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Just to be upfront, I have never told this to any one except my dad who's where I come from. If any of you know about my past stories I have a full Celtic backround, and am very interseted in the Celtic paranormal beliefs. I have always hiked in this certain part of my town since I was wee lad. I always hiked past a wierd looking henge, one that looks spitting image identical to the henges made on stone in Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and Ireland.

There was always a weird sensation of being watched, I haven't been this place in a while, but when I went back recently I felt a weird sensation again. I can't discribe it, but it felt like some held a big T.V right behind my head, even in the day. It only got wrose in the night, hearing faint little whispers and sometimes seening things in the back of my eye. I would go there sometimes with my dog, and it seemed as though she felt uneasy about going near it. I did some reaserch and found something like ancient Cornish or Breton, but I have a feeling it was Cornish sailed across in B.C times and settled in the exact location I live at. Living side by side even Trading and mixing with the local Lenape tribe and I even found a language that was a mix of Lenape and Ancient Brythonic (in the Cornish dialect, not the Welsh or midland britain).

After learning this and much more about Celt mysticism and old folklore that henges were used for paganistic perposes and to talk to the dead and spirits of old tribesmen, I went back and just sat in the middle of the henge for a long time walking around it in and staring into the creek and waterfalls that surrounded it almost 360 degrees. I started to hear foot steps around dusk, soon hearing faint voices in the woods, even getting the sensation of someone holding a T.V right behind me although it seemed like many were there. To be honost I got a little scared hearing what I heard and seeing now little bright lightes flashing and flying by my face and around me, and what I thought were rods or beams.

It started to scare the hell out of me so I sang the one song in the old Cornish language that always made me sense that good presence of what I learned was old family members. (from my other story Family Ties). As I was singing this song I felt the good presences come around me but also before I sensed them I can't describe it only to say that it felt like the whole mood of the place calmed or I didn't feel as threatened by them. I look back now and think maybe it was because I was speaking the same langauge as them in the past life. At first I did feel like I may have been torn apart because I stuck around for so long it must have pissed them off.

Now I go there with my dog and still she seems uneasy, but I feel no danger now. But actually sometimes I feel they know me and see me as not a threat, but a descendant, or some kind of fellow countryman. Because some times I go down there at night and speak in the ancient Cornish language hearing the whispering, but now the apparitions have become very bold as if the they know me and don't care if I see them.

Please tell me what you think of my experiance, and tell me of anything you heard about henges and Celt folklore.


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WelshmanTrezise (5 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-03)
Shell1982- I spent much of my life in america, specifically the appalachian mountains, which is full old scotch-irish and welsh families that still use even today the older terms such as wee and what not. Also when in Wales I did hear people saying wee, I spell using mixed words vocabulery like I usually spell Collour instead of color, I say lift instead of elevator, I even catch myself saying ice-lolie instead of popsicle sometimes, and to explane my celtic heratige, welsh,cornish, breton are all the same thing anyway, just ruled by different countries. I'm pretty sure I know what a henge be, and about that henge its so old and families i'm told that owned the land were kicked out to make way for water treatment facilities. Its cool though, I get people all the time that ask me if i'm british or american because my vocabulery is so mixed and I sound like southwest valleys (Wales) -mixed with southerner (American) -mixed with delco pennsylvania most of the time.
reddysteady (5 stories) (95 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-06)
Shell - I'm not English/Scottish/Welsch by any stretch (my Dad's family has been state-side since the 1600's and are Dutch, and Mum's all German and Romanian), buuuuuuttttt... I still picked up UK colloquialisms from my brief stay in Enfield, and use them often... Just sayin'. You should hear my accent - Western NY with a little Pennsylvanian, a heavy New Hampshire influence, and Boston vowels, with London phrases. I'm an American and call apartments "flats", use the term "blud" (and not so nice terms, also 😉)... Buuuuut, I guess the point is, just because someone's from a place doesn't mean they always talk or write like it.

