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The Abandoned Ghost Village Ruins


First, allow me to say, that I do not endorse this story, nor do I have any evidence to support it. I merely think that it's interesting - to ponder, wonder, come up with possibilities to its existence, etc. I don't necessarily take it to heart, nor do I expect you to. Serious opinions, interpretations, etc, are welcomed. I just ask that comments be respectful.

This story has been passed to me, and now, in a sense, to you. It was handed to me by my elder brother and sister, who both, when questioned separately, stated the same details, to my recollection. I have not done a recent questioning to verify this, but I assume. In any case, I find it interesting, I hope you will as well.

As children, my older brother and sister would sometimes make use of the forest nearby their home (this, for those who are curious, was before I was born: my brother and sister are quite older than I), playing there from time to time, I believe. I am unsure if they did, for certain, "play" there, but they did, at the very least, have to enter on one occasion. Unfortunately, they did not know the terrain well.

Our father, who is not the brightest, nor is he very responsible, had taken on the task of caring for a friend's feline pet (a domestic cat, of course). The cat, while under his care, managed to escape. Fearing his friend's response to the fact that the animal had gone missing, he sent out a search party (at least I assume this was his logic)- AKA, my brother and sister. Their destination: the woods.

My brother and sister set out to find the cat, more than likely against their will, but determined nonetheless. They wandered farther and farther into the woods. Searching and searching, they come up empty handed. Not a cat to be found. It was beginning to get dark: they did not have much time.

Continuing the search, they wandered between a pair of trees... and into the broken, ghostly remains of what they refer to as a "village"... there wasn't much... the frames of old buildings... perhaps lost long ago in a fire. But the empty remains were the least of their worries.

As it was getting even darker, they began to head back... but wait... the direction in which they came, simply led them right back into the remains of the village. Around and around they went, but ended right back in the village. Until it hit them- the two trees. They began looking for the same two trees through which they entered. At last, they found them. They walked, once again, between the two trees... and, as if magic, passed back to their path home. They could only enter the village, and likewise, leave, by walking between these specific trees.

As it became darker, they finally arrived home, safe. And as it turns out, the cat had been hiding at home all along! But their quest to find the cat led them into a strange place that I'm sure they will never forget. Perhaps it was a portal to a piece of the past? No one knows, and I doubt that anyone ever will.

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MoonWolf (15 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-30)
In some countries the natives will tell tourists not to walk between two trees that look like mirror images because it can actually be a portal. I'm so glad to actually read a story where this actually occured and they came back safely. Have you ever tried to find these trees in the forest?
Tydin (1 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-12)
That would be stupid if someone discredited you because of your are. It's great to hear stories from all walks of life!
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-01-04)
Well thanx for the explanation. If I mention what grade I go to school, you won't stop talking to me right? If I tell you what grade I am, will you keep helping me out in things that I ask you? I sure hope that you won't think I'm too young and that your not gonna talk to me again. I am a freshman in high school and I really do hope that you don't stop talking to me, because I told you my age. I am young, probably younger than everyone else on this website, but please don't leave me alone on this. I think that your the best one to help me on here and if you leave me, I won't have anyone to talk to about all this. so please, don't leave me when I need you now. I surely hope you won't. :-) I will surely do reasearch and I'll talk to you later. bye
Autumn (guest)
17 years ago (2007-01-03)
Well, I am not sure that was a paranormal encounter. It sounds more to me like perhaps some people (still among the living) might have been trying to spook you. If it was indeed something paranormal, I would still say that, once out of the cemetary, you should be fine. Most spirits tend to stay in a certain area, as far as I know. Though some have been known to follow a certain person, either through kindness (wanting to protect the person), or, for less noble causes (leeching energy, etc). But that, it seems, is more rare. You'll be fine. If it was angry spirits (which, at this point, I doubt), they should be fine now that you have left their space. Perhaps do research on the location. That is always a very important procedure when doing research, and always a great place to start. You mentioned you're in school? May I ask what you study, or are you in general education (ie, basic school, such as highschool)?
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-01-03)
Hey Autumn again, thanx so much for telling me where you heard about the book and thanx for recomending another one. I do hope that you post up another story soon or a journal. I am starting to do research on ghosts. I went to a cemetary yesterday night. I had the wierdest experience while I was there. I was walking carefully, making sure not to step on any graves, when I felt this horribly cold chill against my body and I heard someone unseen yell into my right ear, "Get the fu** out of here, before I kill you off like we are dead"!!! I was so scared and I started to run out of there. I could here a whole group of people chasing me out of there and yelling at me threatening to kill me if I didn't get out, even if I could not see them. I won't ever in my life go there agian. Autumn, can you help me out, what happened, was I unwelcomed? what's gonna happen? I'm still so scared, I cried all night yesterday and I couldn't sleep and yet there was school today. Please help me, I need an explanation.
Autumn (guest)
17 years ago (2007-01-03)
I will be sure to let you know when I get a new story and/or journal up and running. It might even be in the next day or two, because I have the next two days off. As for the book, I actually had the chance to read it because it was at our public library, so I would for sure check yours. Also, if you would like to purchase a copy, Amazon sells them pretty cheap (used for 33 cents! plus shipping). It's a great book, I couldn't put it down! Another good book, also non-fiction, is called The Myrtles Plantation. If you look up this book, or graves end on amazon, it will recommend other books which also seems to be good picks. I can't remember how I first heard of Graves End, but I think I either heard of it online, or in the back of another ghost-related book. Same thing with the myrtles. Anyway, just go to, and do a search on "Graves End". It will come back with a "New" price and a "used and new" price, which says "$0.33". Another really cool feature is, that if you click on the title, and look at the menu, on your left I believe, you have the option to "search" the book, which allows you to read the back of the book, see the front of the book, and read excerpts. Hope that helps!
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-01-02)
You mentioned the book Graves end? I would love to read that book. do you think that they have it at the Public library? I was just browsing through some of the stories I posted comments too earlier and you mentioned this book. It really interested me because I love to read paranormal things and I don't care if they are fiction or nonfiction. So I would appreciate if you told me where you found out about that book or where you got it from, I love to read, and about these things especially.
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-01-01)
I find all your stories interesting, and yes please open on online journal, or a website, I would love to read about it, I would absolutely love to here what you've found. I also intend on doing research on ghosts too. Oh I hope I can hear the other tale about those woods soon. I'm anxious. well thanx for replying to my message, HAPPY NEW YEAR(looking foward to reading more of your stories!!)
Autumn (guest)
17 years ago (2007-01-01)
Well, I am 20 years of age, and once again, I believe this happened before I was born, or when I was very young, so it would have been a good while ago. I have another interesting tale about these woods (or perhaps it was another set of woods, I'm not sure, I intend on asking), but that will be at another time :) As I actually study things like this, I recently asked my brother if he would be willing to relocate the woods with me, and seek it out, to see what we may find. He agreed. But we have not yet planned this out. I am considering opening an online journal of sorts to record this sort of thing. Anywho, there are tons of strange stories that are told in my family, so when I have time I will be posting more. I hope you will find them just as interesting!
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2006-12-30)
Wow that is creepy, finding some kind of secret portal. I would like to find something like that. It sounds interesting. Was this a long time ago? if so how long? I'm sorry I'm asking all these questions, it's just that I beieve in the paranormal but yet have never heard anything thing like this and it interests me.

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