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I'm new to this website and like reading stories on this site. I want to tell you a story my cousin and I experienced in the summer of 2010. I'm full Navajo and my cousin's half native and half Mexican but he's more Navajo to me. I live with my grandma and dad in the Shiprock in New Mexico over the summer and in Farmington for school. My cousin and me were 14 when this happened at camp. We knew stuff always happened where we camped. For example you'll hear Coyotes howl. Where my uncle lives his dogs are always barking and he has five Pit-bulls and three German Shepherds. They are not mean dogs but when its night they start barking and it sounds like they are fighting outside with something. Well I'll tell the story now:

Since the age of 7 me and my cousin have always camped in Wheatfield, AZ and stay at my uncles for like a month. My aunt would sometimes come over and camp with us by the lake. We like staying there because we like fishing, playing with the dogs, eating some mutton mmmmm. We visit our friend who works at the store there and we hang out and fish sometimes. He's lived there for half his life and knows almost everything about the place. We sometimes ride his horses around the lake and fish while the horses rest.

One night when me, my aunt, and my cousin were camping my aunt said she was going to pick up one of her friends and get some munchies for us down in Red Valley and Cove. When she left we caught a trout and cooked it. We usually hear howling and people partying by the lake. But this particular night it was just two campers on the Westside of the lake and one by us who was sleeping. I got a feeling there was something watching us in the tall bushes. I was shining my torch light at the trees but saw nothing. Then the coyotes started howling on the other side of the lake (south part of the lake). They seemed to be getting closer and closer. I was freaking out because we heard one behind us howl. My cousin was putting his tackle box away but decided to put a giant thick stick on top of it. Only an animal or person could move it. We put everything away as best as we could and went in the tent. For a while we just kept hearing little footsteps behind our tent. We must have been in the tent for some 15 minutes or so when we heard something outside the tent. Like something was digging into my cousins tackle box. Something else was trying to open my aunt's tent but lucky I tied fishing string (30 lb. Line). Then something else was putting out the fire and I know no-one was around our campsite or I would've heard louder footsteps.

We had this feeling there were six of something because all at the same time one was putting out the fire, one was trying to open my aunts tent, one was bothering my cousins tackle box, three we thought were behind our tent, it was a feeling we had. We knew they were skin walkers because you could smell dead animals and feel something evil was around you.

What freaked us out the most was we saw what looked like goats feet and horns like a deer walk in front of the fire where we saw it clearly. My heart was pumping so hard I could feel it and hear it. They stayed there and kept trying to scare us and they did. They kept saying our names Caleb then Dominick over and over. We had bats like aluminium bats with us in the tent. But we were too scared to do something. I kept thinking is this my last day on this world over and over. I kept praying to god that my aunt would come back soon and quick. I do believe in god and I know he answered my prayer because like after 7 minutes into saying my prayer my aunt finally came back. When she came back I was so relieved but still shaking. She said she saw six men with skin on them then ran off. The stick my cousin put of his tackle box was like 3 inches away from it. We were all freaked out that night because we heard growls in the middle of the night. I put ash around the tents because I wanted to be protected.

This doesn't sound real to some readers but this story is true. I know they were skin walkers and they are real. When me and my cousin tell our story we start shaking because we are still scared of what happened that night. My aunt doesn't speak about what she saw because she believes if she does they will come back for us. We know there are evil spirits everywhere and one of them that I really believe in is the skin walker.

We've experienced a lot in the mountains over the summer but this one is the one that we are scared of. I'm shaking now even telling about it but I wanted to tell our story. If you don't believe us then go to Wheatfield, AZ in the mountains on the Westside of NM and east side of AZ. Stay out there and wait for them to come because I guarantee you something will happen.

So that's the story

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Christine_Pandora (1 stories) (80 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-04)
See i'm sort of on the fence with this one because you did say it was a common area to camp (normally except for that night)...
It can never be confirmed because i'd have to see it with my own eyes to rule young teenagers pulling a prank out, but only your cousin, Aunty and yourself can be certain of what you felt and saw...

Though I have my doubts I am also a believer and still have shivers from reading that because I also have had a similar experience (though without proof i'm still certain that it was somehow my mother and Aunty pulling a silly prank on my cousin and I when we were young and camping in a tent out in the back yard).

For your sake I hope it was nothing more than a few mean pranksters, otherwise this would be a bit more terrifying than it already was 😨
frybreadmaker (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-29)
YEAH SHIPROCK NM! Have you ever been out to Area 7?! I like going hiking out there and gather wild onions! Great place during the day, but turns into hell at night! Lots of skinwalker stories around here comes out from area 7.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-12)
The Little People of the Cherokee, called "Yundi Tsundi", (sounds like "junstees" to some) are a race of Spirits who live in rock caves on the mountain side. There are three "groups". The Laurel People, the Rock People and the Dogwood People.
They all stand about knee high to an adult in today's society, and are an exact replica OF an adult (meaning proportionally correct. Just a "smaller" version).
I am not thinking Yundi Tsundi.
Have you researched Shape Shifters? They are very close to Skin Walkers, save for the intent.
Thank you.
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-11)
I think there are many things out there that can't be explained. I've read several stories that had references to little people. I've heard from those who claim to have seen them when they were children or have relatives that had direct dealings with them. Here is one from a place that all of the residence still hold to certain beliefs. One of which is Deer woman, and little people.

When I lived in "Kenwood" Oklahoma for a short time the Cherokees, (this was an all Cherokee town, but not a reservation. Located in north eastern Oklahoma), believed in little people they called junstees (sp?, That's how it sounded when they said the word). The closest definition on the net I found is located below; Many people there had junstee stories. Http://
One that was recent (then) happened to someone I knew. During the summer He would take his bed out under the carport where it was cool at night and he got a good breeze. He said he never really believed in junstees (little people). One night just after laying down he heard and felt a "Ting ting ting" like someone banging something on the side of his bed frame. He had a metal bed frame. He sat up putting his feet over the side of the bed. Immediately he heard a "ting ting ting" like someone rapping on the back of the house. They had a brick home.

He walked around back, which by the way was only right around the corner maybe ten feet from where he sat on his bed. He told me all of this starting under the carport and walking me through just what he did that night. As soon as he went around the corner of the house he heard a "ting ting ting" on the shed that was at the back of their yard right on the edge of the forest that went on for God only knows how far since it is in a wooded part of Oklahoma.

He walked out to the shed, (which was approx. 100 feet from the back of the house. At least. Too far for a human to have ran after hitting the house in the short time it took to step around the corner of the house). As soon as he reached the shed he heard the same "ting ting ting" deep in the woods. He Said he almost went out in the woods searching for the source of the noise, then remembered what his grandmother told him of the junstees and how they lured people into the woods.

He went back to the carport and took his bed back into the house. I looked out into the forest as it was growing dark while he told me this story. It was eerie. I didn't want to venture out there alone after that. At least not in their neck of the woods. There be junstees.

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