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The Haunted December


First off, I have lived in this house since I was around two. I am now nineteen and nothing weird had ever happened to me until last year. It only went on for three days for some reason, then stopped all together.

The first night it started was in December. It had been snowing for the first time in four or five years. I heard running back and forth outside my window. The loudness of the crunching snow let me know how close the running was to my window. It gave me the chills. Then the running outside turned to slow footsteps inside my room. The footsteps came from the direction of the same window and walked over to my bed.

It was silent for a little while. Then the footsteps went around my bed to the side I was laying on. My heart went extremely weak and I heard a man's voice. It sounded familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it... I'm shivering as I all of this back into my memory. But, the man's voice whisper "open your eyes. I won't hurt you." I didn't respond. A few minutes later it spoke again. "Trust me" it said. I still didn't respond. Then it went completely silent.

The next morning I woke up to find everything perfectly normal. I got up and called my friend asking if she wanted to spend the night. She said yes.

That night she said she felt weird and was kind of scared. When she said that the bed quivered and both freaked out. We ended up camping in the living room. Even though things went better there we saw a white kitten scamper from the kitchen, through the living room and down the hallway. It was just the outline of a white kitten and it went super fast. It mewed and whimpered. Then as it reached the hallway it made a hissing noise. After a few minutes we got up and called for the kitty. No luck.

The next day we went into my room to grab her things and get changed. The mardi gras beads on my standing lamp were slightly swinging. The same thing with the string on the fishing pole of the statue I had in my room. We got scared and ran out.

That night I saw a black circle in the reflection of my TV. I looked over to the area that was being reflected but didn't see any black circle. I tried to forget it and went to bed. The next day things were normal and have been ever since.

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naysmithe (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-07)
Did you get those with someone who had passed on, If so it could be them telling you even after death they are with you. If that is so then as long as they don't hurt you don't worry he was just making he presence known.

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