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Tapping On My Windows And A Stalker In The Shadows


I don't really know where to start. I'm not going to give you many details about who I am. For communication purposes you can call me D, and I'm of completely sound mind. I am a skeptic by nature and I tend to demand scientific proof for nearly anything I encounter. Despite this I have managed to garner a strong Christian faith and an understanding that some things are simply beyond my knowledge. I'm 21 years of age as of the time I'm writing this. Not including those of you that will read this I've only told this story to 4 other people and I intend to keep it that way, but I feel the need to talk about what happened and share with others what happened to me. I'm writing this for you to get an idea of who I am, and that I'm not some teenager seeking attention or someone looking to become famous off of my experiences, I simply want to find others who may have dealt with a similar experience.

My father has a history of being sensitive to things I refer to as "otherworldly"; until recently I always took his stories with a grain of salt. I'd never really had a "supernatural" experience regarding any ungodly spirit or form. That all changed not to long ago.

It all started in the Summer of 2010. I took the summer off from my college work and tend to my father who was going through cancer treatments. I took a contact though a local group that payed young adults to work in their communities. My official work hours were 8 hours a day, however I worked at a church tending the grounds and sometimes stayed an hour or 2 after work to make sure everything was in order for the services. I worked completely alone in the building and that's how I liked it.

Because the church was low on cash the building's AC was kept off and it almost always reached a temperature of around 100 degrees on a daily basis... So basically T'shirt and shorts weather. The heat did a pretty good job of sapping my energy, but I'll get back to that here shortly.

Like I said earlier I liked working alone. The building was nice and quiet and I could work without interruption. My boss had me lock the doors behind me when I went to work every day so I wouldn't have to worry about any of the neighborhood thugs breaking in while I was there by myself. This left me locked up all alone in a large building with absolutely no other people around, but at the time I didn't mind... That all changed very quickly though.

After getting into the swing of things sometimes my work schedule was very unbalanced and left me with a lot of free time on certain days of the week. My boss told me it was okay if I just found a pew to nap on while I waited for my 8 hours to be up. Needless to say after working in the heat for a 5 to 6 hours drains one's energy fairly quickly so I was happy to take my boss up on this offer; after all it was essentially paid nap time.

After my first week of work I had my first experience. I'd already cleaned the church classrooms and done my assigned cleaning for the day so I looked for a comfortable pew to rest on. I settled on one in the hallway and I was asleep in no time. I woke up because I heard a noise coming from the classroom on the far end of the hall from me...that's when I noticed that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't move my arms or legs. I'd dealt with sleep paralysis before, but this was different. I couldn't move my head and eyes and even my mouth but my other limbs were completely petrified.

Still hearing the noise I tried my hardest to move but to no avail. I eventually passed out after an intense struggle and an attempt to scream for help (Who was going to help me was beyond me). I woke up shivering and sore... It was odd to feel chilled in a room that must of surely been at least 100 degrees. My skin was cold to the touch and my throat hurt (I imagine it was from my attempts to scream). I brushed it off as a nightmare and went home shortly there after.

A few days later I sat down for a moment to send a message on my phone. Before I could reach into my pocket I felt light headed... Like someone had struck me in the front of my head. Involuntarily I leaned over on the pew and passed out. While I was passed out I had horrible nightmares about not being alone in the church and being stalked by some shadowy figure. I woke up to once again find that I couldn't move. I once again struggled for a good while to move to no avail. I awoke to find it was getting close to time to close up for the day. I still needed to vacuum a few classrooms before I could go home. I quickly cleaned up and put my vacuum away in the custodian closet and got my keys out to lock up and leave...That's when it happened.

I heard the sound of hinges swinging and turned to see the same classroom's door I mentioned before swinging shut... I knew then I wasn't alone in the church. Not wanting to simply let someone rob the church I drew my work knife and prepared to chase whomever it was out of the church. I crept up on the door and quickly opened it ready for a fight... Only to find that the room was completely empty.

I laughed to myself about how I got so worked up over nothing and turned the light off and got ready to leave. As I reached the middle point of the hallway I heard something that sent chills down my spine. The door was swinging shut after having opened. I backed away slowly while facing the door until I heard the sound of foot steps running towards me. I ran faster than I've ever ran before to the exit and slammed it shut. I locked up and left as fast as I could. I didn't know what had happened to me, but I decided it would be best if I kept it to myself. Looking back I wish I hadn't.

