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The True Accounts Of My Thirteenth Year


What you are about to read are the truthful accounts of my encounter with Something when I was about thirteen years old. These stories need no embellishing.

Many horrifying and disturbing things happened to me. However, the very first signs that something was wrong were the dreams.

I was having terrible nightmares, but one in particular stuck with me. It was a dream where I woke up, fooled into thinking I was actually awake. I got in the shower, got out and began to dry myself off. The entire dream was viewed from my own eyes, not as an out of body experience. So when I lifted the towel to dry my face and eyes, I lost visibility for a brief moment. I removed the towel from my face. I was standing in front of my mirror and the image looking back at me was my own, except that it's neck was slashed open and blood poured from the wound. I was frozen and just watched. I woke up gasping for air, my body covered in sweat.

Not long after that particular dream the noises began. Small bumps, scratching. I didn't think too much about it.

About two months into my thirteenth year, I was in my room. My bedroom is located at the back of our house at the end of a long hallway. I needed a glass of water so I walked out of my room to the long hallway. The hallway had three doors on both sides. One was cracked slightly. I don't know why, but I stopped moving. I think I felt It. I said "I think I felt" because I don't remember much, other than the breathing.

I had stopped by the cracked door, and I could hear It. It was breathing. It was just breath. First slow, then a little faster. Then louder - Faster - Louder - FASTER - LOUDER - FASTER! LOUDER! Something was gasping for air two inches from me. Where I was at first glued to the floor with fright, I finally willed myself to spring forward. I sprinted out of the hallway, and into the living room, collapsed on the floor and wept.

My dad checked the closet, the whole house in fact, and he said there was nobody there.

The last encounter I had with this Thing for quite some time happened towards the end of my thirteenth year. I was sitting in the living room, watching the TV, late at night.

Then, out of my peripheral vision I saw it. It was blurry, out of focus. Tall, black, thin, still. I saw It only for a moment.

As soon as I glanced its way, it left. Before I knew what was happening it was gone.

Then the TV and all of the lights in the house turned off leaving me in the black. The lights turned themselves back on a few moments later, and my parents would later describe it as a power surge.

However, as I lay in the floor, in the pitch black screaming, I knew it was anything but.

Nothing like that happened for years. I don't know why it left me, or why it even came to me. I may never know. Nothing would happen to me for another five years.

About five months ago, in April of 2011, I was sitting in my room doing homework when I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. They were not the stereotypical ominous and slow/heavy footsteps. They were average steps. So average they almost sounded like my mother's. I looked up from my book and was about to say, "Hey mom!"... When the halfway open door moved slightly on its own and the footsteps continued into the room and stopped. I was frozen. My blood turned cold. I could feel something was in the room. The hair on my arms stood up, goosebumps riveted my skin, I could feel the prickles on the back of my neck.

I had just heard footsteps! I had to have! I mean they were there and - how did the door. I found myself calling out for my mom. I waited. When I listened closely I could hear more movement, still in the room, feet from me. It was the sound of a heavy object shifting weight from side to side. The wooden floors continued to creak. I called out even louder for my mother and still no answer.

THE PHONE RANG. I jumped and picked up the phone. I was shocked to hear my mom's voice on the other line. She said she was almost home. And no dad wasn't home yet, he was with her. Is everything okay?

Everything was not okay, as the footsteps left the room and walked back down the hallway.

It came back, and I don't know if it's still around. Occasionally I can feel it. The prickles.

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the_breather (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-22)
I had a dog at the time, a small poodle. And I didn't live in an area with a lot of animals.
The house was built in 1990 I think, so at the time it was 15 years old.
The floors are laminate wood, and they weren't just creaking. The steps I heard were heavy.
I understand your thinking about the air conditioner and wind currents, but if you stop reading right now and breath and listen to the sound of your breath, then you will hear what I heard.

What happened with the shadow is hard to explain. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and it was there for a few seconds and I didn't look at it directly because I was freaked out and I guess I didn't want to see anything. I when I finally did look and it was gone, it didn't go dark immediately. The lights were on for another five seconds or so. And although my parents said it was a power surge, the entire house went dark, not just one room, and we were the only house in the neighborhood that it happened to.
Maybe your right, but I think you're wrong. Thank you for the feed back though!
generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-18)
You didn't mention this, but do (or did) you have a pet at the time? Were you living anywhere that certain urban wildlife could have gotten into the attic or the walls?
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-16)
Do you happen to know how old the house is? Also, are the floors of real wood construction or a wood laminate?
You stated that the door you were walking past in the hallway was open a crack. This could cause air rushing in our out of it to have a magnified quality to it, making it indeed sound as if it were breathing. It could have been the heater or cooler switching on or off, or possibly a window was open. If the room had another door leading into another room, such as a bathroom, that could also just be air displacement.
The shadow out of the corner of your vision occurred immediately prior to a small power surge or blackout. That could easily have been preceded by a very quick flash, causing an optical illusion.
These are merely alternatives to consider.
Thank you for sharing.


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