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Poj Ntxoog Or Little Girl Monsters


One night, I heard little kids laughing outside my window. There's a picnic bench outside of my window (live in an apartment). I awoke to their laughter and gibberish talk. At first, I was pissed because they woke me up and because it was still dark. I didn't know it was 4am, I assume it was 6 am because I had thought maybe they got up to go to school and was waiting for their ride outside on the bench. But, as I listened to them talk, I couldn't make out what they were saying. It didn't sound like any type of language, it sounded like gibberish. The one word I can hear loud and clearly was "vámonos" over and over again (Please don't joke that it's Dora or some Mexican kids, read on and you'll see). A little girl kept saying it, but she would continue to laugh this creepy, annoying laugh and they would continue to giggle and talk.

Then, I heard a little boy. He wasn't talking instead he was making these animal sounds, kind of like a growl follow with low gurgles. The other girls would continue to laugh this creepy, loud laugh. They were moving stuff on the bench because I can hear paper-like shuffles. This went on for as long as 10 minutes I grabbed my phone and it said 4:30 am, it was then that it hit me. Maybe they weren't kids; maybe, just maybe they were poj ntxoog! I started to get scared, my heart pounding but I stay as still as I can. If I was right, I didn't want them to know that I was listening to them. One girl kept saying "vámonos" but they weren't leaving; they would just laugh then say "vámonos" over and over again. In my head I was like "damn, you keep saying "let's go" but you're still there! Leave already!"

Suddenly it got quiet. No more laughter or gibberish talk. Then I questioned myself, "if they left, how come I didn't hear any feet scuffling, or any footsteps leaving the premises, how come I didn't hear them gather their things, how come I didn't hear any of their clothes shuffle as they got up to leave, how come I didn't hear any of these things!" Also, during that whole time I kept quiet, I didn't want them to know that I was listening to them because then they might keep bothering me. I sleep with my boyfriend and his apartment doesn't have that Hmong spiritual paper thingy on their wall (it helps protect your home) so that means that evil spirits can easily enter their home. I didn't want to attract any type of spirits into their home. In the Hmong culture, if you attract these spirits, they tend to follow you and disturb you until you seek a Shaman to get rid of them.

I've posted this onto my FB and a friend of mine lives in the exact apartment area, she claimed to have heard it a night before me around the same time, now tell me was it some poj ntxoog?

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anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-13)
I Googled: Vamonos means 'lets call it off' or
'lets call it a day'. The first thought I had when reading this is, perhaps long ago, children were strangling this boy and the one girl told them to
'vamonos', and the boy died before they did...?
But it could just be my overactive imagination 😊 It sounds creepy though, and worth doing some research on...
chingvang559 (42 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-11)
Hey Hmong sister, you should go post your stories on they have a 200+ page Ghost story thread.

What does Vamanos mean? I've heard a bunch of cats crying like little children outside of my front door but when I open the door...Nothing. I have yet to hear ghost talk gibberish though
Argette (guest)
12 years ago (2011-12-11)
Bossymum, that would be very frightening, and I believe you experienced it, because hearing conversations is a fairly common occurrence. The boy's growl would be especially scary to hear. Could you have picked up something that happened in the past? How strange that the word "vamonos" was used again and again - almost like the entities knew they should be leaving. Very curious. I look forward to hearing more on this one.

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