I returned to work (against my better judgement) and continued my daily task for a few weeks without incident. My last week of work it happened again though; I sat down only to feel that feeling again. A: That I wasn't alone and B: That someone was groping around inside my skull and making me feel tired. I passed out and in no time I awoke unable to move. I felt chilled beyond belief. Not just because I felt externally cold. But in the distance coming from that same classroom I could see the outline of what looked to be a very tall human-like figure moving in the shadows. I tried my best to move... To run... But all to no avail. I passed out; terrified because I KNEW that I wasn't alone. When I woke up I locked up and left as soon as I could reach the exit. I told my boss I wasn't feeling well and I got the rest of the day off.

Returning home I felt like I was going crazy. I did some research and learned that sleep paralysis could make one hallucinate to some extent... Being ever the skeptic I rationalized my experiences with this. It had to be the sleep paralysis it just had to be. I couldn't accept the possibility that something was stalking me. I finished off my last scheduled day of work and never went into that building alone again for a very long time.

The story is far from over though. I went on with my life and a few months later I'd purged my experiences in the church from my memory for the most part. It was getting to be winter about that time... It was October when things really started to escalate.

I went to sleep one night in my room only to wake up to the sounds of the glass on my window making a "thump" sound. I figured it was just the cat screwing around on the pedestal outside and went back to sleep. I woke up a second time because I could hear the dogs outside going nuts about something. I shone a flashlight outside and checked thoroughly but I couldn't find any trace of whatever made the dogs bark. As I'd done before I simply reasoned that it was just the cat or something. The next day I removed the pedestal from next to the window so the cat couldn't get up there and checked around in the dirt for foot prints (I'm an experienced hunter and tracker); I found absolutely nothing.

This went on for a few weeks. I'd continually wake up to the sounds of tapping at my window and the dogs barking or growling; I'd get nervous and check it out, only to find nothing.

As always I continued to dismiss it.

I learned soon that sometimes ignoring these things only serves to really piss them off.

I'd started spending more time in dorms of the school I attend. I had my own room and being as I was having trouble sleeping back home I just stayed there most nights. This is when things really got bad.

I'd left on a school trip out of state; by now I was sleeping well and the tapping on my window was at the very back of my mind. The trip went well and I got back about 1:45 a.m. I went back to my room to find my room mate still wasn't back and that the dorm was virtually deserted. I climbed into the top bunk of the bed (my bunk of course) and settled in for the night. I woke up while it was still dark outside because I heard our front door open. I figured it was just one of my dorm mates coming back from a party and went back to sleep. That's when I heard my door start to open. I'd shut it earlier but the locks on my door didn't always engage correctly. I watched the door open expecting my room mate to be there... It wasn't my room mate.

Through the small amount of light peering in through my window I witness what I can only call a walking nightmare. It was completely blacked out; like a burly shadow. I saw this large shadow duck under the door way and enter my room. My eyes widened with fear and I blinked... No sooner did my eyes open and "he" was standing next to my bed. Even on the top bunk he towered over me. I'm guessing he was at least 8-9 feet tall. The scariest thing about him was that he had no face. His face was like a deeper section of a shadow; I couldn't make out any distinguishing features.

He stared at me for a second before I realized that I could still move. I shifted my body and swung my left arm towards him as hard as I could; my arm didn't reach him. I don't know how to describe it but my arm fell flat and numb against the bed. I tried to get up but he raised his arms and conformed himself into a "T" shape. No sooner had he done this than I realized the feeling was gone out of most of my body and I'd been rendered paralyzed. His arms seemed to grow and stretch and he seemed to get a little taller as he stared down at me.

He stretched out his arms in a motion that made me feel like he was going to hug me... I closed my eyes and asked God to make him go away. I woke up to find that his arms were lowered and it wasn't doing anything. The last thing I remember of him was him putting his left arm on my forehead and giving me a gentle tap on the head. The tap evidently made me pass out. I woke up the next morning still frightened. At first I thought it may have been a dream. That's when I noticed that the edges of the blanket had been tucked in around me very tightly, and that my door was standing wide open.

After doing some research on my own I now realize that what visited me was a physical manifestation of a demon. Being a Christian I am impervious to possession. I think the next best thing it thought it could do would be to either A: Kill me or B: Scare me so bad it caused me to falter in my life. Why it reached it's arms out like it was going to hug me is beyond me, the same regarding why it tucked me in and took it's time leaving. I know it had to obey my plea to God to leave but it didn't leave in a hurry. I suspect that it had other motivations than just to hurt me.

