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I've written here about a few things related to family members who've died, but it was an incident about three years ago that was a watershed moment for me when it comes to believing in the paranormal. Before this incident, I rationalized that I probably just WANTED things to happen that I could say were related to my deceased family members. Even though I was open-minded about things, when they would happen my attitude was one of "OK, THAT's interesting, but we'll never really know if it's really supernatural."

And then I went for a walk at a nearby Civil War battlefield and found it IS real.

I prefer not to name the specific place, and there's a reason for that. There is very little on the internet about this area being haunted and I think that's good. I consider this to be hallowed ground and a safe place, very near my neighborhood, and I wouldn't want to attract people who don't care about the area or are just coming to stir things up or perhaps do weird ceremonies... Or who might not respect the soldiers who gave their last full measure. I'd like to recount my experiences at this place in the order that I remember; some of it might not be pertinent, but one of you might catch something I've missed.

So this battlefield is a National Park, and it's also got miles of trails to walk upon. When I was younger, I'd run the trails every so often, but for some reason, even though it has the perfect, shaded dirt paths, I never really felt good about running there. Once, at least ten years ago, while walking with some neighbor ladies, I got such an uncomfortable feeling that I told them to run... They just thought it was about exercise, I never told them it was pure anxiety and a real flight reflex (in the light of day). At that time, I'd never felt that way in my life. I'm rarely afraid.

At this park, there is a visitor center that's usually quite busy, with parking lots and sometimes re-enactments. But in a more remote part of the park there is a monument that was paid for by the people of Illinois in memory of their boys who died in one terrible battle in 1864. About 15 years ago, I wanted to take my then-boyfriend to see this monument. He was from out west and military, and I thought he would appreciate some Civil War history. After you park in the lot, you have to go down a path that's flanked by the dirt battlements, which were the positions of the southern cannon at the top of a steep hill about the length of a football field and a half. The tall monument stands at the top of this hill, and as we walked towards it the air seemed to get more humid (if that's possible here) and the surrounding woods went dead quiet. We noticed a half dozen deer gazing at us from the tree line in a strange way. I can't think of a good way to explain it. Neither of us said anything at that time, but both were surprised to discover much later that we both felt something strange.

Fast forward. My pre-teen son and I went for a walk there 3 years ago in September. It was a Tuesday, a day off school, and it was about 2pm as we approached from the downhill direction (the way the Union Army would have been approaching before the battle). The path we were on goes a little ways down to a creek, which is also the tree line where the Union troops would've been waiting and gathering. I had a new I-phone and took it out to take some photos of my son on the little bridge there. On a whim, I decided to walk up the hill with the recorder on. I had been hearing some disembodied yells as we approached the area, but I assumed it must be some kids on the path in the trees. Could this have been the subconscious reason I turned the recorder on? I don't know, I've never tried to do EVPs, though had seen it on tv. I felt a little embarrassed and I also did not want my son to see what I was doing. But I did it anyway.

We walked up the hill of the battlefield. About halfway up I asked my son if he heard the yells coming at regular intervals, maybe every two minutes. He said he did. He stood on a tree stump and waited while I huffed my way up the hill. We got to the top, took a few more photos at the monument and then went back home, only passing one older couple the entire hike.

When we got home, I listened to the tape (I still call it a tape, sorry) and definitely heard the yells. So did my husband. We also heard a sound that my military husband said "has the sound and cadence of artillery fire" which we had NOT heard in person. And finally, when we turned up the volume, we realized we really had an EVP.

When standing at the bottom of the hill, I captured a male voice saying, "There's something here I don't trust..." with a female laugh. At the point I asked my son if he heard the yells, on the tape you can hear a VERY deep voice say "hear" and then, before my son answers, a young boy's voice, very close to me, can be heard saying, "them soldiers is dead." A minute later the same voice says, "what's that?" and I remember standing there and holding my phone out in front of me.

As I told my husband, I could not have come up with that line "them soldiers is dead" if my life depended on it. I'm particular about grammar.

The boy in the recording sounds younger than my son. And closer to me than he was.

