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This is my second experience I've ever had in my 30 years of living...

My first one I posted about three years ago, I was 4 or 5 and I was 14 on this second. It was maybe a week before Christmas break in the eighth grade. We were all about exchanging gifts among friends at school but I didn't want to wait to see my best friend at school so I showed up at her house for the first and only time ever. We lived a couple minutes from each other but in the same town. We wrote notes at school and even letters from home and of course talked on the phone a lot. She told me her house had been haunted since she could remember. That this house was well over 100 years old and it was very much haunted by an entire family! She said it was the Knott family but I've tried to do research on them and never have luck... But what I saw that one and only time was enough proof!

I show up because I'm impatient and wanted her to open her gifts, some nail polish and an Eminem CD. My stepmom drove me and when we knocked on her door my friend, let's rename her Becca, she didn't look happy to see me. Well probably because I wasn't invited and even though we had been friends for a whole year and really close she just didn't want people at her house. She answers the door and let's us both in, and I'll never forget my ex stepmom saying "why are you in the dark, girl?" And Becca quickly turned on a kitchen light and said "I'm not trying to be" I remember the rest of her house was pretty dark behind us. We open gifts and share a couple laughs all within just a couple of minutes of small talk.

I had the sudden impulse to just run up her stairs. She used to describe her house to me on the phone so when I saw the staircase I ran all the way up to her room. I remember feeling lost in this big dark room and then she was right behind me while turning the overhead light on for me.

I sat on her bed and looked and commented on her book collection and she quickly wanted to go back downstairs to where my ex stepmom was.

I went first down the stairs and at that part where it stops and then continues to go down, I stopped to look up at her and I was like a deer in head lights. A very tall yet young like a teenage boy was standing behind her then walked into her room. It was most definitely a ghost and the one she's told me about. They often saw a grandma ghost in the living room, the husband and wife all throughout the house, upstairs in her room was this boy, and in her older sister's room was a little girl. I seen just the boy and that was all I needed to see. In that split second I'm staring up at her with my jaw hanging, she says "I told you, you shouldn't come here"...

I immediately pull my thoughts together and run down the stairs and all the way out the door I came in. I told my stepmom on the way home why and what happened. I called my friend that same night and we discussed it some more. She said right before we showed up she was in the kitchen with the lights flickering until it just went out. But that it did that a lot especially if you were alone. She had grown up with this ghost family that she was so used to it but knew anyone that wasn't would be stunned. I have always, even at a young age been interested in this stuff but when you're in that moment it's pretty terrifying, safe or not. I apologized for just leaving so quickly but she understood. We remained friends for the following three or four years and I was never invited back.

Since that was my second experience, I will never forget anything about it. The way he looked at me from behind her, to him walking into her room, maybe once was his... The scared, speechless feeling I had of being so overwhelmed. All the questions I had for her that night, I just wanted to know more. The feeling is unmatched.

I only have a handful of experiences with seeing the dead and I have the hardest time trying to understand why not more. Or why not people really close to me like my dad or friends that have also passed... Why are they so random and not personal? Why has it been so many years in between each time? I'm not sure I'll ever know the answer to that but I do know I crave another sighting. No matter how frightening it'll be, it's definitely a thrill worth hoping for.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-24)
Greetings, Jess.

I don't know how I missed this narrative last month; it's very interesting.

Perhaps the family's last name could have been "Gnott."

Just a thought,
Jessbcr25 (5 stories) (10 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-24)
Hey AugustaM! Yea if I were older than what I was I definitely would have tried to go over there more often too. She didn't invite people over though it's why I had to show up. She mentioned the grandma usually downstairs in the living room sitting in a chair, her older sister always seen a little girl in her room and sometimes in the bathtub... A teenage boy who I had seen was in her room, and the parents made many appearances to their whole family. She said they would be downstairs talking or watching tv and could hear someone pacing upstairs really heavy footed, lights turning on and off in the rooms they were in. And more than she told me I'm sure. I'm extremely jealous of how natural it was for her to just coexist with an entire ghost family... Definitely could be spelling the name wrong too... Could be Naught or knaught. I just remember she said that exact sound. And I'm not sure it they spoke to her. But just a lot of busy bodies as they were just still living there too... Once again. Very jealous!
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-14)
Part of me thinks - WOW! I would have been over there every day after an experience like THAT! But, in reality, I likely would have reacted far more the way you did! Did your friend ever mention anything about the Knott family? Could the name have been spelled any other way or perhaps a misheard variant? Did the entities ever speak to her? Did she have any impressions about them?

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