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I Wish It Would Stop


Allow me to introduce myself a bit, seeing as how I'm new here...I'm currently 19, living with my fiancé and my cat and dog. I'm a full-time worker and "house wife" with no children, living in my birth-town of Abilene, Texas. I'm very opinionated and tend to speak my mind, and both my man and I try to rationalize everything we can. Sadly, sometimes it just doesn't work...

My first "paranormal" experience, that I can actually remember and not blame on child imagination, was when I was 11, just after my 10th birthday. We, my mother, father, and myself, moved into my great grandmother's house when I was 7, to help take care of her. I had always slept in the bedroom above the cellar, or in the small bedroom/closet connected to it. Until I was 11. That's when I got the bright idea that, like my brother, who'd moved in with us for a time, I wanted to sleep in the cellar. So we cleaned it up, painted it shallow-pond blue, and moved me in. I drifted back and forth between the cellar and the room above it for about a year because, when I was down there, I had this uncanny feeling that I wasn't alone. Things would happen that I'd dismiss as my imagination or faulty memory; Sounds, movement in the shadows, the feeling of being watched, and things being moved when no one was in the room. When I'd move out, mom and I would here a strange thumping on the floor beneath us, or in the closet room for a couple weeks, then it'd stop. She always told me that I had unlocked something, but I never paid her any mind, thinking she was trying to scare me. Until the last time I moved down there.

I was 12 by this time, and lying in bed one night. I couldn't sleep, and it was very late. I remember turning towards the wall, and my hand hit a hollow spot in the concrete. Then everything got very still. Quiet. This feeling of being in danger came over me, and when I looked towards the foot of my bed, by the door, there was a woman there. She was tall, fey-like, with long, black hair and sapphire eyes, wearing a thin, white, night dress. And she was drenched and angry it was as if I'd disrupted her. For the next two years, when she was around, she'd always be in that same spot, but there'd be another there. A man, taller, but with similar features, dressed in black pants and a white shirt. I came to call him Angeloe, after learning, through the woman herself, that her name was Anne. That's when I learned that I'm able to know a Spirit's name, possible age, and how they died, if they allow me to know. When Anne was near, Angeloe would usually be sitting at the foot of my bed, shaking my leg to wake me or shaking the bed itself. I tried to figure out a natural explanation for it to ease myself, but never could.

Roughly six months before moving to Clyde, Angeloe began to fade, and Anne began to change... I'd be best in explaining her as looking very Grudge-like, save that she crawled on the floor, rather than the walls, and preferred screaming. I've had many experiences with ghosts and such since moving to Clyde, mainly with two children who were killed during the Civil War, and the old Cotton Gin owner (part of the Gin is still on our land in Clyde) whose name was Hank and who hated women. But that's not important as of yet.

Almost 2 years ago now, I lost a pendant that I was given when I was 10. A Tiger's Eye stone that had been in the family for generations. I went to bed one night with it on my bracelet, woke up with it missing. I don't lie when I tell you that I tore my room apart, looking for it. I had everything from stuffed animals and clothes to my bed in the hallway and kitchen, searching. Anne, for some reason, stopped her screaming, mostly, and her hating that next night. I've yet to find my pendant, but Anne's eyes are blue again, as they'd gone red, and she speaks in mostly comprehendible sentences. When she speaks. But something's wrong these days.

Now, to make things clear, I don't see ghosts the way I see this computer or my man. Its mental images. The "mind's eye". But it's different from imagination. It's that sort of "I see it like I would see a memory, but also like its right in front of me" image. It's hard to explain in writing at 4:15am.

Now then, Anne doesn't scare. She never has. She's one of those "Yea though I walk through the Shadow of the Valley of Death, I shall fear no Evil... Cause I'm the baddest (fill in the blank here) on the Block" type people. And yet, things changed when we moved into the house we're in now.

It started simple enough; I was sitting in the living room alone at the computer with the dog when I heard my bedside table drawers slam shut. Just my nerves. And then the back door slammed shut. All the doors were locked... Things popped up here and there for a few months after that. Then one day, while my man was asleep and I was in the living room, the keys by the door fell off the wall, with their sticky hooks. I could pass this off, since sticky hooks don't last long. Save for the fact that his keys landed three feet away and said keys, his hook, and my keys still on their hook, made a perfect right angle. Ok, still could happen. So I set the keys aside and went to take a shower. Needless to say, I wasn't too enthused about a large hand slapping the shower curtain and the cabinet door slamming shut, only to find out that my sleep-all-day fiancé was, well, still asleep. And then, the thing that bothered me most was seeing Anne crawl into the bedroom, looking as though she herself had just seen a ghost, no pun intended, followed by a black smoke that I saw as clearly as I see this screen. It ducked under the door, swirled about, and disappeared. None of the alarms had gone off, and there was no smell or smoke. After that, save for residual effect from a fire, nothing happened. Until about two or three weeks ago.

I was feeling restless, what with my man not being home that night, so I decided I was going to clean the garage. So I set up the radio, pushed my truck into the drive, and proceeded to do just that. I began to have that feeling of being watched, but it wasn't the feeling of Anne's eyes, which I'm quite used to and am now comforted by. And it wasn't the feeling of "human" company. Per usual, I tried to pass it off as nerves. Until my sister (really, ex sister-in-law, but still) got home (she lives across the street with my grandparents) and saw me cleaning. I must've said something that I wouldn't usually say, because she got this strain, though understanding, look and insisted that I tell her if I needed anything. The next few nights were unnerving, though not too unusual.

