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Who Is Levi?


For those that read my first post, you'll be aware of my first experience with the Ouija Board. For anyone who isn't, I suggest reading 'First Time with Ouija' before this. Just to get a sense of understanding for the situation. I find it difficult to explain parts of this experience, for no other reason that lack of words to describe it.

After my previous run in with the Ouija Board I should have wanted nothing to do with it. But for about a week after that experience I felt like I was being constantly followed, constantly watched. I was sure this wasn't 'JIM' from my previous encounters. As much as he had intimidated and tried to scare my cousin's girlfriend, I had ever felt any particular fear over him. Been scared of what was happening because of him, yes. But had never felt directly threatened by him. This new 'thing' was constantly there, always causing this over powering feeling of unease. I couldn't sleep, hated any time I had to spend on my own and generally just felt anxious all the time. I felt like I was waiting for something to happen, but didn't know what.

I asked those that had been involved if they had experienced anything similar and was told no. They had been fine since the previous incident had ended. I was apparently the sole target for whatever this was. After spending that first week avoiding anything remotely related to the supernatural so as not to scare myself any more than this 'thing' already was, I began to have what I can only describe as a compulsion to use the board again. I still can't explain the feeling that was drawing me back to it. A bizarre mix of anticipation and a feeling that I could get answers about what was following me. I ignored it of course, given very recent experiences, I didn't want involved in it again.

Over the next week and a half perhaps, things moved on slightly from just feeling watched. Almost every night my room, which I shared with a younger brother, would become cold. Shadows would seem darker and seem to move in the corner of my eye. And every night, without fail, just as I would finally be managing to drift off a weight would appear at the bottom of my bed. For the first few minutes this weight would just sit at the bottom of the bed. But gradually there would be slight movement, just enough to make the bed move. I felt sure this was just to remind me something was there.

My brother had felt the temperature changes, had seen things moving out of the corner of his eye and insisted there was something that watched me from the far corner of the room. He noted that these things only happened after I had come to bed; with him being younger he tended to get chased there by my mum slightly earlier than I was. He eventually began going to bed earlier still so he'd be asleep by the time me and my 'shadows' came. Having asked him about this recently (he was about 13 at the time and is now 18) he told me he never felt particularly threatened by whatever it was. He was sure it was trying to scare me, not him and as long as he was asleep by the time I got to bed, he wouldn't even notice it.

As the activity at night grew, so did the urge to use the board. Until one night, my brother asleep already, I was lying in bed with the usual things going on around me, when my bedroom door swung open. Not quickly, but slowly, just as it had at Nicolas in my previous post. Following the slowly opening door was what I can only describe as fog. I know people describe seeing a mist on occasion, but this seemed dirtier and darker I guess than a mist. I don't remember it having any distinct color, just being dark. Although if I try and picture it in my head there are hints of red and brown, but that could just be my imagination. This fog or mist seemed to settle itself just inside my room door and sit. I can't really describe how it made me feel, scared obviously. But mostly I felt the aggression it seemed to direct at me. Just a sheer hatred. It wanted to hurt me, and I wanted to know why. It seemed to dissipate eventually; I got perhaps an hour sleep that night.

By the next day the urge to use the board again was unavoidable. I spoke with Jamie and Adam's older brother, my cousin, Ian. Both of who agreed to take part and agreed that Nicola was probably best being left out of the loop on this. They came over with Adam, who it was agreed wouldn't be touching the board, and we headed to my room and set up the board. I later found out from Ian that the only reason they agreed to do it was because of how scared I apparently sounded when I asked. If that was the case, it was nothing to the anxiety and fear I felt setting out the letters. As soon as we put our fingers to the glass, the temperature in my room dropped. We asked if anyone was there, 'YES'.

The movement of the glass was different from any other time. Much more direct, more aggressive and competent is the only word I can use to describe it. It was like who ever was moving the glass was entirely sure of what they were doing and well practiced in it. At no point during this did the glass stop moving, when not pointing to something, it would be spinning in circles around the board. I asked if they wanted to communicate 'NO'. I then asked what it did want, 'HURT'. Jamie then asked if it wanted to hurt someone here in the room, 'YES'. I asked if it was me and the glass shot straight back to 'YES', almost clearing the edge of the table. Finally, I asked for a name. The glass spun around the table a few more times before spelling out 'LEVI'. This made no sense to us then and makes even less sense to me now. We asked for a surname, asked if that was a nickname and a few other random ideas. But the only name it ever gave was 'LEVI'. Whenever we tried to push the point the glass would just spin more wildly. We had the same reaction whenever I asked why he wanted to hurt me. It would either just spell out 'HURT', spin faster in a circle or dart towards me across the table. Eventually, I told him he couldn't hurt me and that I wanted him to leave. With his disapproval shown through the glass trying to spin off the edge of the table. We forced the glass to 'goodbye' and closed the board.

My room felt slightly easier to be in after that. I thought perhaps that was the end of it, he would leave me alone. Spent the rest of the day playing football with my cousins and Jamie. Everything was fine until the walk home that night; I felt the feeling of being watched return. I knew it was 'LEVI' again. I did the only thing left to me, which was pray. Constantly. The whole way home. (I have been brought up a Christian and have a pretty firm belief in many aspects of Christianity, but with parts where I disagree with the church as a general body interprets things, and have debated these points in many church youth groups.) The praying seemed to ease of the feeling of being watched. And that night nothing out of place seemed to happen in my room. Progress. I prayed one final time before sleep, asking for protection for my family, friends and myself from whatever Levi was. I asked for him to be thrown out in Jesus name. For the most part, I think this worked.