I went home frightened about what had happened to me. I realized one thing though; in the form he was in he had to use the physical things of this world. He had to enter in through unlocked doors or windows, and the only way he could get at me was if I left the door open for him. I waited a few nights until my courage was sufficient enough for me to attempt something different than cowering and begging.

I slept on the couch of my house that night. I locked up every door in the house except for the front door nearest to me. Before bed I'd told my parents to stay in their room no matter what they heard. That night I stayed awake... Waiting for him to enter my house. I checked my clock and it neared 3 a.m. That's when I realized that he was in the room with me. Sticking to the shadows he again moved close to me. Closing my eyes and this time praying aloud I commanded him to leave my home in Jesus name and to never come near me or any of my loved ones ever again or I'd do everything I could to see that he was sent to the deepest parts of Hell from where he came. When I opened my eyes he was gone, and I slept peacefully.

If you've made it this far you've probably figured out that my story isn't over quite yet. Keep reading and I'll explain what's still going on to this day and still going on as I write this.

I cast the first demon away. I called him "The Tall Man" because of his immense size. He was terrifying no doubt about it, but he's not the only demon I've encountered. I realize now that what I encountered in the church was an entirely different demon and that it's not so easy to get rid of.

Near the end of this last December I started to suffer incredibly lucid night terrors. I'd wake up screaming (and scaring anyone within ear shot to death). I realized that I was continually waking up a little after 3 a.m. I'm no stranger to the fact that ungodly things such as demons seem to be more active during those hours. At first I thought it was just my internal clock doing it. The dreams continued to get continually worse... Normally ending with a more human-life shadow cornering and killing me.

About this time I started hearing tapping on my window again. This isn't subtle tapping like before though; this is so audible that there's no doubt that something is there tapping the glass. It isn't just tapping though. I hear the tapping just as the door handles to my room jingle and the room drops in temperature. There is absolutely no sleep paralysis now; ever since the incident with the Tall Man I hadn't experienced that any more. The dogs barked for a while but after some odd growling (not from the dogs) they started hiding out in their houses.

The last time this happened was particularly frightening. I'd woke up about 3 a.m from a nightmare. Once again I was jarred awake by the sound of tapping on my window. This was different than the other times though; the tapping was making a rhythm. It was 3 taps followed by 2 taps followed by 3 taps. I noticed that the area of the room surrounding my bed was lighter than my bed it's self. I realized that there was something shadowy hovering over my bed. I darted out of the room and sat in my parents room and watched them sleep until the sun came up before I slept on the couch.

I don't know how to explain it but this demon is different than the other one. The Tall Man was bad but even he seemed to lack the brutality of this one. This demon is still not physical and isn't completely in our world yet... I hate to admit it but I greatly fear what this one will be like if he ever make's himself physical to appear to me.

I want to send this one away like the first; I really do. But every time he shows up I just get so overwhelmed with fear that I forget to pray to God. If you've read this all the way though and you're wondering about what I'd ask of you I'd simply ask that you pray for me. Pray that God watch over me and that He'd give me the strength I need to face this thing and send it back to Hell where it belongs.

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darkassassin92 (119 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-07)
I live in oregon I remember having sleep paralysis since 2011 of july o I think or august I do not remember having sleep paralysis when I was younger it was march 2013 the first monday and I was sleeping my mom said she was leaving and she left then I saw her when she left trying to touch my chest I'm not lying she was not there she was picking up my half brother so what do you think was it a female demon?
Dante_Dimnorix (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-14)
Would I be too out of line to ask the name of the church where you saw your first demon, and where the church is? I'm an investigator, of sorts and your tale of "The Tall Man" interests me. And note that I have no intention to disprove your claim. Quite the oppisite. Reading about "The Tall Man" gives me a sense of Deja Vu... As with you, I do not wish to disclose too much about myself, but I know exactly what you went through, and any information you could give me about the church and the man would be deeply appriciated.
Sincerely, KoS
Anonymous37 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-02-05)
Don't worry Jav. Sorry if that came off as standoffish; I actually meant some of that in a joking manner but an "lol" or a smiley face didn't really seem to fit.

Thanks for commenting and no worries; that stuff reminds me of my ma.

I'm not paranoid about the psychiatrist lol; I just don't want one that won't understand what's going on who'll try and push pills on me. If I knew a trustworthy one around here I wouldn't mind but my experiences with a lot of medical services around here have been so negative I'm skeptical of most of them.
Thanks again for the concern and comments.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-04)
Glad to hear you received a clean bill of health.
I am not the type to stick my nose into other people's spiritual or religious beliefs, that's just how I was raised.
No disrespect here Anonymous (see, I can use that one too), but never once did I suggest that you were in any way, shape, or form, exhibitting a tendency toward anything. Including any type of (and these are your words):
"angry outburst or feeling like I want to go postal"
So spare me the assumptions on your part please.