To play devil's advocate 😉
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-08-03)
Shell1982 - not to take up for Welshman, but the spelling of "realize" could have been my mistake, not his. I edited the story and may have changed that 😕. I try to remember, when editing, that different countries/cultures, etc spell words differently, such as realize/realise. Sometimes I forget. This may be one of those "oops" moments. If so, that was my mistake and I do apologize.
Shell1982 (70 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-03)
Your stories confuse me, Welshman. They sound to me like the kind of stories someone would make up if they WANTED to be of Celtic heritage but actually weren't. Many details are odd - for instance, your mix of different Celtic heritages is quite astonishing, you possibly don't know what a henge is, you spell "realise" with a "z," you have a mysterious henge that conveniently doesn't have a name, and you say "wee" a heck of a lot for someone who isn't Scottish. Sorry, not buying it. If I'm wrong I apologise wholeheartedly; but I'm not, am I?
An Englishwoman (genuine)
reddysteady (5 stories) (95 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-03)
I wanted to write a long comment about how, maybe these ancient spirits that dwell in the henge are still miffed about their cultures being assimilated and wiped out, and so being as they felt one of their last sanctuaries had been invaded, they sent out hostile vibrations to encourage you to leave - But once they discovered that you respectfully and earnestly delved into the roots of your land and heritage, they realized you weren't a threat. But instead of offending a bunch of people with a really long, drawn out, historically-based comment (essay, really) about certain religions overpowering ancient, nature-and-energy-based societies for the sake of feeding power-hungry G*ds, and the tension that would surely leave behind in a land so full of memory, I will simply offer:

Maaaaybe they were tired of being invaded, and thought that was your intent, but once you touched base and showed your true self, they became less hostile and more curious.

Lovely story, the ancient cultures of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and England have held me captive for quite a long time. Thank you for sharing your experience (s)!

Love and light,
WelshmanTrezise (5 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-17)
Well no one noes the name, I askedaround, but no one knows the name of that place but, its like stone henge, but smaller I found that in BC ish times Cornish tribesmen landed in that exact part of where I currently live and where this stone henge is created.
Foxglove (23 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-27)
Hi WelshmanT! I tried to comment on this when you originally posted it but the server died: (

Agree with stephyw2001- a 'henge' is specifically just the bank-and/or-ditch enclosure from the Neolithic, and normally doesn't contain any stones or structures. (Stonehenge being the one massive and obvious exception! And also the main reason for all the confusion...)

What are the exact details of this site? You mentioned stones- perhaps it could be a stone circle (Bronze Age, 2500 BC-ish) or portal dolmen (Mesolithic), etc. Or even a Neolithic long barrow or something similarly tomb-like.

Also do you know the name of the place? If you have a Historic Environment Record (HER) office nearby, it would be worth enquiring as to the specifics- age, type, any prior archaeological investigation, that kind of thing. Even a local library should have archives pertaining to the site if it's of (pre) historical significance.

Without knowing the specifics it's difficult to comment- but VERY BROADLY SPEAKING these site types do frequently have some death, cremation, and/or burial associations. (stone circles for instance often have cremated remains placed centrally).

I've also experienced eerie sensations, though not as noteworthy, at some prehistoric sites. I do believe that prehistoric Britons had some kind of access to otherworldly knowledge, which they were somehow 'tapping into' at particular locations. They are certainly very 'charged'...

Amazingly, there were even more of these places dotted through the landscape, and of which we now know virtually nothing. Woodhenge and Seahenge are good popular examples of decomposed structures that we've only really found by intense investigation or happy accident. The ritual landscape of the Neolithic is a wonderful thing to study!

Good Luck,

stephyw2001 (guest)
10 years ago (2011-12-12)
The Neolithic era is truly a fascinating part of history. The word "henge" mearly means a circular or oval shaped bank with an internal ditch. It does not require the use of stone or brick walls or structures. The ditch will surround a central flat area that needs to have at least a 20 meter diameter.

As far as I am aware, talk of celtic rituals and offerings or sacrifices is only speculated.

The Neolithic era is in my opinion, one of the more fascinating areas of history simply because there are so many unknowns.

There are many great books to choose from that cover parts of the Neolithic era, and I'm sure many books on Celtic history. I am currently rereading Art History, a series of art history books by Marilyn Stokstad, in which I just finished the Neolithic period. This book in particular doesn't cover any one period in great depth, since it must get through 38, 000 years of art history. However, it does contain great pictures and if parts of the book intrigue you, you are always able to research it in greater depth.

Sorry I cant' be of more help, but the question you are asking is something that people are still studying constantly to this day. I'm not sure there is any one real answer to your question at this point in time.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-12)
To help protect yourself, you can always try the old stand by- Cold Iron.
There are other forms of protection- but they can get weird-

The Sheela Na Gigh:
WelshmanTrezise (5 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-11)
I have more. If you to check any out, they are called Annwn and Family Ties. 😁
lynrinth (guest)
10 years ago (2011-12-11)
Pretty fascinating. It would be interesting to hear more tales.

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