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On June 15, 2019 my family foolishly hiked the Grand Canyon in one day. We got to the top of the Grand Canyon at approximately 11:00 pm and we walked into the El Tovar Hotel where we were staying for the night. As soon as we entered through the front doors we walked into the lobby where no one was, not even at the front desk, which we thought was strange. Suddenly we heard a little girl say "mommy, daddy", and we looked up to the balcony on the second floor where we saw a young girl in a white nightgown run across.

I thought it was odd that a little girl was up so late at night so I told my family to wait here while I went upstairs to check on the little girl. When I reached the second floor balcony I did not see the girl so I figured she went back to her room with her parents. I went back down the stairs and told my family I could not find the little girl. Since we were so exhausted from hiking 15 hours we just decided to go to our room and crash.

While we were all sleeping my wife was awaken by a little girl's voice saying "mommy, mommy". She opened her eyes and mistakenly thought it was her daughter since the room was dark. She then proceeded to watch the little girl walk into the bathroom so she got up to follow her to see if she needed any help. When she got to the bathroom no one was there. My wife was confused of where our daughter went so she looked back at the beds and saw her daughter fast asleep. She got scared and jumped back into bed thinking maybe it was just a dream but as she was laying there she heard the little girl's voice again saying "daddy, daddy". She stayed up for a little trying to figure out who was speaking but after a while of silence she fell back to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast we spoke to a staff member about our experience and they said that this hotel is supposedly haunted.

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sian_mitch (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-27)
Hi Grandcanyon,

I'm an associate producer on Hotel Paranormal, a new documentary series produced by Saloon Media: The show relies on firsthand accounts given by staff and guests about their freaky haunted encounters in hotel settings throughout the word. It will air in Canada and the U.S. This summer.

I have found you and your wife's encounter quite compelling. I would love to discuss the show with you in greater detail. If you're open to connecting, please email me at sian.mitchell [at]

Thanks for sharing!

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