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The Tall Black Figure In My Kitchen


About a year and half ago I had quite a few unusual experiences happen to me, but the following two stuck with me the most.

I can't remember what happened before I saw the "tall black figure", but I remember walking out of my room down the hall towards my kitchen, sometime during the day. As I was about to enter the kitchen from the family room, I remember looking down, about to raise my head, as I walked in the kitchen, and it felt like everything just stopped. I then heard a strange noise (the closest I can describe it is, as a very high pitched screech, its almost indescribable). It happened really fast, but as it happened, it felt so long. As I entered the kitchen and lifted my head, the screeching stopped.

In my kitchen there is an island with a table behind it, and a ceiling fan above the table. As I looked forward, at the left corner of my eye, behind the island, I saw a mostly solid, black figure, that reached the ceiling fan, and as I was focusing my eyes to look towards it, it felt like everything slowed again, and I didn't see any facial features on it. I stopped and we both were sort of facing each other, for what felt like a long time to me. It reached its arm out and pointed at me, and then it had its hand out as if it wanted something, then slowly closed its hand into a fist and brought it to its chest. I remember an exhale, and then it disappeared. After I had this experience I remember occasionally getting angrier and angrier.

About 6 months afterwards I went to a local show at a place that was owned by a church, I noticed a room which had a sign that said "spiritual readings", and I was curious of what they would say about my experience. So after they did the whole spiritual reading thing, I stayed in the room with them and I asked "what is one word God would want to tell me?" They put their hand on my knee and I felt my knee sort of twitching, and once they were done, both of the ladies got the same word, in which they said it was "beautiful".

That same night, I had a dream that took place in the town I was born. The main part of that dream that bothered me the most was, I was walking towards a dirt field that was near my old house, and as I was walking towards it I saw an island similar to the one in my kitchen. Then my dream went in the 3rd person view and I saw my family in a line, behind the island, holding hands and looking down while praying. I then saw myself jump onto the island on my knees, and I looked at everyone. I then began staring at the person right in front of me (I can't remember who exactly it was) and I remember me hissing in their faces.

If anybody has any idea of what I saw, or if my dream is somehow connected to what I saw, please share your opinions, I'd really like to get your input. Thanks

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Sie (1 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-20)
As far as Demons and Shadow People, I've two theories. If demonic (which I doubt because your experiances would've started long before, and subtly) then it wants something you have or has chosen you for some reason or another. Again, I doubt it is demonic. It could very well be a spirit or Shadow person who felt the need to be seen, or was not aware that it was showing itself. And, when realized, it eather wanted conformation, or tried to ask you something. The bringing of it's fist to it's chest sounds to me like it could have been the spirit of a Native, or at least a pirit that's very old. Try doing a little research on the history around where this all took place.

And the dream? I don't beleave in coincidences, but it could be just that. Your encounter was on you mind still, and the spiritual reading. But it could be that you have doubts about what was said, and that doubt was symbolized as a person.
JimD (431 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-19)
Well, the tall black figue to me seems demonic, and I feel that, in general, spiritual raedings can make things worse; however, you seem fine so I'm glad. I see no need for Holy water, prayers, etc., at least any more so than normaly needed for everyone who practices that way, at least.
Versus (7 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-19)
Shadow men, or the tall black figures are pretty common. They aren't ghosts or spirits of people who have died. Normally, they simply observe and are suprised if you become aware of them. When they do present themselves it's primarily to instill fear. The screach you heard is common in spiritual experiences where a "evil" presence becomes frustrated or angry.

The dream is a bit more concerning. Sometimes when we think we think with our voice talking through some problem. However, somtimes that voice although it sound like us isn't our own. The dream is indicitive of an attempt to gain some access to your awareness... Not being able to fully gain control (only partial) it hijacks the dream. The hissing is another prsentation of frustration and anger... And is primarily used as a tool of fear.

...or it all could be your imagination.

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