My concern was for your well being. I happen to live in an area of the country where deaths from heat exposure are a reality. So much so that we get daily updates on their numbers during the hot season. And though I am not an expert on the matter, I am well versed in the symptoms. Down here you can't afford not to be.
My advice sir? Take advantage of Rook's kind offer. A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


~PS~Seeing a psychiatrist doesn't mean you're crazy. But being afraid to could be considered paranoia~ 😆 😆 ❤
Anonymous37 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-02-04)
No offense Jav but I've been to the Doctor multiple times since this occurred. I had an illness in my stomach for a few months and I've been prodded inside and out on many different occasions. I got that illness cleaned up and every doctor I've seen has told me I'm very healthy.
My father wanted me to see a psychiatrist; lord knows if I told a psychiatrist what I seen they'd probably dope me up or have me committed. I've gone through some light counseling though; no problems there. Aside from seeing this stuff I'm unchanged mentally; no angry outburst or feeling like I want to go postal.
Thank you for commenting.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-04)
I am probably going to get reamed for this, but growing up in the southwest, I have a healthy regard for the heat index and what it can do to your body and mind. Many times, the hydration be damned, you will find yourself victim to other ravages that heat can play on your body. You can drink liquids to replenish your body from the sweat factor, but there are other considerations as well. Potassium level for one. You must keep an eye on that. If you get too low your muscles will cramp up or freeze. Body temperature lowers, you may even fail to sweat. No telling what that will do to you mentally, but I'm thinking it can't be good. Heat will sap your electrolytes, also not good. Your continuous habit of "passing out" in the heat? That is a major sign of overexposure. You do that day after day, without the proper replenishment of vital nutrients and you are just begging for trouble.
You said yourself, you have a history of Sleep Paralysis, and each account you have described here has occurred when you are either just laying down to sleep, coming out of an episode of what you described as "passing out", or waking up. Do you see a pattern here?
Your father has counselled you to seek medical advice and/or treatment. He is your father, he knows and loves you. Why in the world would you blow that off?
I don't know what you are really experiencing here, but I can tell you one thing for sure... Until you have been cleared for all physical damages done to your system from over exposure to the heat, you are a walking tims bomb! No telling what, if any, damage has been done to your vital organs either.
You went into an oven, daily, repeatedly. The human body can only take so much hun.
Sorry, but as a parent I could no longere hold my tongue!

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
Sry to blow yer page up. But liek I hate it when I post a comment & then remember to say something else. DOH! Hate it! Lol! I have seen them more than once & sometimes alone. So I would say yes I have had similar experiences.

I think that's it... Lol!

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
Yes. I have. It wasn't only me though. My dad who has been a pastor & worship leader for 40 years also my mamma, 2 of my sisters & all 3 of my children. But like I said. I would like to keep that out of this site. You can read my posts. CONSTANT is one of them. It will lead you to the other. I would like to say that these shadow things are like no other demon I have dealt with, that's for sure. One time when I was casting one out it felt like my mouth was full of cotton or some junk & I couldn't pull it all out, but there wasn't really anything in my mouth? So, yeah.

Anonymous37 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
Thanks Princess Lotus. I really appreciate the comments. May I ask if you experienced something similar to me?
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
OH! & I just read a few comments (I didn't before) & I should tell you I'm an ordained minister so the freaky stuff I'm into is teaching Gods word, worship & fellowship lol! 😆 I'm no troll, stalker or creep. I just love kicking the enemies a$$. I would also like to let you know about my experience with the shadow. I don't know if it was just one or more than one... But yeah. I would just like to talk out of eyes reach if you know what I mean. I love many people here but there are others that I can do with out. So... Yeah. Hit me up? Peace.

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
Never once has a story on here made me cry so hard I can't see. Less you, honey. I will keep you in prayer. If ever you should need to talk or just pray out of this kind of public light you can email me at LotusTopNotch8 [at]

I cried because this one really hits home. I'm just glad that you know what your dealing with & you know to put your armor on & keep fighting. Its a jungle out there for believers such as us, everyday. I just ask that the Lord ring you some comfort in Jesus' name. I hope you can find some peace & soon. & I am here for you. Bless you & yours. Much love.

Anonymous37 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-02-03)
Hey guys; just commenting again.

