling" of being watched... In the dark, it's eerie. I like living here and IF something was here, I don't think it may mean any harm. It may simply be a sort of energy residue. I think it's just that, energy trapped until it runs out, sometimes it may stay on for eons, who knows? I am sure of this one thing, someone out there in our wild world, knows the REAL truth of how "things" work and are. "That which you create will seek your destruction..." who said that?

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Tabrina (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-14)
Hello! Came across this story and found it interesting. Would you be willing to do an interview?
Lysergia (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-15)
This is Lysergia 25, hello all... I had to change my name, my old e-mail address no longer exists so, had to make new account. Anyway, Someone else saw something here, as I was not at home but here is his story, my best friend Jeff... Walking towards the front door he heard a noise, turned around and he saw the same figure I saw. Same description I gave, a man in that same confederate uniform Bearseatbeets sent link of, I was amazed at seeing it. That is the almost same uniform, only difference... On the shoulders, were... I do not know what they are called but suffice to say... Like a patch. Anyway, only new information is what Jeff saw about three months ago... And the very rare strange noises... Usually that breathing which is... Probably just a old pipe or something... Has to be. (It sure don't sound like no pipe).
Bury15 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-19)
Great story buy John Hanson was around for the Revolutionary war so I doubt it had anything to do with him
GhostGirlWhoseNotDead (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-04)
This is really cool. I honestly don't think he means any harm. He could not even know he's dead. That happens in a lot of cases. But hey, it's just a guess. And you live in maryland too? I'm 13 and was born and raised in Baltimore.

Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-16)
your story reminds me of the countless stories of those in Gettysburgh, Pa.
Enjoyed it! By the way, love your screenname... Reminds me of my daytripping days... ((sigh)) 😊
BearsEatBeets (5 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-16)

This link has pictures of various Union Calvary uniforms. I do remember that some confederate calvary uniforms were a light blue color as well. I know that the calvary carried sabres.

Here is a link to a Confederate Calvary uniform:

Do any of these look familiar?

Also, I know that Maryland had a calvary skirmish in and near Emmitsburg, Maryland. I noticed that your story took place in Maryland and wondered if perhaps you were close to this location. Emmitsburg was a place where the Union troops established a kind of "supply" base. They would receive pay, food, and other supplies.

This was considered a target to the confederates and I know that they did attack it at some point and take almost 100 hostages. I don't know if anyone died but I do know a lot of calvaries were based out of this area of Maryland and fought in many of the bloodiest battles.
Shinigami0 (2 stories) (203 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-16)
Hi, Lysergia! Your story was interesting to me, as I'm a fan of history.

Its really no suprise that you would have a Civil War soldier apparition- The Civil War was spread through a good portion of the United States, and there were many casualties, so the chances of encountering one, wandering around, would be high.

The soldier in question sounded like a well ranked officer, as a lot of times high ranking soldiers, such as officers, would carry sabres. Not totally sure about the uniform, though, as I know dark Navy represented the North, and Grey represented the South.

Now for your house, maybe it would help to lay some "ground rules". Tell the entity or whomever that it is your house now, aknowledge their presence, and tell the entity that it is not ok to harm yourself, as well as your family, and other guests.

The quote you mentioned seemed to be a paraphrase of a few quotes from Frankenstein. Maybe this ghostie is a literature buff? 😆 😊 ❤
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-16)
Wow, it sounds like this man's spirit is watching over you. Perhaps it was he that closed and locked your windows for you. Like you mentioned, I don't think he means you any harm. Maybe he's protecting you?

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