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My Very Unique Family


This is my first time submitting anything on here.

I'm 29 and a single mother of five. I am a sensitive but not one that practices really. My ability came from out of nowhere. I always had a strong interest in the paranormal and had my first taste of it when I was 12 (another submission I will do later).

Anyhow, as I age so does my awareness as well as my ability. I have a daughter who has the gift of sight. She is my first born and has a piercing on the outside of both of her inside flaps of her ear on each ear, in which she was born with. My godmother told my mother that back in the olden days the elders say that anyone born with this could see spirits. At first I laughed at her until at the age one my daughter had what I now know as night terrors. She would scream and thrash around like something was after her and her father and I would have to literally shake her to wake her up. When we finally did, she would smile at us like nothing happened.

Adriana was drawing stick people at age one and now at age 11 she draws murals and very detailed people. She is very shy and loves to draw and be left alone... Except at night and in darkness. I was aware that she had something about her when I had her sister a year and a half later. I have a friend who also has a gift of sight and I had told her about Adriana's odd behaviour around the house. She would run to the top of the step and just point at the bottom of the steps as if she seen something. I dismissed it thinking she was just waiting for her father to get home... My friend later told me different. After I returned home from having my 2nd baby, Mariah, my friend came over to stay with for a week. Within that week she would watch Adriana and make her own observations on my house as well. I was experiencing "playful" spirits that would hide my keys and other things I would look for.

After the week was up she went home and called me with her analysis. First, she told me I indeed had a lot of spirit activity specifically 2. She went on to tell me that Adriana can also see them as well. The first was bound to my downstairs. Adriana would point to this particular spirit from the top of the steps when my friend took her downstairs to get some water the spirit would follow them but not harm them or speak. The next was in Adriana's room... This spirit was what she perceived to be negative and warned me not to leave Adriana in her room too long by herself. Matter of fact she didn't like that room and neither did I. So in so many ways she confirmed my worst fears... I wasn't crazy and I was indeed picking up on the spirits more so the one in her room than the one bounded to downstairs. That particular one didn't mean me any harm and she told me not to be afraid and show no fear especially when I went into Adriana's room.

A little history about my friend, she can only see the spirits in either animal form or how she describes as a heat wave. We met in high school and realized we had a special bound... We had some dealings with the paranormal world. She has helped me to be more knowledgeable about spirits and their limitations. She has also helped me to better understand my strength with dealing with them and how to protect myself from attacks... Psalms always helps me.

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Nikki_77 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
very interesting story, what drew my attention was your daughters natural inner ear piercing. I have this too but only in one ear! I'd like to think I am a little sensitive, is this belief based in any particular culture?
vsecret82 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
Geetha50, I'm a Christian and at the time this happened I never knew about blessing a house. Of course I do now lol. I did however have my pastor come in a say a prayer in the house and it helped alot. I ended up moving after my oldest daughter turned 2. I never wanted anything else to do with either spirit so I learned how to live with both of them. I moved my daughter out of that room and moved her into my bedroom. So I never had to go back to that room so it remained shut off and off limits to everybody. I now perform prayers and use olive oil (extra virgin) around every room in any house I move into. Thank for reading and I hope I answered your questions.
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
This is really interesting. I would love to hear more of your stories. But I have a few questions for you.

(1) I know that we are of different religious faiths, so I'm not sure how you would do this but whenever we move into a home, we would have a priest come in and do special prayers to bless the house. Were you able to do that to your house according to your faith? Especially, in your daughter's room?

(2) I'm not sure how long but I'm taking a guess that this story took place awhile back. Were you able to get rid of that negative ghost in your daughter's room? I'm asking because (1) if I had a daughter, I would want anything happening to her and (2) not much information was provided about the negative ghost.

(3) Were you or your friend able to the second ghost bound to your downstairs cross over?

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