Although he seemed to have been forced out on that occasion, I will randomly have these things start again, the same feeling of being watched, knowing it's Levi. The same shadows will start to appear and I have to start the praying all over again. On the handful of occasions I have been near Ouija Boards since then, he always comes through. Even when I'm not taking part. The room goes cold, the glass will start to move, I'll know it's him and the glass will spell out 'LEVI'. The single time I have used an Ouija Board since this particular experience took place, was to show my gran (who has her own board) exactly what happens when he comes through. She was terrified and closed the board almost right away.

I don't mind the praying and I know 'Levi' can't hurt me. But I know if it wasn't for the prayers he would. I don't understand why he follows me, why he wants to hurt me and most of all; who or what he is?

That part of the compulsion to use the board has never left me, I still want to speak to him to find out more, but I refuse to take part and put myself in that situation again.

Hopefully someone on here has heard the name before or something similar? I've looked everywhere I can and have found no link to 'Levi'

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Sylvynya (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-08-06)
Now, I'm not trying to freak you out, but I was haunted by a spiritual being called Levi. He appeared to me as an enormous wolf-like animal that would also appear as a large man with long dark hair. (Long meaning down to his shoulders, and dark meaning black.) Any time he'd appear, it was as a dark shadow and he was very quiet. One time I was in the state of half asleep, half awake and I even heard a deep male voice say "from the River." Later that same night I had a dream about him and I was trying to get his name and he finally said 'Levi.' (Pronounced Leh-VEYE) I did a little research and apparently there is a demon named Leviathan. He was described as a water monster, and is known for being a Prince of Hell of Envy. Being a water monster, I didn't think they were the same, but it dawned on me that I live beside a river and hearing the voice say from the River I assume it IS Leviathan. Over the next few weeks I would start hearing footsteps and doors opening. My cats would stare at something constantly. Voices would come from my bedroom and my bed would squeak during the day when I was home alone, like someone was sitting on it. It would get cold chills at random times when I was in bed. I started sleep walking and talking. I'd wake up with bruises, cuts, bite marks, and scratches. I lost sleep, and I felt like I was being watched 24/7. When I woke up one night beside the river in the woods, I had enough and had my house blessed. This didn't help ad eventually I turned to personal prayer and exorcism to banish what I had assumed was this Prince of Hell. Things died down after that and I had no more appearances of this demon for a couple months. Recently he has appeared in my dreams, but only at a distance, and being frightened I've turned back to personal prayers, and it seems to have kept him at a distance. If I were you, I would keep communication to this entity to a minimum and stay away from him. Get your house blessed, and good luck.


Never say the name of any demon out loud. It's provoking and could even summon that demon, or any demon for that matter. Keep the use of your Ouija Board to a minimum, this can be a window, or gateway, for them to come in. Communication with demons is extremely dangerous, and has known to be fatal. Please do not disreguard this. Thank you.
Elle0309 (2 stories) (39 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-24)
Actually, I think that it was trying to say it is evil. Since you are experiencing progressive entrapment, it is not being direct with you, keeping you dangling, if you will.
Mosha (3 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-28)
Hi thank you for sharing your story's. I have an idea, although you may not like it. Try using the board again in the same place you did the first time and try to contact Jim. Maybe you can get some information from that entity as to what Levi is. Its worth a shot. Keep us posted on your experiences with Levi ❤ ❤
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-22)
it might be nothing but in your post you say gran got scared and shut the board straight away, have you asked her if she knows of anyone called levi? It is a possibility that it is someone from the past that knew your family in some way
Just a thought
Keep us posted
alexr23 (2 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-17)
Thanks for the links. I'll read them as soon as I get a chance.:)

I should clarify, the glass itself wasn't spinning in circle, it was moving in a circle on the board. Around the inside of the letters if that makes sense? And yes, we kept our fingers on the glass.

As for it being an incorrect attempt at spelling evil, I considered that myself. And while it is a distinct possibility, I feel sure that it was a name.
Thanks for the comments.
isis80 (3 stories) (51 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-17)
Yeah, I thought the same thing, maybe it is trying to spell the word evil --
stephyw2001 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-11-17)
perhaps it can't spell evil? I don't quite understand how the glass is spinning around. Are you all keeping your hands on it while its doing this?
quixoticqt (5 stories) (104 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-17)
In my religion being a Christian I believe in demons. I think that some of them get attached to Ouija boards and some manifest from them.
So I did some research on the name and put in "demon" and "Levi" together. There's one called Leviathan; Levi can be short for Leviathan.
Before doing any of the casting out of Leviathan you may want to pray a prayer of protection. You can pray the prayer similar to the one on my story "my Seward Alaska nuisance" before commencing.
There's a prayer here that cast him out:
I hope this helps you out and that I haven't offended you.
May God keep blessing you and keep you.
❤ Qt
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-16)
I read both of your stories. I want to say that I agree with you completely regarding not uing the board anymore. Apparently this 'Levi" was let through on the first session, or one of the earlier sessions. Keep up with the prayer and with not letting it intimidate you.

Keep us posted,
God Bless!

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