The third night Levi had been back home, we were lying in bed, and I was trying to relax and go to sleep. So I did what I'd used to do, hoping it would help; I closed my eyes, relaxed my body, and put all my energy into creating an image a golden light seeping from my chest to light the entire room. In my mind, and just as I was starting to doze off, the only thing left unlit was the ceiling and the door. When the light began to touch the door, I felt a push, physically, and saw a figure standing over me. The only thing I had time to make out before I pushed back, more in my mind with the light, was that this figure was tall, shadow-black, with red, slit-pupil eyes. I'm not sure if I was truly that tired, or if I was just that scared, but I passed out. Since then, that feeling of being watched, constantly, hasn't stopped. And last night, it came back. I see it now like I see Anne, but I feel it always. It stands like any normal human, but when it walks, it's very animalistic, crouching, walking on all fours. Naturally, my imagination adds wings and small horns to go with those eyes, though I can't say for certain that it's demonic. Sister seems to think it is. She and her boyfriend seem to think I accidently opened some sort of portal while cleaning the garage.

I went so far as to get out of bed tonight and smudge my bedroom, telling it to go away and that I didn't want it near me. The feeling of it being there just got stronger.

It's currently 4:40, so I've been writing for an hour. So I smudged about an hour and a half ago, and the cat's acting strange again. I'll honestly say it; I hope I'm just crazy.

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Sie (1 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-20)
It's been, say... Four or five days since I wrote... 5am as of now, 11/20/11. It seems that whatever I'm dealing with is smart in that it doesn't want to be around a pms-ing red-head with a large bundle of sage and a bad attitude. Sister, after I fully described this Thing to her, says it could be a shape-shifter. I get the feeling of Cat and Dragon, but also Wolf. A shape-shifting Demon... My life just gets better.
So, the night after I wrote, I was lieing in bed with Levi, dealing with It while he slept, anne by my side as every night. It felt weak, in a way, but angery. And then I noticed it kept inching towards Anne when, all of a sudden, her eyes went red once more and I felt, more than heard, her scream and "saw" her seem like she was fighting something that was trying to pull her away. Her energy was draining, quickly, so I put my hand out (as I sleep with it propping my head up.) I've never felt her actually touch me before, as I've always had some sort of barrier around me. But I felt her when she clutched my wrist in both hands. Her touch is very cold, like ice that's just starting to melt. We stayed like this for several minutes, until my arm started going numb and she let go. It was gone, and she seemed better.
The next day I started and, though in the mornings I felt It near me, by nightfall It was gone.
Thursday morning, though...

I'd been in and out of sleep since about 9am. So, when I woke to the sound of the back door slamming shut and shaking the house (not easy to do for an old door) I thought I'd been dreaming. But it woke Levi as well, and he doesn't wake easily. So we went to investigate. I was in the garage, checking on the dog; I'd have known if the door to the kitchen had shut, cause it would've hit me in the rear. I could see the backdoor in my periferial, and would've noticed the change in light if I hadn't, so I know the door didn't open. But I heard and felt it slam shut with enough force to rattle the house again, including my truck (83 dodge=solid steel) Again, we tried to rationalize, but couldn't.

Then yesterday, at work, I was smoking outside when someone tugged, just once, on my vest. Five minutes later, in the employee restroom, I'd shut the door, making sure it wouldn't open. Well, I saw the knob turn and the door, of course, opened. The only other person in the store was Sue, and she was at the counter. All this leads up to now. I was in bed by myself a bit ago and, of course, I couldn't sleep because of It. Anne was fading again, so I put my arm out. I'm not entirely sure if I felt her nails in my arm, or her teeth, but it hurt. And it wasn't just twinges, there's no marks eather. So I decided to check if my story was posted, and here I am now at 5:20am, waiting on Levi to get off his x-box and come to bed. I think that my "handeling it well" and "staying calm" is just about out the door.

And BlueTurtle, smudging is going over some one/thing/place with Sage in a way to bless and purify.
pratekya (29 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-19)
You are a very good writer.
Apparently the minimum post must be 50 characters, even though I just intended on writing the first sentence.
No_Peeking (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-19)
I see spirits in the same way so I know exactly what you are trying to describe. I also use the golden light technique until I have the whole house lit like it's day. I have to admit that I have never been met with resistance. Good luck. I hope it just takes willpower to overcome it.
lynrinth (guest)
12 years ago (2011-11-19)
This Ann crawled on the floor... And in your new place, she crawled like she was trying to get away from something that even scared her...? Oh. My. God. Now that is definitely freaky. Man oh man, I hope your smudging works. I...I...oh wow. I don't think I want to ever imagine somthing like that. If it can keep whatever is there at bay, then keep doing what you've been doing. Until things seem better, or worse, keep your cool-which sounds like you've been doing-than all you can really do is wait and see what happens. And whatever happens, it's up to you to decide what to do, and what method you've most comfortable with. Alot of people here come what with all kinds of advice. The nice part is they all, or most, care, one of these advices just be one the one to help you. Take care.
ngute80 (220 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-18)
I know exactly how you "see" them. I see them the same way. And yes its very hard to explain to people. It seems like you know what your talking about and know how to deal with them. Thank you for sharing and I hope some other people on here can give you better advise than I.
BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-18)
This is very intense! And for such strange things to happen to you, I'd say you've been dealing with them very well. Anything that even slightly resembles the ghost from The Grudge would scare me shiatless! Excuse the language...
I hope that your smudging proves more effective as time goes on; I've heard that the more assertive you are, that you don't want the presence of a spirit any longer, it should go away. But may I ask what smudging is, exactly?
I do appreciate that you and your fiance tend to be more realistic when it comes to finding a logical explanation about these occurences. It gives your story more credibility and now, honestly, makes it scarier. I hope that things get better for you and that you're able to set your foot down firmly and reclaim your personal space. No one should have to feel threatened in their own home. Please give us updates and, hopefully, get some sleep! ❤

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