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You Better Get It


The only time so far that I have had a poltergeist try to physically harm me was at my friend Kayla's house. (read Kayla's House). I'm almost 21 now. And the most recent experience I had was back at the end of August when I stayed at my sisters house (actually trailer) to visit her and our nieces.

I had stayed the weekend and my 2 dogs were with me. The AC wasn't on because it was cold outside. It was early sunday morning at about 6-6:30am and my bro-in-law was still asleep. My sister and my nieces were all 3 sitting on the couch watching tv and I was playing on the floor with both of my dogs. I was turned slightly facing my sister and her kids. (My sister has a love seat that sits beside the couch on the other side of an end table.)

All of a sudden, my dog Hero stopped playing and started growling, looking up at the wall under a picture frame above my sister's love seat. My sister Theresa said, "He sees something..." And my nieces grew scared. I told her concerned, "yep I know..." Hero started to shake because he was scared. And then I put him in my lap. His twin brother Demon also quit playing and laid down in my lap. Hero kept shaking and looking in that one spot. (I have never told my dogs this before but I decided to tell Hero this just to see what the spirit/demon would do) I told Hero, "Get it! You better get it!" Hero wined after I had started saying that and I immediately thought to myself, "Maybe I shouldn't have said that...?"

And all of a sudden my hair stood up (at this point I said "look my hairs standing up..." and showed them) on the left side of my body and my sister and I felt a REALLY cold rush of air! My sister said, "OOOHH man that was a cold breeze son! Did you feel that? It grazed my arm!" And I told her, "yeh. I definitely did!" My nieces were just in shock and asked their mom, "was that a ghost?" And she told them, "Yes it was." My dogs were no longer scared and went back to playing. So it vanished. I had never felt a cold rush like that until that morning.

My husband hasn't experienced anything like that yet, but I told him one day he will since he's married to me. It's bound to happen one day since these things have been in my life more than once.

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8baw (4 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-13)
To horzeluva17 and Zapamay, thanks. Since then, my sister Theresa has blessed her trailer. And everything seems pretty fine. Nothing is out of the ordinary currently. That was my most recent encounter with a spirit though.
horzeluva17 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-07)
Do not worry about it! ❤ It was in a trailer right? Try to get them to spend the night at your house see if it follows them:)
zapamay (3 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-05)
That's crazy. My dog always does that too. He doesn't shake though... He tries to act tough, even though he's a little I should try this though... I think it would tell the spirits in my house to get the heck out!

Your dog did see a ghost/demon. If you guys felt terrified, then it is most likely evil. GOod luck and I hope you get rid of this thing!

Love, Zapamay ❤

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