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This past weekend I was freaked about what had happened. I was sure glad that I was with friends too, but it was just about the weirdest thing that had happened.

On the morning of Feb. 11, 2011, I attended school. It was a half a day, and that morning one of my friends was asking if I would be attending a basket-ball game, I told her probably. After school, they kept bugging me on going, so I told them I would. When it was about 6pm I took off from home with some friends of mine. We went to the game and enjoyed it, but not for long. We ended up leaving around 8:30pm. There were 4 of us with two rides. We got bored and took off to Canyon De Chelly. As we were there, we parked the rides facing each other. We got out and just walked around the parking lot and my friends were saying they were going to walk down, I told them I wasn't, and that they better not leave me alone. I was the only girl with three boys. I soon found out they were kidding about hiking down the canyon.

Around 9pm we started playing a game, I found it fun, but not sure what the game was called. I heard one of my friends yelling and shouted, "Get back to the ride! Let's go! Hurry up!" So as I heard that I also heard my other friends running, so I ran as fast as I could to one of the rides. Two of my friends got in one ride and took off before I could ask what was going on. My other friend waited for me as I got in. As I got in, he locked the doors and took off, but as we were taking off we both heard this loud bang on the back of the car. We didn't look back. I asked him what had happened, and all he told me was that he saw a dark figure looking at him. We rushed back into town to the nearest gas station. We met up with our other friends and got out of the vehicles and started asking what happened. We went to the back of the car my friend and I were in and saw that it was dented in with a hand print.

I remembered looking at the time before we wanted to go back and see if it was someone needing help, or if it was someone. It was 9:54pm and we were driving back to the canyon, but with only one vehicle this time, and we also brought flash lights with us. As we got there we saw this jeep and a guy. The guy might have been around in his 30s or so. He was sitting on the hood of his jeep smoking. We parked and got out. My friends and I walked up close to him and one asked, "How long were you here sir?" He looked at all of us and said, "I just got here not too long ago, maybe about 10 minutes ago, I think, why?" Right after that we told him what had happened. He was surprised and said that he didn't see anyone and went back to smoking. We were also surprised and tired and just left. As we were leaving, we all looked back and saw that the guy and his jeep were gone.

That freaked me out, we told each other to just not think about it, but I can't seem to get it off my mind. Everything, that is.

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ED (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-21)
Very interesting the first part sounds like the old snipe hunts we used to con the new girl into going on, one of them stayed back and when you was leaving post haste they thumped on the trunk. To be picked up later, as for the jeep a person would have to go back and look at the tracks, it is possible but first part without modification is probably?
The first time I had an experience was a shadow person in the doorway of the bedroom I was in that had a very evil feeling the hall ligght was on and at such an angle that it was real the hair on my arms still goes up 10 plus years later thinking about it. The second part sounds very possible the person may have just passed away the conditions right and he just returned to the most restful familiar place that he knew and liked. You could go back every night and probably never see him again, just be very careful and don't go alone on your journey carry a small Bible in your purse or wear a cross. Have your pastor priest bless one with a prayer of protection. We are all on a journey let's enjoy and stay as safe as we can thank's for reading this. ED 😊
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-18)
Had you or have you heard of any occurances (such as an accident or something) that has happened in this area? I do not think you can write of the first account of seeing something dark looking at them as it not being a person there that maybe you had interupted or something. The guy and the jeep disappearing-well that sure puts another light on things. I would be interested to check out the history of this site to see if there are anything that jumps out at you as being traumatic happening there.

God Bless!
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-17)
OK, this was about a week ago right? Now, since we're practically neighbors this one has me really interested. Do you, or any of your friends know how old the jeep was? Not the exact year or anything, but was it pre 1990 or 1980? And the guy, was he dressed like anyone would dress these days? That one is probably a little more difficult to answer, this being Arizona, we are pretty casual here so jeans and a tee shirt wouldn't be out of place for anyone in the past 40 years. Neither would the haircut for that matter, depending on a persons line of work I guess. But you never can tell. I'm just wondering if we looked into any deaths in that area, what we'd come up with? What do you say? Want to go for it? 😉

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