I was amazed. Then I didn't listen to it for a long time. What can you do with it? Then the kids went to camp -- months later -- and my husband and I went out to dinner near the battlefield and had a glass of wine and discussed it again. We decided to stop by, nearing dusk on that summer evening. There were quite a few people at the monument. As we sat on a bench at the top of the battlefield, I thought I felt something touch the back of my hair and reached up to swat something away. Only later, thinking about it, I realized it was not a bug, or anything else I could think of. It was like my hair flipping. Then we walked to the bottom of the hill to the tree line. Husband mentioned that it smelled just like the wet canvas of old fashioned military tents. "You never forget that smell," my skeptic said, and I just answered, "Well, I don't see any wet canvas in these woods, do you?" He walked up the hill ahead of me, back to the parking lot, while I took my time trying to feel anything. I finally started up, somewhat disappointed that everything seemed normal. But as I walked up I got so winded... By the time I crested the hill, where the most men had died and been burned, I felt like I'd run a marathon, could barely catch my breath and had to stop and lean on a fence a minute before making it to the car. At that moment I thought, WOW am I getting old and out of shape. But just a few weeks later, my son and I went to take photos for a school project and I walked up without even being winded, like it was NOTHING. That's when I realized my previous experience, getting winded on that hill, was more about anxiety and perhaps what those soldiers were feeling as they ran up that forlorn hope to their deaths.

I drive by this place all the time, but have not been back since my son needed the photos, over a year ago. I'm a little afraid to go back, even though I'm truly enamored by the place and tons of people walk there every day, and pay tribute to the fallen troops. I found this website when I was looking for anyone else who had an experience there.

One more quick thing: I sent my EVP to a local Civil War historian with my thoughts. He e-mailed back that he couldn't hear a thing. I really don't believe him. I believe he heard it, but won't admit it. He did tell me, however, that the battle that took place killing more than 3,000 men in an hour on that hill happened after the Union troops had been mired in our area with daily rainstorms that kept them and their equipment soaked for more than a month. Wet canvas. That bit of information was something. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Cherubim (10 stories) (155 posts)
2 days ago (2019-12-03)
Sure sounds like a hot spot for paranormal activity to me! 😳 I have no doubt what you experienced was just that. That's amazing that you captured disembodied voices on your recorder! I would like to try that some time too. Great story, ❤ thank you for sharing it.
silverthane61 (2 stories) (146 posts)
3 days ago (2019-12-02)
Being a once ago long-time resident of Northern Georgia, I am very familiar with the specific park that you mentioned and will not name it out of respect for your wishes. Yes, I have been there, I gave a tour of the place on 2 separate occasions. Once for a group of visiting priests from Poland, and once for a group of officers stationed at Fort Benning. I have been all over this battlefield and concur with the nature of the place. Many of the regular visitors do have either audial or visual ghostly events - most of them are residual. Some also claim to smell gunpowder! It is also a very scenic and very well maintained park.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1323 posts)
4 days ago (2019-12-01)
Albert Einstein once quoted there is no such thing as time only motion every thing in the past, present and future are simultaneously concurrent and he was right.

I make this analogy, imagine a train with 80 carriages each single carriage representing one year in that persons life. Inside each carriage there are 52 rows of seats representing every week. Imagine that person existing in every row and carriage of the train as it runs it's coarse via motion with consciousness being the fundamental source of creation and the presence of free will be the catalyst of what happens in each carriage at any given time?

These battle fields from century's gone by are still there and like everything else through the power of the source (consciousness) they can be accessed for viewing by any spiritual being capable enough of tuning their energy into the heat of that moment.

After death we can relive our own creation of existence for what ever reason we want. I believe your account is two fold... Yes one of which is residual but the other is most likely interaction with other spiritual beings who for what ever reason went back to observe that moment in history of which played a very significant part of their final moments in their earth vessels.

Thank you for sharing Mrs Ramsey

Regards Daz
MrsRamsay (5 stories) (52 posts)
5 days ago (2019-11-30)
Hi All! It's a treat to see my story today, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! First to answer, then to tell you about my walk there with my California family a few days ago...

Maria, in my research about the spot, I learned that the battle started fires on the hill (sort of surprising in light of the fact that there had been rains every day for a month, but that must reflect just how much war-fire there was on that fateful morning). I learned that there were brush fires, which swept over some of the wounded men, a HORRID thing as we all know, but one of the characteristics of this particular battle. After some days in the heat (and there was something of a stalemate at one point), the commanders actually stopped active fighting to recover some of the bodies for burial and to try and stop the stench, maybe even some of the wounded, who were also burned and had been laying there, unable to move up or down the hill, pinned down by hostile fire. We can't even imagine the brutality, I'm certain. Anyway, sorry, my initial story may have misled a bit... I didn't know ANY of this when I first walked there, and it's taken me three years to do the research.