Rook. Thanks for the comments. I never really watched the movie Witching Hour and I don't really think I watched the Emily Rose movie all the way through. To me it just seemed like 3 a.m was the time in which these things seem to happen the most intensely. I shouldn't have worded it as fact though.

It was pretty hot in there but I keep pretty well hydrated. It could have been heat related but most of the time when I passed out it was when I was inactive or not really heated up aside from the usual sweat on my brow.

Towards the church comment. The church is actually my home church; I should have mentioned that but when I was writing this I was trying to keep some of the details of my life private. I really should have mentioned it and in hindsight I don't really know what I was trying to keep secret.
I also found out that about the time I started working at the church the current pastor started having an affair and doing a lot of horrible things behind his family and the church's back. I'm suspecting that he did something that allowed this thing to move in.
I think churches are places where spiritual battles take places. During a service or worship I think that things like that tend to stay away, but when it's not full of Christians I think it can be infested just like any other building.

I've started praying more and not letting myself be pushed around and I think it's working now. I haven't been bothered for a while. I'd never really experienced anything like this until recently so I think when I realized that things like this weren't just stories and that it could really happen to me I was really frightened.

DARKNESS: My father had experiences with seeing an old man who helped protect him. When my father was younger he worked picking cotton. He was working one day when a terrible storm hit the area. He was out a ways from home and when he seen a tornado forming he panicked because there wasn't anywhere to go. An old man called him to a cellar that he didn't even know was there and locked them both inside. When the storm passed my father opened the cellar doors to find that there wasn't anyone in the cellar with him.
I didn't tell him much about what happened but I did mention seeing menacing things. Despite his experiences he suggested that I start taking medication if it continues. He's a skeptic at heart much like myself so I'm not surprised.

Shayg. Is that the only time you had an encounter with one of them?

Btw. I don't know if some of the comments on here are trolls or not. To answer some of them; I'm not giving my number out, nor will I give personal contact information out unless I first speak with someone via an email or a message. I've had stalkers before and even though I'm sure there's plenty of good folks on this site I'd rather not risk attracting someone who'd intend to do me harm via whatever freaky crap they might be into.
Shayg84 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-02)
I too once saw "the tall man". It must've been about 8 years ago. I was 20 at the time. I lived on my reservation at the time. I had been talking to a child hood friend on the phone outside my house at or about 1am. While on the phone I start noticing my cats are hissing and meowing like they're about to fight each other. Being that I had more than one tom cats, it was normal until they all surrounded this big bush that was aboout 15 feet in front of out front door. It's really dark on my rez but on that night it was a full moon so I could see better than a normal night. My cousin who lived up the road from me had 3 dogs and they were always coming by and chasing my cats so once they started barking I figured they were coing over for just a cat chase cause they were bored. When the arrived they all stopped at the bush and continued barking at it whi;e my cats were making there attack noises so I got up and started yelling at my cousins dogs and as soon as one of them jumped in the bush this tall dark shadow in the shape of a man walked out of that bush. I froze for about 30 seconds before realizing what I saw I jumped up and ran into my house to tell my wh friend which didn't believe me of course. But I know what I saw and my eyes don't lie. This shadow had to have been 8-10 feet tall. It had to have been some demon of some sort. That was the last I seen it. I will never forget it! If anyone else seen anything similar e-mail me. I'd like to hear your story.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-02)
I was going to refrain from commenting on this one, but I do thoroughly suggest that you take up the shielding and cleansing ritual that Rookdygin is offering to you.

Now your father, you mention he has had experiences aswell, are they anything like what you are experiencing? You are obviously sensitive aswell, some insight from your father seems like a good idea. Keep us updated and all the very best to you.

Thank you for sharing.

creepydog (3 stories) (71 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-02)
pfft DUDE what the hell! Omg what on earth was that? Some freak for the higher ups?
Clarence (2 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-01)
D, I will be praying for you. Please stay strong and keep us updated.

This comment from venky is hidden due to low rating. Show comment

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-01)

I do not doubt that you are experienceing something, just what really needs to be examined.

First...the Witching Hour is not a FACT... Washington Erving used the term 'Witching Hour / Witching Time' in his Story 'The Legand of Sleepy Hollow'...Then Hollywood happened and in the Movie 'The Exerocism of Emily Rose' a charecter said something along the lines of 3am was the devils hour becasue Christ was Crucified at 3PM... Keep in mind this is a MOVIE...