I do still have the EVP recording and had shared it with the historian. It's not a clean recording, since I didn't really know what I was doing. You can hear me walking, talking to the dogs, the dogs panting and me talking to my son. Sometimes I can hear two other voices besides the one I mentioned. At one point, I had stopped briefly so the dog could sniff at the edge of the brush and a very deep voice says, "Dog." I can only hear it sometimes when I listen to the EVP (not sure why). The other day, I took my sister in law over there for a walk and right in front of that place, just in front of us, there was a small whirlwind on the path with leaves on an otherwise completely calm day. I noticed, and said to my sister in law, "Did you see that?" We'd been talking about my experience there... She said she did and agreed it was "something different." The spot it happened was significant to me, because of the "dog" voice on the EVP. There is one additional voice I didn't mention in my story... As I say to my son, "Do you hear those yells?" a VERY deep voice says, "hear." It's as if they/it/he perks up when they fathom you might be aware of them (that's my theory). I also believe some sounds are residual and some are reactive, Caz. James Bond, your idea is intriguing and might make for a good movie, however, I'd settle for the U.S. Government taking better care of the live veterans FIRST! (with our taxpayer money) Your comment reminded me that I went into the visitor's center one day and outright asked the rangers on duty if they'd heard ghost stories from visitors before. They would admit to NOTHING. It was like Sgt. Schultz on "Hogan's Heroes." I attribute that to them being protective of the battlefield. Because it's such a well-used park, many people in the area are cognizant of the importance of the preservation and protection from too many visitors, so that makes sense. I suspect they hear things all the time though. My walk there a couple days ago was uneventful except for the small whirlwind. It was a beautiful day with many walkers. The minute I exited our truck into the parking lot I had goosebumps over my entire body, which lasted five or more minutes, but that was the extent of our visit, except for a nice walk in nature.
One more quick thing, no pun intended. The deep male voices come so FAST after I say the words. I wonder if there is a time thing that happens also in whatever other dimension... As in, they are moving really fast, which is why we hear things said so quickly on EVPs (or at least that's my observation). Sound too weird? Has anyone heard of moving fast? (Maybe I've seen too many movies)
Caz (291 posts)
5 days ago (2019-11-30)
Thank you Lealeigh. You're very kind! I enjoyed your comment and Lady-Glow's too, but unfortunately, I'm not allowed to vote either of you up right now! 🙄
jabond99 (2 stories) (38 posts)
6 days ago (2019-11-30)
Mrs Ramsay,

I completely understand your wish not to name the place. It is hallowed ground and it makes a very good story for Veteran's Day. I'm sure you probably had veterans in mind when you posted it. Thank you for your continual well wishes for those that served.

Now, I'm going to post something here that may be a bit off the wall. It seems that battlefields are prime locations where spirits to continue to dwell. At the same time, I always hear those somewhat conspiracy theories that says the government dabbles in the paranormal. I would say that here may be one area where I would welcome that government dabbling. I propose that the government (perhaps under the Veterans Administration) set up an agency to assist the spirits of those veterans that may still be lingering around battlefields. Wouldn't that be great if the government that sent those soldiers into battle would serve them by assisting them to move on after their deaths?

That would be a worthwhile use of my taxes.

James Bond
Lealeigh (2 stories) (167 posts)
6 days ago (2019-11-29)

That's an interesting idea! That didn't occur to me; that the boy had never seen a recording device before!

Good eye!

- Maria ❤
Caz (291 posts)
6 days ago (2019-11-29)
Hi Mrs.Ramsay,
Very interesting story! I'm not an expert, but I do believe the yells and gunfire are definately residual, but not the boy! Sounds like he is sentient and was just informing you that "Them soldiers is dead!" I also think when he asked you "What's that?" He was possibly referring to your recording device, which he may have never seen the likes of before. That's just my thoughts though!
lady-glow (11 stories) (2468 posts)
7 days ago (2019-11-28)
What a fascinating experience!

MrsRamsay - I'm not sure if this was a residual haunting or if those ghosts were actually aware of your presence and interacting with you, specially the boy asking "what's that?" and whatever/whoever moved your hair, almost like saying "I know you know I'm here".
- I hope my grammar is good!

I join my voice to Lealeigh's question: do you still have the EVP recording?

Thanks for sharing.
Lealeigh (2 stories) (167 posts)
7 days ago (2019-11-28)
Hello MrsRamsay and Happy Thanksgiving ❤

I know the place you are talking about. I have been there a couple of times.

It has been a long time and I was about ten years old so I'm not sure if I remember all of my details correctly. Are you sure that that they burned the bodies of fallen soldiers? I thought the usual procedure was a kind of mass grave if they couldn't be individually buried. I realize that it might be possible that they were partially cremated and then buried in a mass grave for the sake of space. 😢

I am probably just sensitive on this point because when my aunt died recently, her mother and sister had her remains cremated. She had wanted to be buried in the Veteran's Cemetery in Atlanta. They had her cremated because it was less expensive. I haven't spoken to them since.

I really enjoyed your story. I am putting it into my favorites. I consider myself to be a very amateur Civil War Historian. There's a heck of a lot to know. I'll probably be much older before I actually know much. 😜

Do you still have the EVP recording?

I hope you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving! I have been starving all day long in preparation!

- Maria ❤

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