Second: Are you sure that your 'passing out /weakness' and other issues you experienced in the Church were not Heat related... You stated that the A/C was off to save money and that during the summer it was 100 or higher... Just something to think about...

Third: A 'demon' attached itself to you in a Church? Doesn't that sound like a Grade 'B' Movie Plot Hook? I understand you are Religious, I am as well, but a 'Demon/Demonic' presence in a Church?

I could believe it may be the spirit of a Brother or Sister of whatever Faith the Church belonged to. This Spirit is watching over the Congregation and if 'they' did not recognize you as a Member of 'their' Church they may have tried to scare you away... (Though my first observations have to be ruled out first).

Last: You say your unable to speak or unable to think because of the fear you feel when this 'thing' is around... Have you considered a Blessing, Cleansing or Sheilding being done before this 'thing' shows itself? I have a Method I use for myself, my Family and On (In) my Home. It's yours for the asking.


dmcal (21 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-01)
Hi Anonymous37,

First, it is good that you are in Christ. I will definately pray for you and I would make a suggestion that along with your own personal prayer that you humble yourself before God in fasting as well. Remember that, nothing in all creation is hidden from God and that everything is laid open and bare before him, therefore, he knows your situation. Also, Jesus said: I give you power over all the enemy to trample on snakes and scorpions (the powers of darkness) and nothing at all shall harm you. In relation to this John said: "Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world." The "He" that is in you is the Holy Spirit and the "He" that is in the world is Satan and the powers of darkness. Read these Scriptures and grab ahold of them, having faith in them, because Jesus has overcome the powers of darkness making a spectical of them on the cross. I'll be praying.
Anonymous37 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-01-31)
Thank you for the replies. I do feel like the Tall Man was indeed a demon; however I feel that he had a different motive other than just hurting me.

I'm very versed in the Bible and tend to quote and remember scripture. I tend to forget those things when I'm groggy though and that's part of my problem.

Thank you for the prayers; I really appreciate them. Thank you for the replies as well.
Leanekim1: Send me a message on here if you can; I'd like to stay in touch with you about the entity that's following you.
Thank you all again. I'll keep you posted.
Brier (2 stories) (54 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-31)
Sometimes, unfamiliar things can be scary. Ghosts, for example. Or shadow people. Or demons. Are they evil? Maybe, maybe not. One thing that seems to happen, is that when people sense them, they get a feeling of being scared.

Another question. Do the people feel scared because the being is evil, or do they feel scared because the being has a higher spirit energy?

I truly believe that tall entity by your bed was a shadow person. As for it being evil, it didn't seem like it, with the way you wrote the story. As for the other creature, you said it was there after the shadow person left. Do you think that maybe this shadow person was protecting you from it?

Anyway, if you want to get rid of spiritual things in your house, you could try a home cleansing method. There's one that usually gets posted on stories like this by... Rook, I believe.

Good luck.
amk86 (2 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-31)
I just said a prayer for you after reading your story. Stay strong and have faith, God is with you. Next time you feel, sense this demon say aloud " I am a child of God, protected by the white light of His Holy Spirit, you do not belong here, in the name of Jesus Christ leave me and this place alone!" Something about saying it aloud puts some real power behind it. Continue to ask God to give you strength and courage and to be with you to get rid of this thing. Keep trying and don't give up. You have God on your side as well as all of us here praying for you. God bless
Spockie (8 stories) (202 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-31)
In my last post I asked you to read Psalm 81, I meant Psalm 91. Also, do try to memorize the 23rd psalm if you possibly can. These things hate scripture.
Spockie (8 stories) (202 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-31)
You know, a church is a place where spiritual battles are fought, so demons do sometimes hang around. I suggest you pray fervently to God every day about this, asking Him to send His angels to protect you. Also, you need to read your Bible every day, particulary the psalms. Pslam 23 and Psalm 81 are particularly good and relate to God's protection. Use the blood of Jesus against this thing, and the name of Jesus, and I suggest you speak to a pastor who is strong in the Spirit who can help you in your spiritual fight. Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:11
Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Read the entire chapter of Ephesians 6. I'll be praying with you and for you. Remember... Ask God for His angels protection.
leanekim1 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-31)
Dear D,
I too have brought something home after working for an older church. And "it" has followed me for 6 years now. I was as skeptical as you before; however, due to the many events that continue to happen I can not ignore what has/is going on.
I hope you can find peace with your situation. I hope we all can.
I intend to write my stories as well but fear the wrath that goes along with it. "IT" dosnt even like me to talk about "IT"
Good Luck. Keep us posted

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